Attack On Titan Eren Yeager figure GK by KIDULT Studio goes all Game of Thrones

Attack on Titan
This gorgeous throne Eren figure is available for pre-order! Pic credit: KIDULT Studio

Eren Jager has never looked betting in this world premiere pre-order Attack on Titan Graduation GK figure made by KIDULT Studio. However, the number of figures produced is unknown, so place your orders quickly!

The approximate size is 57cm high, 43cm wide, and 43cm deep. The figure is made out of PU and Polystone, and the release date is TBA.

But according to the Avolounge site, we can expect to receive our figures in the Fall or Summer of 2022. And the best part is this figure will only set you back $140 USD if you pre-order on the Bucket & Shovel retail site.

You can also purchase this figure on Figure GK and Kaio Nation.

Attack on Titan
A full frontal view of KIDULT Studio’s new Eren pre-order figure. Pic credit: KIDULT Studio

Why are anime figures getting more popular?

Even though anime has existed for years, it hit its stride in the early 2000s throughout the world. And anime-themed merch has risen along with it.

You can find anything online, but figures are the most sought-after items. But most figures will cost you anywhere from 100 to 1,000 or more USD.

This is because the ones made from resin hold the most detail, but most of them are unauthorized. Which is one of the reasons an Attack On Titan Eren NSFW figure version exists.

KIDULT Studio is based in China, where most figures are made. And thanks to the COVID 19 pandemic, shipping has become a long process, especially overseas.

But that’s more reason to do research and pick your figures carefully. My collection consists mainly of FunkoPops, one Nendoroid, and various action figures.

I have too many favorite anime/manga/video games to keep track of, but this figure took my breath away. It’s beautiful, and the craftsmanship is phenomenal.

And at $140 USD, not only is this an affordable entryway into the hobby, but you can display it everywhere! So regardless if you like how the manga ended or how much you love Attack on Titan, don’t miss your chance with this piece!

Things you should know before buying.

Polystone is a compound of polyurethane resin mixed with powdered stone additives to create a stone-like finish. It has a stone-like feel but is easier to sculpt.

However, collectors will have to clean their figures regularly, as dust attracts oils, which can degrade the paint job on your figures. A camera lens brush or a soft medium-sized brush is perfect for delicate areas.

A quick blast of compressed air will take care of the rest, and you can purchase these items in most stores. Never attempt to use harsh chemicals, wash with a towel, or submerge your figures!

If your figures have dust caked on, then use a damp, lint-free cloth on the larger areas and base to loosen the dust. You should also keep your figures in a stable environment and avoid direct sunlight, heating vents, and air conditioning to prevent damage.

Some websites like Bucket & Shovel have spare parts available to fix your figures if they arrive damaged. But should the paint crack or someone knocks it over and a piece breaks off, you can visit your local crafts, hobby, or hardware store to fix it.

Invest in clear super glue that works on plastics and ceramics, toothpicks, small soft brushes, tweezers, two-part plumbers like epoxy putty, and acrylic paint. But the most important thing you’ll need is steady hands.

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