Aoashi English dub release date on Crunchyroll and cast confirmed

Aoashi dub release poster
A cover image for the Aoashi English dub release. Pic credit: Crunchyroll/Twitter

The Aoashi English dub release date on Crunchyroll was on April 23, 2022. New Aoashi dub episodes will be streaming weekly at 2 PM PST/5 PM EST.

This is the English adaptation of the recently released football anime, and we can’t wait! The Aoashi has had a lot of success with the Japanese audio/English subs, and hopefully, that will transition to the English dubs as well.

Fans who want to watch the series can do so on Crunchyroll, which has both the sub and dub versions available.

Aoashi is based on Ygo Kobayashi’s manga series, which he wrote and drew.

Since January 2015, the Aoashi manga series has been printed in Shogakukan’s Weekly Big Comic Spirits magazine. In 2020, the series got an award in the general category at the 65th Shogakukan Manga Award.

The story follows Ashito Aoi, a young football player in the Tokyo Esperion youth academy, on his journey and adventures.

kaido team official photo
Official Aoashi anime cover photo. Pic credit: Crunchyroll.

Aoashi English dub release date, cast, and more

Akira Sato directed the anime adaptation for Aoashi at Production I.G, with Masahiro Yokotani composing the series and Toshie Kawamura designing the characters.

In addition to the Aoashi dub release date, the whole cast and crew have been announced, as well.

Below is the complete cast and crew list for the Aoashi English dub:

The Aoashi English dub Cast:

  • Ciarán Strange as Ashito Aoi (Richard in Requiem of the Rose King)
  • Monica Rial as Noriko Aoi (Bulma in Dragon Ball Z Kai)
  • Blake McNamara as Shun Aoi (Seth Rich Cutter in Appare-Ranman!)
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Aoashi Episode 1’s supporting cast includes:

  • Kim Morton as Kogure 
  • Greg Silva as Futamihama Coach
  • Nanami as (Meg McClain)
  • Sawa as (Kelsey Maher)
  • Jennifer Alyx is assigned to the position of Female Assistant 1A.
  • Nazeeh Tasha as Male Baishinji Player 1A, 
  • Male Spectator 1A Aaron Campbell as Goalkeeper’s Father
  • Male Baishinji Player 1B, Male Futamihama Player 1D Ben Balmaceda
  • Alex Mai as Male Futamihama Player 1A.
  • JR Joseph is also the Male Futamihama Player 1A.
  • Male Futamihama Player 1C, Male Underclassman 1A Paul Cline
  • Justin Green has been assigned to the position of Male Underclassman 1B.

The Aoashi English dub crew

  • Shawn Gann is the ADR Director.
  • Emi Lo and Marcus Stimac are the Assistant ADR Directors.
  • Paul Cline is the Lead ADR Engineer, and Ian Emerson and Noah Whitehead are the Assistant ADR Engineers.
  • Leah Clark wrote the ADR script.
  • Bonny Clinkenbeard is the ADR Script Supervisor.
  • Finally, Ry McKeand is the ADR Prep Engineer, and Matt Grounds is the ADR Mix Engineer.

Aoashi anime story synopsis

Ashito Aoi is a middle schooler from Ehime who is the ace of a mediocre soccer team.

Ashito dashes along the seashore in disgust after losing the middle school championship tournament, only to stumble upon a man who had been following his game.

Tatsuya Fukuda is the coach of a prominent J-League team, “Tokyo City Esperion FC,” which also has a high-school-aged youth squad.

He outlines his aim after detecting great potential in Ashito’s still-unfined talents.

“I want to form a team and utilize it to conquer the globe. Our club will not be a turning point for players who want to conquer the globe. Therefore, Our club will be the best in the world. I do need ‘aces’ to train in order to make this happen.”

Thereafter, Ashito accepts Fukuda’s offer and travels to Tokyo to test out for his club.

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Aoashi is regarded as one of the most innovative soccer manga series, and now it’s getting a TV anime adaptation!

Everything that comes with youth is here: loss, progress, and companionship.

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