Black Clover Chapter 340 gives Asta the key to beating Lucius Zogratis

Asta giving Liebe a hand
Asta gives Liebe a hand. Pic credit: studio Pierrot

Black Clover Chapter 340 has begun Asta’s next major training arc for the series’ final arc, and the last scenes of the chapter tease how Asta will wind up discovering the key to beating Lucius Zogratis!

Asta has had a terrible last arc of the series so far, suffering a severe defeat to Lucius Zogratis during his first showdown with the final villain. As he finds himself on the other side of the earth, Asta is doing everything he can to close the power gap between him and the deadly antagonist.

Asta’s new technique to defeat Lucius

Black Clover Chapter 340 begins soon after Asta is able to perform the Zetten technique for the first time, as his anti-magic strength can be employed similarly to regular magical power if applied to this move. Taking things a step further, he starts a sparring fight against Ichika, in which he tries his hardest to practice using that power.

However, in facing someone who has already mastered this move, Asta has uncovered its hidden potential as a formidable force and his desire to be a better fighter overall.

Asta honing his ew technique with Ichika
Asta is honing his new technique with Ichika. Pic credit: Viz media

He immediately realizes that while the magic skills of those he’s faced previously instilled confidence in each of his opponents, they’ve never really evaded any of his moves. Not only does he need to learn to escape strikes and strike at the correct time (which would be his primary strategy against a magically powerful enemy like Lucius), but he also needs to make the most of it by using a Zetten burst at the perfect time.

It’s just a matter of learning a new fighting style before facing the enemy again, but he only has a limited amount of time.

Black Clover’s new movie trailer and former wizard teaser

The Black Clover movie release date is on March 31, 2023. Black Clover’s anime feature film will be released exclusively on Netflix on the same day it debuts in Japanese theaters.

The future film, announced in March 2021, will air on the same date viewers last saw a new episode of Black Clover two years ago. Simultaneously, Netflix released an enticing teaser trailer for the film. Check out the teaser trailer below:

While the teaser does not provide significant narrative aspects, it demonstrates Asta’s pure motivation. Along with the trailer, Black Clover revealed that a new character will appear in the future film. Toshihiko Seki, best known for his role as Naruto’s Iruka, will play Conrad Leto, a former Wizard King.

The planned film’s production team includes Ayataka Tanemura as director, Itsuko Takeda as character designer, and Minako Seki as a composer.

The release date of the Black Clover film deviates from the norm for anime films. Anime fans frequently cannot enjoy Japanese releases until months past their initial release date—one Piece Film: Red, for example, aired in Japan on August 6, 2022. However, Western audiences will have to wait until November 3, 2022, to see the picture.

Do you believe Asta will master this new technique in time for the final battle? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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