Berserk’s Guts voice actor Hiroaki Iwanaga joins Japanese boy band Junretsu

Guts from Berserk with his sword
Guts from Berserk with his sword. Pic credit: Zerochan

Since the release of Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I – The Egg of the King in theaters in 2012, Hiroaki Iwanaga has been lending his voice to the character of Guts as the voice actor. The actor played the Black Swordsman in the trilogy, the 2016 Berserk television series, and the computer game Berserk And The Band of The Hawk.

Now, the voice of Guts is going to be a part of a vocal group called Junretsu.

Hiroaki Iwanaga to debut for boy band in 2023

Iwanaga won’t be joining the Boy Band immediately, but he’s anticipated to be the newest member by the start of 2023.

Junretsu announced via its official Twitter account that Guts voice actor Hiroaki Iwanaga would be joining the group at the start of next year, giving us the chance to hear how the Black Swordsman can sing:

Guts voice actor Hiroaki Iwanaga's picture shared by Junretsu.
Junretsu shared Hiroaki Iwanaga’s picture. Pic credit: Junretsu

Even while this “boy band” that started in 2010 may be unfamiliar to you, several of its members have made an appearance in the live-action Kamen Rider television series. Thus, Guts’ voice actor is in good company.

The continuation of the Berserk series

Although a new series utilizing material from the 2012 film trilogy will be arriving in Japan later this year, the return of Berserk’s anime has not yet been officially confirmed with a new television and movie series. Most Band of the Hawk fans have already seen most of the video that will be included in Berserk: Memorial Edition, but there will also be deleted scenes that have never been shown.

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When Kentaro Miura suddenly passed away on May 20, 2021, from a sudden aortic dissection, the future of the series was first put in doubt. Miura passed away while he was just 54 years old. Later that year, Hakusensha released the last chapter Miura had completed in a special edition of Young Animal that also featured tributes to the late manga artist from readers and other notable figures in the anime and manga industries who had been impacted by his work. On November 9, 2022, Dark Horse, which has the series’ North American license, will release Miura’s last volume.

After a year of rumors over the series’ fate, Hakusensha said earlier in June 2022 that it will be continuing to publish the series without Miura. The Fantasia Arc/Elf Island plot will be continued in the next six chapters of the manga, after which a brand-new story arc will start. When the continuation of the series was first announced, Mori said, “I will just write the words and storylines that Miura detailed to me. Of course, it will not be ideal. Even so, I believe I can almost fully convey Miura’s intended narrative.”

Do you approve of the voice of Guts’ decision to join a vocal group? Do you anticipate Berserk getting a new anime series in the near future? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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