Black Clover Chapter 334 unveils Lucius Zogratis’ powerful new Angel form, Soul Magic

Juiius Novachrono in the anime
Julius Novachrono in the Black Clover anime. Pic credit: Studio Pierrot

Black Clover Chapter 334 revealed Lucius’ powerful actual form, accelerating the series’ final arc.

The unexpected revelation that the Dark Triad was not the real threat and that a fourth Zogratis brother had been hiding in the Clover Kingdom the entire time marked the conclusion of the Spade Kingdom Raid narrative. He was also the strongest of the twins, becoming even stronger once Lucifero was defeated. The final arc begins with Asta’s first battle against this new foe.

Lucius Zogratis’ powerful new form

In the last installment of the series, Lucius made a pass on Asta while interfering in a very sensitive time for the young prospective Wizard King. The series’ previous chapter saw them resume their first significant conflict after Asta realized that his anti-magic would be the only thing capable of thwarting the former Wizard King’s temporal magic.

Asta was unfortunate to learn that Lucius had been hiding his actual strength from him and that he had now shown him his “true” form, which combines all of his magical powers into a new, angelic-like appearance.

Check it out below:

Lucius Zogratis in his new form in Black Clover chapter 334.
Lucius Zogratis in his new Angelic form. Pic credit: Shueisha

After Asta challenges Lucius to a duel, Black Clover Chapter 334 begins. Asta quickly displays how much stronger he has become in the fifteen months after his fight with Lucifero.

However, Lucius is that much more powerful because he has absorbed not only Lucifero’s dark magic but also the magical prowess of two other souls. All of this has come together to form a brand-new ability he calls “Soul Magic.” Although he was born into a family of devil hosts, he says he learned about the magic that could purify the devil’s abilities.

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Black Clover’s new mysterious magic type

Since Lucius Zogratis moved swiftly to take on Asta and the Clover Kingdom, the series’ final arc has gotten intense. No matter how powerful Asta has been able to get since the encounter with Lucifero, it soon became apparent during their first fight that Lucius is stronger.

In truth, he has access to a new, enigmatic form of magic he calls “Soul Magic,” which has a celestial appearance as seen above. Asta will need to find another method to defeat this mysterious power because it allows him to exert control over the human soul.

Lucius reveals that the soul is the source of his magic by releasing an angelic-like form. He can change a soul itself because souls are related to human life, spirit, and magic. Lucius explains that this new purified form of satanic power could give regular people a “holy power.”

We see this in effect when he kidnaps Sister Lily and changes her into a frightening heavenly form. However, it is still unclear if Asta will be able to combat this new divine level of power directly.

What impressions do you currently have of Lucius’ new Soul Magic? What types of conflicts do you anticipate this will cause in the series’ overall final arc? Share your thoughts about it in the comments section.

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