Black Clover manga returns, hiatus ending soon with Chapter 332

Asta main character of Black clover flying on his sword.
Asta, the main character of Black clover, flying on his sword. Pic credit: Xebec Zwei

It appears that everything is set up for the Black Clover manga to return as soon as possible.

According to the source, the Black Clover Chapter 332 release date is on July 31, 2022.

If you recall, the manga’s creator, Yuki Tabata, put it on hold early this year while he started developing its final arc. The manga is reportedly going back into print this month as promised, according to a recent report.

Black Clover’s return from hiatus

The information was provided by Weekly Shonen Jump itself after the app for the magazine recently published a brief teaser about Black Clover. A banner was added about Tabata’s title, as you can see on Viz Media’s website below, indicating that a new chapter was imminent.

Check out the info below:

The info revealing the release date of the next chapter of Black clover.
The info revealing the release date of the next chapter of Black clover. Pic credit: Viz media

At this point, neither Shueisha nor Tabata have commented on the report in question. Fans are encouraged that Asta will indeed return this month because Viz Media has kept the banner up. If you’ve been following Black Clover, you know that it has always been aiming for a comeback before August 2022.

After all, Tabata promised fans he would start working again in three months when the series took a break in April 2022. The artist was taking a break to rest and get ready for Asta’s final act.

Before Black Clover can come to an end, the Black Bull wizard still has a lot to do. As a result, Tabata will be the only person busier than Asta, thus it’s hard to blame the artist for taking some time for himself.

Black Clover manga final arc begins with a major plot twist

Black Clover’s recent arcs have been characterized by intense tension in large part because of the Devils’ existence. The strongest mages in the Clover Kingdom were forced to engage them in battle after they plagued the Spade Kingdom and targeted it. While Lucifero and the other Devils had to be stopped with everything Asta and company had, Chapter 331 introduces a new, more dangerous one.

The majority of the Clover Kingdom’s top mages had to work together in order to defeat Lucifero, the last boss of the “Spade Kingdom Raid” arc. Mimosa’s healing magic was the star of the mayhem following the battle, while Asta’s anti-magic made significant contributions during the conflict. However, the Devils’ danger is still present as Black Clover declares the beginning of its last arc.

Julius was anxious even though those who fought on the front lines were receiving a much-needed break. His fear that he was missing something was confirmed when Damnatio paid him a visit and shared the results of his investigation into devils.

The first two Devils in charge of the underworld, according to Damnatio, were Lucifero, an user of gravity magic, and Beelzebub, an user of space magic. The last Devil was Astaroth of time magic, and Damnatio hypothesizes that Megicula may have descended from Astaroth. The intriguing finding, however, was that throughout history, only one person had ever used time magic: Julius Novachrono, the Wizard King.

Black clover manga panel from chapter 331
Black clover manga panel from chapter 331. Pic credit: Viz media

It is well known that Julius Novachrono is the most powerful wizard still alive in Black Clover, even able to surpass death by allegedly prolonging his life for a few years. He now reveals himself to be a Devil, and a ruler of the Underworld at that.

Although it is possible to argue that Julius has magical abilities comparable to Lucifero’s, his Devil name, Lucius Zogratis, should not be undervalued. He is also more shrewd and tactical than Lucifero, as evidenced by the fact that he allegedly foresaw this turn of events.

Asta and crew will face harder times now that the Wizard King is set to be the main antagonist of the Black Clover manga. Julius is already a formidable opponent in human form, so his Devil form is undoubtedly exponentially more powerful. The question of how Asta will defeat his idol and objective now arises, especially in light of the fact that Lucius wields a powerful sort of magic.

What do you think about this most recent report? Do you believe that Black Clover should make a comeback? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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