Berserk countdown timer ending in 2022: Will Lost Children Chapter, Conviction Arc get an anime remake?

Colored manga pages from the Lost Children Chapter.
Colored manga pages from the Lost Children Chapter. Pic credit:

The Berserk countdown has begun!

On October 1, 2022, the official website for the currently airing Berserk: The Golden Arc – Memorial Edition anime launched a mysterious timer that ends on December 11, 2022.

You can see the countdown timer here.

Berserk countdown clock.
Berserk countdown clock. Pic credit:

Berserk fans have already begun speculating on what this new Berserk project might be. Because the countdown ends on the day of the Berserk Memorial Edition Episode 11 release date, which is the final episode, it makes sense it would be an announcement for the continuation of the story

It could be the Berserk Season 3 anime that continues with the Falcon of the Millennium Empire arc. A more direct sequel to the Memorial Edition project would be a remake of the Berserk Conviction Arc.

Not many Berserk fans were happy with the Berserk 2016 CGI anime, and would like to see a Berserk remake/reboot using the same high-quality animation that is shown in Berserk: Memorial Edition.

Others want a proper adaptation of Guardians of Desire (from the Black Swordsman Arc) and the Lost Children Chapter (which was omitted from Berserk 2016) from the beginning of the Conviction Arc.

A Berserk movie or trilogy is also another possibility.

What many Berserk fans hope for is an adaptation without awkward CGI. They also want to watch Berserk uncensored. If you’re not somewhat traumatized after watching Berserk… what is the point, really?

What are the key moments of the Berserk Conviction Arc?

Key moments of the Conviction Arc include:

  • Guts battles Rosine – an apostle from Misty Village who abducted village children and turned them into elven-like beings.
  • The Holy Iron Chain Knights detain Guts due to a prophetic warrant for his detainment by the Holy See.
  • Guts fights the inexperienced Holy Iron Chain Knights’ commander Farnese but is unable to defeat her when her attendant Serpico intervenes.
  • Guts reunites with Casca after 2 years
  • Guts’ “demon child” warns him that Casca is in imminent peril at being burned at the stake as a witch.
  • The Skull Knight warns that “the one who signifies the Falcon shall return”.
  • Guts battles Mozgus – a pseudo-apostle Holy See inquisitor.
  • Femto is incarnated in the form of Griffith and reunites with Zodd

What is the plot of the missing Lost Children Chapter?

During Guts’ journey with Puck one night they encounter a group of bandits in the forest who are holding a young girl named Jill captive. Just as Guts is about to kill the bandits they end up running away when a demonic tree comes to life. Guts is forced to fight the strange tree until dawn.

Afterward, Jill decides to escort Guts to her village where he and Puck discover that the village is suffering from a series of child abductions by elf-like creatures said to come from the Misty Valley. Guts’ brand starts to bleed and suddenly a group of elves led by apostle leader Rosine attack the village.

Guts battles against Rosine and kills some of the “elves”, but during the battle Puck informs him that the “elves” are actually the abducted children who have been transformed. Rosine and her elves retreat and the villagers accuse Guts for the chaos left in their wake, including the bodies of charred children in a barn.

When killed the “elves” returned to their former forms. Guts decides to use Jill as a hostage so he can escape the village and releases her once they’re a safe distance away. Guts then sets out to face off against Rosine.

How does his final battle go? You’ll have to wait for the new anime adaptation in order to find out!

Are you looking forward to the new Berserk Project? What do you think it might be? What are you hoping for? Let us know in the comment section below!

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