Eisner Awards 2022: Spy x Family, Chainsaw Man, Kaiju No. 8, and more nominated

Nominees for the 2022 Eisner Awards including Chainsaw Man, Spy x Family, and Kaiju No.8.

Nominees for the 2022 Eisner Awards have been announced, and among the hopeful candidates are popular series such as Spy x Family and Chainsaw Man. While the Eisner Awards have typically celebrated American comics, with the rising popularity of manga, Japanese works have become an integral part of the comics industry worldwide. READ: Chainsaw Man … Read more

Solo Leveling audiobook by Yen Audio gives English fans a new way to enjoy the light novel

Cover of the Solo Leveling audiobook and manhwa.

The first three volumes of the Solo Leveling audiobook are available now. Fans have multiple mediums to enjoy their favorite Japanese and Korean media. Now, more publishers are releasing audiobooks of popular light novels. Will this become a growing trend? Only time will tell.   READ: Solo Leveling anime reportedly in production Yen Audio — a … Read more

Attack On Titan Mikasa Ackerman figure, Pieck Finger figure by Rosa Studio bare all

An anatomically correct Mikasa Ackerman figure by Rosa Studio.

There’s been a growing trend in anime figures taking a risqué turn, and Rosa Studio’s Pieck figure and Mikasa Ackerman figure are keeping it rumbling. Twitter has been buzzing about the new anatomically correct Eren Yeager figure with his titanic proportions, but Attack on Titan’s ladies haven’t been left out either. Standing — or bending … Read more

Attack On Titan Eren Yeager figurine shocks with anatomically correct ‘towel holder’ statue feature

An anatomically correct Eren Yeager figure by Banana Studio.

Fans are feeling a different type of rumbling thanks to Banana Studios’ latest Eren Yeager figure. ⅙ in scale with washboard abs and an adjustable “member” that can literally hold up a towel, this may not be the type of figure collectors will want to keep in their living rooms, but it’s certainly a conversation … Read more

Wonderful Wednesdays: Seven Seas Entertainment announces weekly licensed manga

Promotional imagery for Seven Seas Entertainment including some of their May 2022 releases.

Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment has started up their Wonderful Wednesdays event again. Every Wednesday, the independent publisher will announce manga and light novel licenses. Excited to see your favorite Japanese series come to North America? Follow Seven Seas Entertainment on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok to stay up to date. Previously, they’ve announced titles including … Read more