Black Clover Chapter 342 unveils Ichika’s full power form

Yami in the fight with Dante Zogratis
Yami is in the fight with Dante Zogratis. Pic credit: Studio Pierrot

The Black Clover manga has begun Asta’s final training arc before the series’ final showdown. Black Clover Chapter 342 of the manga has made things even more difficult as his trainer Ichika Yami has unveiled a frightening new form driven by her evil magic.

With the series’ final arc gearing up for the last confrontation against Lucius Zogratis and his indoctrinated heavenly forces in the following months, Asta must ensure that he is adequately prepared for the series’ ultimate battle. To do so, he’ll need to learn to harness a new power with the help of Yami’s younger sister.

Ichika’s new powerful form

While the two of them had started their training sessions in the previous chapter, it was evident that Ichika possesses a vast reservoir of power that Asta has struggled to access. Making matters worse, Ichika harbors a deep resentment toward her brother for what he did to the other members of her family

With Asta reluctant to believe that they are speaking of the same person, Ichika is becoming increasingly serious. As a result, she uses her Dark Yojutsu: Dark-Cloaked Black Warrior form to unleash her full might.

Ichika's dark powerful final form
Ichika’s dark powerful final form. Pic credit: Manga Plus

This form looks dark and menacing. Her Dark Yojutsu cloaks her like a traditional samurai, this features the traditional samurai shoulder pads and helmet. This form is the cliffhanger of Black Clover manga chapter 342, Asta would have to defeat this form or probably inflict an intense level of damage. Asta has to do this to convince Ichika to train him.

What happens in Chapter 342 of Black Clover?

The story picks up in Black Clover 342 shortly after Ichika tells Asta that her brother was guilty of the massacre of the rest of their clan and had fled to the Clover Kingdom after refusing to accept responsibility. The chapter then continues with Ichika explaining that, while she had idolized her brother and his vision for the future (in contrast to the rest of the family, which seemed to value strength above all else) when he was 13, she witnessed the bloody results of her brother massacring the rest of her family.

Asta struggles to accept that this is the same man who has had such a great impact on his life. Refusing to give up on the possibility that Ichika is mistaken, Ichika resolves to get serious and teach him a true lesson by using her full Yojutsu might. This cloaks her in dark samurai armor, and she will no longer hold back on the young mage. Now it’s only a matter of seeing how much stronger she becomes in this shape.

What are your thoughts on Ichika’s Dark Yojutsu armor? Do you believe Asta will be able to conquer this power and reach Ichika? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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