Black Clover hiatus puts Chapter 344 release date on hold for weeks over Tabata Yuuki’s health

Asta with Yami's sword
Asta with Yami’s sword. Pic credit: Studio Pierrot

The Black Clover Chapter 344 release date has been delayed to November 28, 2022!

A Black Clover hiatus has begun after Tabata Yuuki’s health took a sudden turn for the worst. The situation has been described as a “sudden illness” so let’s hope the mangaka recovers quickly.

The most recent chapters of the Black Clover manga have been progressing toward the series’ final arc, but the manga has announced that it will be going on an unexpected hiatus! Fans have been even more committed to following the manga version of the series since the 170-episode anime adaptation ended in 2021 since it has been the sole source of fresh content for the franchise in the interim. This has become even more true since the beginning of the series’ overarching final arc, as each new installment brings us one step closer to the series’ conclusion.

Black Clover’s hiatus is only 2 weeks so far

Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump’s most recent edition indicated that the well-known fantasy series will not be appearing in the magazine’s forthcoming 51st issue as a result of the mangaka suffering from a “sudden illness.” Black Clover is anticipated to make a comeback in the Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 52, 2022, which will be published on November 28.

Check out the announcement below:

Black Clover's manga hiatus announcement.
Black Clover’s manga hiatus announcement. Pic credit: Shonen Jump

The announcement translates to :

Dear Reader,
Thank you for always reading Black Clover. Due to the author’s sudden illness this issue and the next issue will be on hiatus. Kyusai to all the readers who have been looking forward to it. I am very sorry. In addition, although Black Clover is included in the postcard of this issue, due to the printing process, it was not possible to make corrections in time, I apologize again. Continued Weekly Jump Next day, WJ52 (on sale November 28th) is scheduled to resume.
Thank you for your continued support of Black Clover.

The release of Black Clover chapter 344

The publication of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine abroad on November 28th will include the reappearance of Chapter 344 of Black Clover. So far, it appears that Tabata’s illness won’t be too difficult to overcome; perhaps, this good trend will continue (without requiring more of Tabata’s assistance). Each new chapter is becoming harder to wait for than ever as the manga continues to develop the series’ final arc (and is even getting set for a fresh Asta fight as of the last cliffhanger).

There are many threads that will seek to evolve as the manga prepares for its final battle for the fate of humanity, including Asta learning a new technique ahead of the final battle against Lucius Zogratis, learning more about Yami’s mysterious past, and Lucius amassing an army of potent new Paladins.

This is not Tabata and Black Clover’s first hiatus in 2022. In order to provide the mangaka the required time and space to plot out the story’s final arc, the series entered a three-month hiatus back in April. The Weekly Shonen Jump’s 34th issue, which debuted on August 1, would see the manga reappear.

How do you find the final arc of the Black Clover manga thus far? What do you think of the current Black Clover manga hiatus? Share your opinions about it in the comments section.

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