Black Frieza vs True Ultra Instinct Goku, Ultra Ego Vegeta shocks in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 – Is Black Frieza vs Jiren next?

Black Frieza colored
Is Black Frieza vs Jiren next now that both DBS characters have undergone training? Pic credit: @ade.bw_

The character “Black Frieza,” the most powerful Frieza ultimate form to date, has been revealed to fans in the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Frieza’s new transformation has sent shockwaves across the anime community since it was revealed in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87. The revelation concluded the Granolah the Survivor Arc in one of the most unexpected ways imaginable. In the future of the Shonen series, with the Heeters vanquished and Black Frieza in charge, we will undoubtedly witness this new change.

Frieza’s ultimate new ‘Black’ form

Goku and Vegeta battle Gas in Dragon Ball Super 87. Gas is not nearly as defeated as he appeared to be at the end of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 86. When it seems that the Saiyans are about to lose, Black Frieza appears on Planet Cereal and kills Gas in one blow before killing Elec for attempting to dethrone him with the Heeters.

Frieza's new transformation, "Black frieza."
Black Frieza surprises Goku and Vegeta. Pic credit: Viz media

With the battle against Gas and Elec over, True Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta become the targets of Frieza’s tremendous new skills. Black Frieza defeats his old enemies with ease despite the might of those two transformations, choosing not to kill them. In that brief battle, Frieza reveals that this new transformation is called Black Frieza.

Dragon Ball Super 87
Black Frieza vs True Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta is literally no contest at all. The Black Frieza power level difference is just that overwhelming. Pic credit: VIZ media

The villain says that he was present in the Room of Spirit and Time while Gas and Granolah made their wish to become the most powerful fighters in the universe. Since Frieza was technically outside of space and time in Universe 7, their wish did not include Frieza’s abilities, which is how Frieza acquired his abilities.

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Black Frieza colored full size
The Black Frieza ultimate form certainly appears fearsome when fully colored. Pic credit: @ade.bw_

Is Black Frieza vs Jiren next?

Frieza trained for ten years, building his strength until he could outmatch the Saiyans. Recall that in the past Frieza had never given much, if any, priority to training.

Keep in mind that Jiren has training for many of the recent Dragon Ball Super manga story arcs. Black Frieza might be the strongest right now in the Dragon Ball Super world, but Jiren vs Black Frieza could bring down Frieza’s ego a notch… and you just know Goku and Vegeta will be itching to train and figure out yet another new level of transformation power to achieve!

Frieza the Conquerer: Bio

One of the deadliest villains in the history of the series, Frieza was first introduced in Dragon Ball Z. Numerous planets, including Planet Vegeta, were subjugated and destroyed by the galactic dictator. Goku initially attained the basic level of Super Saiyan during his battle with Frieza on Namek, a conflict that almost cost both of them their lives.

Future Trunks afterward killed Frieza. Nevertheless, even though the villain had died, Dragon Ball Super brought him back to life and gave him the new name of Golden Frieza. The manga makes it abundantly apparent that Black Frieza is substantially stronger than that form. Right now, it’s unclear how Black Frieza will fit into upcoming plotlines or even if the character will show up in the anime.

Golden resurrected Frieza
Golden resurrected Frieza. Pic credit: Toei Animation

What are your thoughts on Frieza’s new transformation, “Black Frieza”? Do you anticipate the villain playing a significant role in the upcoming arc? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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