Ash Ketchum: Pokemon Master trainer his next goal after becoming World Champion?

Ash Ketchum after becoming the World's Pokemon Champion
Ash Ketchum after becoming the World’s Pokemon Champion. Pic credit: The Pokemon Company

Will Ash become a Pokemon Master trainer now that he finally reached one of his major milestone goals after 25 years?

When Ash and Pikachu decisively defeated Leon and his Charizard to win the World Coronation Series’ Masters Eight Finals, the conclusion of Pokemon Journeys’ finale became widely known. As a World Champion, Ash Ketchum now bears the title of Monarch and is regarded as the strongest trainer in the Pokemon universe after 25 arduous, sometimes frustrating years.

The Ash vs. Leon conclusion surpassed expectations and made the wait for the several recap episodes worthwhile. It featured appearances from every Pokemon he has ever encountered or befriended as well as everyone he has ever traveled with. There is just one remaining issue once the spectacular clash has subsided: what comes next?

What’s next for Ash?

For more than two decades, Ash and Pikachu have served as the heart and soul of the Pokemon anime. Even while it’s conceivable that this is going to change, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone if Ash and Pikachu continued to be the primary characters in the next anime.

Ash will have to find a new goal that won’t interfere with the World Coronation Series or his victory over Leon, which is the dilemma. The goodwill that the series built up with the Masters Eight will be undone if Ash travels to Paldea (the location that will be the focus of Generation 9) as the best trainer in the world only to attend a school or begin collecting Gym Badges and eventually lose some bouts to inferior trainers.

The Bunnelby vs Pikachu battle
The Bunnelby vs Pikachu battle. Pic credit: Studio OLM

What is a Pokemon Master trainer?

Despite becoming the best trainer in the world, Ash does not believe that he has accomplished his goal of becoming a Pokemon Master trainer. He declared shortly after signing up for the World Coronation Series that winning the competition would merely be one more step toward his goal.

What Ash means when he says he wants to become a Pokemon Master trainer has never been made clear by the series as a whole. Exactly what this Pokemon Master trainer position is and how Ash might attain it is vaguely defined. While it’s never been fully explained, Ash has mentioned that being a Pokemon League Champion (or a World Champion) is just one step towards becoming a Pokemon Master trainer.

Being the best trainer in the world doesn’t seem to have changed the fact that he has never lived by the original slogan of “Gotta Catch ‘Em All.” The series will need to explain Ash’s final goal now that he has won the WCS to prevent undoing his achievements by having Ash and Pikachu reboot at the beginning of each new journey as it has always done.

It has been established that the Paldea Region lacks a typical Pokemon League or Champion based on information that has been publicly released about the Generation 9 games before their release. Instead, there is a “Champion Rank” that any trainer who has finished their “Champion Assessment” and Gym Challenge can get.

Ash may be able to skip the Gym Challenge and go right to his Champion Assessment, using the time in between to participate in all the other adventures the Paldea Region has to offer. After defeating Leon, Ash said he wanted to keep fighting, but perhaps his voyage to Paldea will open up a new, different route toward his goal of being a Pokemon Master trainer.

Pokemon takes over Tokyo in celebration of Ash’s major victory

Although Ash may have won a League Championship in Alola, his best victory in the anime so far came in the Masters’ Tournament of the World Coronation Series. After starting his journey in the anime 25 years ago, Ash has now become the global champion, and it’s a major victory for fans all across the world. Because Ash has become a Pokemon Master, for instance, Pokemon has taken over Shibuya in Japan, where it is so popular. Check it out below, as posted on the official Twitter account for the Pokemon anime:

With Ash’s global championship triumph ending his adventure in Pokemon Journeys, it’s unclear what the show’s creators have in store for the now-master. What could he desire now that his quest to become the best had finally been accomplished? Since Ash will only be concerned with bettering himself going forward, the direction of the series may go in that path given that the most recent anime has already dabbled with focusing on characters other than Ash for a few episodes here and there.

With a new generation of games about to release in just a few days, likely, the Pokemon anime series as a whole is far from done. As a result, Ash’s victory is ushering in a completely new sort of future for the anime since it is impossible to anticipate what this new master will do next.

What outcomes do you anticipate from Ash’s victory in the world championship? Share your opinions about it in the comments section.

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