Attack On Titan Mikasa Ackerman figure, Pieck Finger figure by Rosa Studio bare all

An anatomically correct Mikasa Ackerman figure by Rosa Studio.
Mikasa has proven she will follow Eren anywhere, and that’s now taken her to the lewd figure market. Pic credit: Studio Rosa

There’s been a growing trend in anime figures taking a risqué turn, and Rosa Studio’s Pieck figure and Mikasa Ackerman figure are keeping it rumbling. Twitter has been buzzing about the new anatomically correct Eren Yeager figure with his titanic proportions, but Attack on Titan’s ladies haven’t been left out either.

Standing — or bending over rather — at ⅙ scale, Pieck and Mikasa’s models feature costumery unlike most of their typical attire. Military garb is exchanged for black pleather, and nothing is left to the imagination — except maybe how those characters got into such a situation in the first place.

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Those interested in the Pieck Finger figure can pick her up at retailers such as FavorGK, WeAreAnimeCollectors, AvoLounge, and more! Be careful clicking the above links as many contain uncensored images.

Unfortunately, the Mikasa Ackerman figure is now sold out from most major vendors who deal in explicit models. Given the traction these figures have gained, it isn’t long before Pieck and Eren will be sold out as well.

An anatomically correct Pieck Finger figure by Rosa Studio.
In all fairness, the models do come with clothing to wear in case of guests arriving. Pic credit: Rosa Studio

Where can I purchase pre-owned anime figures like the Mikasa Ackerman figure?

It may be too late to purchase the Mikasa Ackerman figure as a pre-sale, but luckily, anime figures often end up resold. Collectors making room for new pieces or even reselling figures for profit will list previously sold-out models for sale. While this is great for fans who were late to purchase their favorite Attack On Titan Mikasa figure, it may also come at a premium.

Many fans swear by AmiAmi. Stocked with hundreds of listings including games, plush toys, and charms, there’s no shortage of collectibles to choose from. AmiAmi’s rating system also gives buyers some peace of mind about the condition of what they are purchasing. Being based out of Japan, however, shipping may not come cheap to international buyers.

Similarly, Mandarake is a great pick when shopping for anime figures or Japanese products in general. Not only do they have an extensive collection of figures, but they also stock magazines such as Shonen Jump, anime storyboards, and even doujins.   

And if all else fails, there are always sites like eBay or Buyee which require buyers to be more proactive in vetting individual sellers themselves. Currently, there are Rosa Studio’s Mikasa models going for a whopping $1000 (plus shipping) on Ebay. It’s uncertain whether the price will fall along with the hype or if the piece will be solidified as a rare collector’s item. Whatever the case, fans will need to determine whether their favorite waifu is worth it. 

Can I just buy some non-nude anime figures?

Despite these Attack On Titan figures gaining so much of a buzz, they’re far from the norm when it comes to anime figures. Most figures tend to be accurate depictions of their respective characters’ usual attire. So new anime fans who are iffy about the figure collecting hobby shouldn’t worry that anatomically correct models make up the most of what’s on the market.

Those wanting to play it safe can always check out sites such as Crunchyroll which — on top of stocking more family-friendly products such as Nendroids, Funko Pops, and Lookup figures — give exclusive deals to subscribers. Premium members with a Mega Fan sub get $15 off $100 orders every three months. And Ultimate Fan subs get $25 off along with access to exclusive Nendoroids.

Even for those who aren’t subscribed to Crunchyroll, their store offers free U.S. shipping on orders over $50 making them one of the more accessible stores for those wanting to dip their toes into the hobby. It may seem daunting to get into figure collecting with so many options available, but with clearance sections on sites like RightStuf, Tokyo Otaku Mode, and Solaris Japan, anyone can take their favorite anime characters home.    

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