Bleach Yoruichi figure’s naked lightning cat fury revealed in RD Studio/Dream Studio Yoruichi Shihouin figures

Bleach Yoruichi Shihouin Figure
Flash Goddess Yoruichi’s cat lightning form might be quick, but once anime fans see this Yoruichi figure they may be quicker to whip out their cash and yell, “Shut up and take my money!” Pic credit: RD Studio

RD Studio’s Bleach Yoruichi figure that’s coming out in 2023 is definitely an attention-grabber. The upcoming anime figurine manages to capture the raw fury and speed of Yoruichi’s naked cat form with an attention to detail that collectors desire in their figurines.

But it’s also not so revealing that you have to hide the figurine out of embarrassment. Yoruichi’s lightning wraps her body, enveloping it in a glowing suit that covers her up like a bikini with stockings.

There is also Dream Studio’s Yoruichi figure, which is already in stock. Both feature the Bleach character in a similar pose although the details on the base of the RD Studio Yoruichi Shihouin figure go the extra mile.

At the same time, the Dream Studio figure offers certain features and details that a “man of culture” might appreciate.

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RD Studio Yoruichi Figure
The extra details in the base are what make the RD Studio Yoruichi figure stand out. Pic credit: RD Studio

Bleach Yoruichi Shihouin figure is among a rising trend in collectibles

Keep in mind that this Bleach Yoruichi Shihouin figure is not officially licensed… and it’s certainly not officially sanctioned! As such both Yoruichi Shihouin figure designs skirt the edge of being considered NSFW. Both figurines undeniably feature a sexy Yoruichi Shihouin since her lightning cat form just barely conceals her anatomically correct body parts.

In cases like this, the anime figures are typically created by a small company, which may just be a single self-employed individual, using 3D modeling software and outsourcing the production of the figurines to a resin/garage kit company in China.

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The Bleach figure is among the emerging trend of risque nude anime collectibles that puts our favorite characters in scandalous positions. There’s the SPY x FAMILY Yor Forger figure, the My Dress-Up Darling Marin figure, and the Attack On Titan Eren Yeager figure that showed off everything about the characters’ bodies. The Eren figure even stepped up things by a titanic notch by depicting certain body parts as a… towel holder.

Dream Studio Yoruichi figure
Besides the differences in the pose and the base, the biggest difference is that lightning is semi-transparent in the Dream Studio Yoruichi figure. Pic credit: Dream Studio

RD Studio vs Dream Studio: Yoruichi Shihouin figures compared

So which Yoruichi Shihouin figure is the right purchase for you? Both Yoruichi figures are resin statues and both are fairly expensive, costing several hundred USD each. Both have LED lighting effects in the base for the lightning.

Both are limited production runs, with RD Studio limited to 200 figures, and Dream Studio limited to 228 pieces. So once a particular figure design is sold out it’s gone unless you can convince a collector to part ways with the Yoruichi figure in the future.

The RD Studio figure’s release date is in Winter 2023, which means it’s currently available for pre-order only. The Dream Studio figure was originally prototyped back in 2020 so it’s in stock right now.

Another major difference is that the RD Studio Yoruichi figure is available in both 1/6 and a larger 1/4 scale, whereas Dream Studio’s Yoruichi figure is limited to only 1/6 scale at a cost of $320 USD. The RD Studio’s 1/6 Yoruichi figure is $207 while the 1/4 Yoruichi figure is $230.

(When this article was first published in May 2022 the RD Studio Shihouin Yoruichi figure was already being listed for over $600 USD on eBay by third parties.)

Thus, buying the less-expensive-yet-more-detailed RD Studio figure seems like a no-brainer, right? Well, that depends on whether you want to pay the extra cost of being a “man of culture”. The Dream Studio figure has the additional feature of removable parts, which makes Shihouin Yoruichi naked in both fury and physique.

Just how detailed are we talking here? The product description claims there are “good details in the private parts”, so this particular Shihouin Yoruichi figure isn’t hiding anything at all. If you want to see those details a Flash Goddess Yoruichi resin figure Reddit post contains the pics.

The Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War trailer.

You can purchase the RD Studio Yoruichi Shihouin figure set on multiple websites including Figure ACE and GK Figure, or the Dream Studio Yoruichi Shihouin figure at HWS Houses. Some online figure shops can contain explicit images so click carefully. Shops vary when it comes to payment and shipping options so fans wanting to take Bleach’s Yoruichi home should hunt around for the best deal or even add a companion figure to their order.

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