Black Clover Chapter 338 unveils Yami’s homeland and his younger sister Ichika

Yami in the fight with Dante Zogratis
Yami in the fight with Dante Zogratis. Pic credit: Studio Pierrot

As Asta prepares for a comeback, the Black Clover manga has begun the first major phase of the final arc, and Black Clover Chapter 338¬†of the series has revealed an important figure from Captain Yami Sukehiro’s past, his younger sister… also, Yami’s homeland!

Asta’s final arc has gotten off to a bad start. After Lucius Zogratis declared his plan to destroy the world, Asta suffered a severe defeat against the villain when it became evident just how large the power disparity between the two of them was. However, Asta has a chance of becoming even stronger before his final showdown with the enemy.

Yami’s homeland and his younger sister

With Lucius and the corrupted Sister Lily’s attacks sending Asta to the faraway Land of the Sun, it is revealed that this is the country from which Yami originally came. Asta has already encountered someone connected with Yami in the past, and it turns out there’s even a blood link when Asta meets Yami’s younger sister Ichika. The latter is just as strong and terrifying as Yami has been throughout the series so far.

Asta in Yami's homeland, the land of the sun.
Asta in Yami’s homeland, the land of the sun. Pic credit: Mangaplus

Asta is permitted to travel to the land of the sun for a brief period. Its ties to feudal Japan become clearer as he looks around, and Ryuya, the Shogun of the land, explains how the magic works in the place. His attendant then quickly throws Asta off his game owing to her familiar ki, and it’s quickly revealed why: she, like Yami, possesses a darkness aspect.

Yami's little sister revealed
Yami’s little sister was revealed in the recent chapter. Pic credit: Manga Plus

Ichika, Yami’s younger sister, is introduced as a skilled fighter who defeats a gang of robbers with a single move that differs from many of the magic attacks shown thus far in the series. She’s also mentioned as a member of the “Ryuzen Seven,” and it’s evident that she’ll play a significant role in assisting Asta. But because the two of them have had such a horrible start, it’s likely to be a very different relationship than he had with Yami.

Black Clover special art for anime’s fifth anniversary

These celebrations are why fans expect to see the anime resume after the manga series concludes (however long that may be). It’s presumably why the anime team hasn’t forgotten about it, either. Director Ayataka Tanemura commemorated the fifth anniversary of Black Clover’s anime release (which first aired in Japan on October 3rd, 2017) with a special new look at Asta. Check it out below, as provided by the series’ official Twitter account:

The Black Clover new 5th anniversary poster
The Black Clover’s new 5th-anniversary poster. Pic credit: Black Clover

The TV anime run of Black Clover may have concluded, but there are plans to continue the anime brand with a premiere feature film. The plot of this new film, which is set to be released in Japan sometime next year, has yet to be revealed. The manga has been running for so long that a movie couldn’t function as a genuine full adaptation after the TV anime ended, raising the question of whether or not this could be an original plot of some type.

What is your initial impression of Yami’s sister Ichika in Black Clover 338? Do you want to see more of Yami’s Homeland before Yami went for the Clover Kingdom? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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