Bakugo’s death stuns fans in My Hero Academia Chapter 363, but can Eri’s Rewind save Dynamight like Orihime brought back Menoly?

Fan art of Deku freaking out over Bakugo's death.
Fan art of Deku freaking out over Bakugo’s death. Pic credit:

On August 24, 2022, the hashtag #MHA364 began to trend on Twitter as fans continue to wonder if Bakugo is really dead or alive. They want Deku to know what’s happened and want Bakugo to get up already!

But if Bakugo is dead is there really no hope for him? Luckily, due to the fact that Bakugo has died in the My Hero Academia universe, I believe there is hope for him to be resurrected.

Bakugo’s greatest hope is Eri. Eri is the granddaughter of the Shie Hassaikai’s boss. Eri’s ability was misused during Kai Chisaki’s operation to manufacture a Quirk-Destroying Drug. Ever since Deku rescued her she’s been living at the U.A. dormitories and training to better control her powers.

Eri’s ability is called Rewind and allows her to reverse an individual’s body back to a previous state. This ability allows her to make a person younger, heal injuries, and undo body modifications.

Eri’s Rewind power is similar to Orihime’s time reversal power

Ever since Eri appeared in My Hero Academia I was fascinated by her power and its possibilities. Right away, Rewind reminded me of Orihime’s ability in the anime Bleach. Orihime’s ability is very similar to Eri’s and at first, was mistaken for being a healing ability, but was in fact a “time reversal” ability.

When the upper half of Menoly’s body was basically destroyed by Grimmjaw’s point-blank Cero, Orihime used her ability to take Menoly’s body back to a time when it wasn’t injured, and thus brought her back from the dead! As long as there is a body Orihime can apparently bring anyone back from the dead.

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If Eri is able to touch Bakugo’s body she should be able to restore it to a state before he died. Eri has shown that she can even rewind someone’s body to a point before they even existed, so in this sense, it should be easy to rewind Bakugo’s body back to a point when he’s alive. I doubt she would have to rewind so far back that she’d have to recreate him into existence.

The source of Rewind’s power is located in the horn on Eri’s head and the size reflects who much her power has grown. Eri has to build up the power in her horn before she is able to use it.

If Bakugo is saved will he lose his Quirk?

Eri’s blood is able to attack a person’s quirk and stop its activation by reversing the target’s evolution before the point of the Quirk phenomenon. So even if Eri brings Bakugo back to life the catch might be he won’t have his Quirk anymore and won’t be able to continue training as a hero. This would be equally tragic, but I would still be happy Bakugo was alive and well once more.

Eraser Head suggested that her Quirk would be able to rewind the bodies of those who have lost their Quirks and restore them. But this ability is difficult to train since it needs to be trained on living people.

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Two months before the raid on the Paranormal Liberation Front Eri trained her Quirk on small bugs and lizards using small ounces of energy. Eri eventually restored the Permeation Quirk of Mirio Togata. If Bakugo’s body is disintegrated by a villain into dust – Eri probably wouldn’t be able to bring him back. But as long as she has access to his corpse there is hope.

Another hint is that Eri’s name is made of two characters “break” and “reason/logic” meaning that Eri’s power defies what is logical – such as being able to bring someone back from the dead.

Do you think Bakugo will stay dead or do you think Eri will save him? Do you think Bakugo will lose his Quirk in the process? Let us know in the comment section below!

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