Agent Nightfall aka Fiona Frost introduced by SPY X FAMILY Part 2 key visual – Who is that white-haired woman, anyway?

Key visual for the second cour of Spy X Family and volume 6 cover of Spy X Family, which features Fiona Frost.
Key visual for the second cour of Spy X Family and the cover of Spy X Family Volume 6, which features Fiona Frost. Pic credit: @spyfamily_en and Jump Comics+

On August 28, 2022, Spy X Family’s official Twitter account unveiled a new key visual hyping the upcoming second cour. The Spy x Family Part 2 release date is confirmed for October 1, 2022!

Right away anime fans noticed that there is a new character in the key visual – a young woman with a bob of lavender-colored hair and a long fringe that covers the right side of her face. But who is this mysterious new character? A rival for Loid’s love, perhaps?

SPY x FAMILY Episode 13
The key visual for SPY x FAMILY Part 2. Pic credit: WIT Studio x ClovesWorks

Who is Fiona Frost?

Fiona Frost is a spy, who works for the organization WISE. Her codename is “Nightfall”. Fiona works undercover at Berlint General Hospital as Loid Forger’s assistant in order to be able to easily pass mission details to him.

Fiona was trained as a spy by Loid Forger. When Loid advised her that a spy must never show their true feelings she took his words to heart and vowed to herself to remain stone-faced for the rest of her life. Fiona becomes a spy, who doesn’t let her emotions get in the way of her mission, and becomes very good at hiding her true emotions.

The only problem is she hides her emotions a little too well. She eventually falls in love with Loid while they do spy missions together, and even while making a mental confession of love to him later on she remained blank-faced. When Fiona found out that Twilight was assigned to Operation Strix she wanted to work with him as his “fake wife” but was unable to accept the mission because she was in the middle of completing an important operation at the time.

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Fiona ends up stuck with the job of “fake” assistant to Twilight at the Berlint General Hospital instead. Later, after she meets Yor she decides that she would make a superior partner and wishes to separate Loid from Yor so they can be together. Apparently, a love triangle is on the horizon for Spy X Family Second Cour!

Key visual of Fiona and Yor. Which of these lovely ladies will win Loid's heart?
Key visual of Fiona and Yor. Which of these lovely ladies will win Loid’s heart? Pic credit: Jump Comics+

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What Arc does Fiona appear in?

Fiona Frost makes her appearance in the Campbelldon Tennis Arc. When Fiona is briefed at the WISE Safe House G about Twilight’s next mission she slyly suggests to make it a joint operation and handler Syliva agrees. Sylvia orders Fiona to get Loid up to speed with the mission and to come up with a plan together. Sylvia also warns Fiona not to get in the way of Operation Strix. Fiona wheedles some more information from Sylvia about Operation Strix’s current progress, which is apparently going slow.

Fiona ends up blurting out that she wouldn’t mind taking Yor’s place, but Sylvia explains that’s impossible since the Forgers have gained good standing among their neighbors. Loid suddenly getting a new wife would draw unwanted attention from Eden Academy, as well. Fiona cryptically says there would be no choice but to use her if Yor were to “abandon” her role for some reason. Syliva warns Fiona not to take any rash actions. But as they say, “All’s fair in love and war”.

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Fiona waits for a time when she knows Loid is going to be out of the house before deciding to pay a little visit to Yor. Fiona introduces herself as Loid’s assistant and explains Anya left a magnifying glass at the hospital. Yor invites her inside and the two women chat. Fiona tries to find an opening to get rid of Yor, but Yor’s fined honed instincts unknowingly save her. Fiona ends up deciding that she must convince Yor to step down from the role of her own free will rather than directly trying to get rid of her.

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Fiona tries to convince Yor that taking care of a child that isn’t her own must be a bother, but Yor declares she enjoys spending time with Anya. Fiona decides to make something up about Loid complaining about Yor’s lack of domestic skills, but before she can get too into this Loid, Anya and Bond (their newly-adopted, seer dog) return home. Loid uses some secret words to ask what Fiona is doing there and she explains she’s there to assess the state of Operation Strix. When Fiona suggests that Loid should review his operational tactics Loid reminds her it’s not her place.

Fiona proclaims her undying love for Loid within her mind unknowingly revealing her duplicitous nature to Anya, who can read her mind. Anya is also startled to discover Fiona imagining taking Yor’s place, being praised by Loid, and ultimately getting married to him and even having a honeymoon. Later, Yor serves Anya some hot chocolate and brings some milk for Loid’s coffee. Fiona is surprised to see Loid actually put milk in his coffee when he normally drank it black and is incredibly jealous he is showing Yor a secret side.

When Anya accidentally spills her hot chocolate, Fiona laments that never would have happened if she were the one in charge of raising Anya. If Anya were her daughter she would have been able to catch the mug before it hit the table. Anya catches Fiona thinking about how much she’d like to train Anya with a strict, minute-by-minute schedule to maximize her book smarts, martial arts skills, and make her a Stella Star winning machine. Anya clings to Yor nervously and showers her with praises about how she’s a loving parent. Fiona tries to bribe Anya with imported hot chocolate, but Anya just hisses at her. Way to go, Anya!

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Fiona is incredibly startled when she catches Loid giving his “fake” family a genuine smile and decides to leave. Loid chases after her in order to give her an umbrella and Fiona informs him about their new mission – they must enter an underground tennis tournament in an attempt to recover the Zacharis Dossier, which is rumored to have the power to “reignite the flames of war”, before the Ostanian government does. Meanwhile, Yor is worried about Fiona’s presence because she’s under the misconception she is Loid’s “secret lover” and begins to doubt her abilities as a housewife.

Will Loid and Fiona accomplish their mission? Will Fiona manage to drive a wedge between Loid and Yor? You’ll have to watch Spy X Family Second Cour in order to find out!

Are you looking forward to Spy X Family Second Cour? Do you think Fiona has a chance of winning Loid’s heart? Let us know in the comment section below!

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