Akiba Maid War releases new trailer focusing on maid heroine Nagomi

Akiba Maid War key visual.
Akiba Maid War key visual. Pic credit: @hidive.com

On October 2, 2022, Studios Cygames (Zombie Land Saga) and P.A. Works (Ya Boy Kongming!) released a new trailer for their upcoming original Japanese anime TV series Akiba Maid War.

The new trailer focuses on the main heroine Nagomi. Her dream is to become a cute maid and work at a maid café in Akihabara.

Akiba Maid War Episode 1 premieres on October 7, 2022 on Tokyo MX, Sun TV, BS11 and KBS Kyoto in Japan. It will also be available for streaming on HIDIVE in October 2022 as part of its Fall 2022 simulcast lineup.

Akiba Maid War’s home video release will be available from Sentai Filmworks. 

You can watch the latest trailer on Cygame’s official YouTube channel here:

Akiba Maid War trailer, focusing on maid Nagomi.

The trailer begins with the bubbly Nagomi introducing herself, “Hello, I’m Nagomi and I’m 17-years-old! My dream is to become a cute maid and get to work at a maid café in the otaku paradise known as Akihabara. Mother, Father, I hope I’ll make you proud. I have cool senpai (senior co-workers) that I look up to. I want to hurry up and become an incredible maid! Do you think this maid outfit looks cute on me?”

What is the plot of Akiba Maid War?

The story takes place in Akihabara – an urban area located in the space around Akihabara Station in the Chiyoda Ward of Tokyo, Japan. Akihabara is the center of modern Japanese pop culture and a major shopping district for video games, anime, manga, electronics, and computer-related goods.

Characters from popular anime and manga are displayed prominently on the shops in the area, and numerous maid cafés and some arcades are found throughout the district. Akihabara is also a popular spot for cosplayers to walk around dressed as their favorite anime or manga characters, or dress in Gothic Lolita fashion.

The story centers on a 17-year-old Japanese girl named Wahira Nagomi, who decides to move to Akihabara, which she considers to be the center of the universe for the coolest hobbies and quirkiest amusements, in order to make her dream of joining a maid café a reality. The year is 1999 when maid cafés were at the height of their popularity and competition was fierce – almost deadly.

Nagomi lucks out with getting hired quickly at the Ton Tokoton Café, also known as the “Pig Hut”. At first she’s filled with enthusiasm and hope for getting to live her dream, but adjusting to life in bustling Akihabara isn’t as easy as serving tea and pleasing customers.

Along with her co-worker “dour Ranko”, who never seems to smile, Nagomi must do her best to elevate the Pig Hut over all the other maid cafés vying for top ranking in Akihabara. Amid the frills and thrills of life at the Pig Hut Nagomi slowly makes a place for herself within their ranks, but her new life as a maid isn’t all moonlight and roses as she discovers not everything is at is seems amid the maid cafés of Akihabara.

On August 25, 2022, the first trailer for Akiba Maid War was released and can be watched here:

Akiba Maid War trailer focusing on the maids working at Ton Tokoton Cafe.

Who are the members of the production team?

Akiba Maid War production team members include:

  • Director – Masui Souichi (Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai)
  • Animation – P.A. Works
  • Producer – Cygames
  • Chief Animation Director and Character Designer – Nii Manabu (Kakegurui Twin, The Day I Became a god)
  • Scriptwriter – Norihiko Hiki
  • Music composer – Yoshihiro Ike

Who are the main characters?

Akiba Maid War cast members include:

  • Kondo Reina (Eta in The Eminence in Shadow and Ryo Shinonome in Cinderella Nine) – Nagomi Wahira
  • Sato Rina (Senjumaru Shutara in Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War and Kaede Kagayama in Non Biyori) – Ranko Mannen

More cast members will be announced soon.

Are you looking forward to the anime Akiba Maid War? Do you think the maid outfit looks cute on Nagomi? What secrets do you think are lurking among the competing maid cafés in Akihabara? I believe the real question is this: “Is the panda real or a man in a suit?” Let us know in the comment section below!

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