Attack On Titan Eren Yeager figurine shocks with anatomically correct ‘towel holder’ statue feature

An anatomically correct Eren Yeager figure by Banana Studio.
Turns out, Eren Yeager has something else of titanic proportions. Pic credit: Banana Studio

Fans are feeling a different type of rumbling thanks to Banana Studios’ latest Eren Yeager figure. ⅙ in scale with washboard abs and an adjustable “member” that can literally hold up a towel, this may not be the type of figure collectors will want to keep in their living rooms, but it’s certainly a conversation piece.

Coming in at around $300 (shipping not included), the Out of the Bath Eren Yeager figure may not be the most accessible entryway into the anime figure collecting hobby. But given the piece’s attention to detail, it’s no surprise that it comes at a premium. 

The figure is available on sites such as WeAreAnimeCollectors, AvoLounge, GKFigure, and more. These links contain explicit images so click carefully. Shops vary when it comes to payment and shipping options so fans wanting to take Eren home should hunt around for the best deal or even add a companion figure to their order.

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What are some other anatomically correct anime figures available?

Keep your mind in the gutter, Gentleman 18 Studio’s Jabami Yumeko of Kakegurui fame captures the character’s intense gaze and thrill for uncertainty. And Overlord’s Albedo comes to life in a ¼ scale model by LC Studios. 

An iconic scene from Kakegurui in which Jabami Yukeko states, "Come now, shall we gamble?"
The images of the figures in question can’t be shared in this article. Click the links below responsibly. Pic credit: Studio MAPPA

Both figures are available on sites such as WeAreAnimeCollectors and FavorGK, respectively. But as always, feel free to shop around for the best deal.

It’s no surprise that most adult figures feature female characters. But for those more interested in the boy department haven’t been left out. Other than the Out of the Bath Eren Yeager figure, there’s also the Out of the Bath Zoro figure from ShenShi18 Studio.

Is there another Eren Yeager figurine for sale that isn’t as… risqué? 

Anime figures aren’t all anatomically correct nude renditions of your favorite anime characters. More often than not, figures depict characters as they appear in their respective media — with the exception of bunny costumes.

The true difficulty of finding a figure of your favorite characters is that most launches are limited-time runs that sell out early during their pre-sale phase. Luckily, sites like Hobby Search, Tokyo Otaku Mode, and Big In Japan curate a list of popular figure releases along with other types of merchandise like plush toys, charms, and more! Others like AmiAmi, Mandarake, and Solaris Japan even have pre-sale sections where fans can get their hands on previously released figures.

As far as an Eren Yeager figure goes, the character’s popularity is both a good and bad thing. On one hand, there’s no shortage of companies making Eren Yeager figures, but they also sell out quickly — both during pre-sale and when they’re resold as a pre-owned item.

Currently, Solaris Japan, Tokyo Otaku Mode, Right Stuf, and Crunchyroll have multiple Eren Yeager figures available in stock and for pre-order including ⅙ scale models and the chibi Nendoroid figure. This may no longer be accurate in the future so it’s a good idea to set alerts on the sites listed above for your favorite characters. 

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