Netflix’s One Piece live-action TV actor Inaki Godoy celebrates Luffy’s birthday with new video

Luffy main character from One piece.

Netflix’s One Piece account released a video to commemorate the birthday of the One Piece main Character Luffy. One Piece is currently telling the tale of the War for Wano Arc, wherein Luffy leads the charge with his Straw Hat Pirates against the evil Kaido and his Beast Pirates. However, Eiichiro Oda‘s Shonen series has some … Read more

Top 10 anime Star Wars fans should watch

Star wars: vision trailer image

This is the May. Check out these 10 anime if you are a Star Wars fan. Anime is a medium that can compete with any other. Aside from the animation platform enabling more expressive forms, anime, in particular, has a lengthy history of tradition and creativity. Anime has become one of the most culturally unique creative … Read more