Ao No Orchestra anime has John Williams composing the Blue Orchestra anime music OST

Aono main character of Ao no Orchestra anime
Official Ao Ao No Orchestra poster. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

Author Akui Makoto stated that the manga Ao No Orchestra manga or (Blue Orchestra) would be adapted into an anime via his official Twitter account.

The project’s production was also verified by the official Twitter account of the service sleeve one, but no production information, anticipated Blue Orchestra anime release date, or format (TV series, film, OVA) were disclosed.

The Blue Orchestra manga debuted in 2017, with author Makoto Akui’s manga being printed online via Shogakukan’s channel, and has now grown to nine volumes.

Continuing the narrative of Hajime, little specifics about the new anime series have been announced, such as how many episodes are planned or which studio would handle the translation.

Over the years, anime has ventured into new ground, branching out beyond typical “Shonen series” into other genres such as sports, music, horror, and more to provide viewers with a diverse range of emotive stories to choose from.

More details of the Blue Orchestra anime adaptation

Makoto Akui, the creator of Ao No Orchestra manga, shared the exciting news that their series will be adapted into an anime.

This is as well as new artwork of the series’ main characters:

Akui was previously in charge of the manga version of the feature film Kokoro ga sakebita gateunda (The Heart’s Hymn).

This feature film was released in Japan between July 2015 and July 2016.

The Ao No Orchestra may be able to perform a debut during the winter 2022 season.

You’ll be able to locate the inner track in this property as soon as the producers place the time frame for the Ao No Orchestra release date.

As a result, stay in touch with the anime day by day to receive further updates at the same time.

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Famous composer John Williams confirmed to compose the soundtrack for Ao No Orchestra anime

Following the news, it was revealed that none other than John Williams, the legendary film composer, will be composing the music that will bring the manga to life.

Manga ONE’s editor, Kobayashi Sho, broke the news.

Though the program is a little specialized, Williams’ presence will considerably improve the show’s appeal to Western viewers.

When it concerns composers, there are the old-school greats to compete with, as well as more current titans like John Williams.

From Star Wars to Jurassic Park, the beloved artist has composed a slew of films throughout the years.

Williams is now reported to be turning his attention to anime with such a unique forthcoming series, according to a recent report.

After all, it appears like Williams is ready to dive into the world of anime.

The composer is a member of Blue Orchestra, and his involvement was verified by Shogakukan’s deputy editor-in-chief.

“I am working on the project with John Williams, the master composer behind Star Wars and Jurassic Park, I wish I could tell my younger self in high school orchestra club who used to play John’s theme for E.T. that I’d be working with him in the future.”

Sho Kobayashi

The story of the Blue Orchestra manga

Aono Hajime was a genius violinist until he became disillusioned with the instrument owing to personal issues. He is now in his third year of middle school and is having difficulty deciding on his academic route.

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He encounters Akine Ritsuko, a fiery novice violinist who wishes to attend a prestigious high school with an orchestra group.

One faithful day at school. When he gets closer to Ritsuko and is reintroduced to the world of violinists, time begins to move again for him.Naturally, the anime will include a smattering of all the issues that Aono and his classmates will confront both within and outside of school.

For example, Akine appears to be a tough nut to crack, yet she suffers silently at school due to bullying.

Are you looking forward to hearing about Williams’ anime debut? Will you be watching Blue Orchestra when it premieres on television?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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