Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War PV trailer highlights Ichigo’s new enemies – Stern Ritter

New key visual for the upcoming anime Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War, featuring Ichigo.
New key visual for the upcoming anime Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War. Pic credit:

At Anime Expo 2022 that was held on July 2, 2022, Viz Media unveiled a new trailer for the upcoming anime Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War by Studio Pierrot that is inspired by the “Thousand Year Blood War” arc, which takes place in Tite Kubo’s Bleach manga (volumes 55-74).

The trailer can be watched on Viz Media’s official YouTube channel here:

Official Trailer #1 | BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War | VIZ

The trailer begins with, “The confined Quincy King regains his pulse after 900 years. His mind after 90 years. His strength after 9 years. And the world in 9 days. This is the last 9 days of the world.”

This is obviously hinting that Soul Society must have sealed away the leader of the Quincys long ago and now that he has reawakened intends to take his revenge upon Soul Society.

Next, we see Ichigo battling a Titan-sized hollow (evil spirit). I think we can easily expect the upcoming battles in Thousand-Year Blood War to be even bigger than usual. After that, we see Ichigo battling against different Quincy (Soul Reapers who destroy evil spirits instead of purifying their souls and sending them to Soul Society). Then, shots of allies and enemies until finally the appearances of the members in Stern Ritter – the Quincy association are revealed.

Ichigo’s allies from Soul Society and his enemies from Stern Ritter can be seen in the new key visual that Viz Media released:

New key visual for the upcoming anime Bleach: Thousand-Year War.
New key visual for the upcoming anime Bleach: Thousand-Year War. Pic credit:

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is scheduled to premiere on TV Tokyo in Japan in October 2022. The anime intends to cover the rest of the story as told in the original manga all the way up to its ending.

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If you’re lucky enough to live in Tokyo, Japan, on September 11, 2022, an advanced screen of the anime’s first two episodes will be held.

According to @BeerStix, who attended the Anime Expo, in the video message from Tite Kubo he states that right around the time he found out the anime would be ending he started writing Thousand-Year Blood War.

That’s when he realized he wouldn’t have to hold back and consider the restrictions for an anime adaptation and could write heavier/darker scenes and battles. Now, he’s confident those dark scenes will stay in the upcoming adaptation.

You can continue reading Tite Kubo’s video message in @BeerStix’s tweet’s thread here:

Who are the members of the anime’s production team?

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War production team:

  • Director – Tomohisa Taguchi (Twin Star Excorcists, Kino’s Journey – The Beautiful World, Akudama Drive)
  • Script overseers – Masaki Hiramatsu and Tomohisa Taguchi
  • Character designer – Masashi Kudo
  • Music composer – Shiro Sagisu
  • Chief Animation Directors – Michio Hasegawa, Sei Komatsubara, Kumiko Takayanagi
  • Action Effects Animation Directors – Satoshi Sakai, Yoshihiro Kanno, Yong Hoon Chong
  • Art Director – Yoshio Tanioka
  • Art Design – Toshiki Amada
  • Color Design – Saori Goda
  • Editing – Akinori Mishima
  • Director of Photography – Kazuhiro Yamada
  • CG Directors – Toshihiro Sasaki, Kazushi Goto
  • Sound Director – Yukio Nagasaki
  • Sound Production – Zack Promotion
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Who are the anime’s cast members?

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War cast:

  • Masakazu Morita – Ichigo Kurosaki
  • Fumiko Orikasa – Rukia Kuchiki
  • Noriaki Sugiyama – Uryu Ishida
  • Yuki Matsuoka – Orihime Inoue
  • Hiroki Yasumoto – Yasutora Sado
  • Kentaro Ito – Renji Abarai
  • Shinichiro Miki – Kisuke Urahara
  • Satsuki Yukino – Yoruichi Shihoin
  • Binbin Takaoka – Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto
  • Houko Kuwashima – Sui-Feng
  • Shouto Kashii – Rojuro Otoribashi
  • Aya Hisakawa – Retsu Unohana
  • Masaya Onosaka – Shinji Hirako
  • Ryotaro Okiayu – Byakuya Kuchiki
  • Tetsu Inada – Sajin Komamura
  • Akio Ohtsuka – Shunsui Kyoraku
  • Tomokazu Sugita – Kensei Muguruma
  • Romi Park – Toshiro Hitsugaya
  • Fumiko Tachiki – Kenpachi Zaraki
  • Ryusei Nakao – Mayuri Kurotsuchi
  • Hideo Ishikawa – Jushiro Ukitake
  • Naomi Kusumi – Ichibe Hyosube
  • Yoji Ueda – Oetsu Mimaiya
  • Tomoyuki Shimura – Tenjiro Kirinji
  • Rina Satou – Senjumaru Shutara
  • Ayumi Tsunematsu – Kirio Hikifune
  • Takayuki Sugo – Yhwach
  • Yuichiro Umehara – Jugram Haschwalth
  • Shunsuke Takeuchi – Askin Nakk Le Vaar
  • Ayana Taketatsu – Bambietta Basterbine
  • Yuki Ono – Bazz-B
  • Yumi Uchiyama – Candice Catnipp
  • Natsuki Hanae – Gremmy Thoumeaux
  • Satoshi Hino – Lille Barro

Some of these voice actors and actresses haven’t appeared in the anime, but have played different characters in the game Bleach: Brave Souls.

What is the plot of Bleach?

The story centers on a hothead teenager named Ichigo Kurosaki, who through a strange twist of fate ends up obtaining the powers of a Soul Reaper (a personification of death similar to the Grim Reaper) from a girl, named Rukia Kuchiki. With his newfound powers came the responsibility of defending humans from evil spirits called Hallows and guiding departed souls to the afterlife. Ichigo ends up having several adventures in his hometown fighting Hallows and then later in a place called Soul Society where he’s forced to battle other Soul Reapers.

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Are you looking forward to Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War? What did you think about Tite Kubo being excited that the anime will include the darkest battle scenes he’s come up with yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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