Blue Box anime reportedly in the works [Trailer]

Key visual for the manga Blue Box, featuring Taiki Inomata and Chinatsu Kano.
Key visual for the manga Blue Box, featuring Taiki Inomata and Chinatsu Kano. Pic credit:

On August 2, 2022, reliable anime news leaker Shonen Jump News – Unofficial (@WSJ_manga) pointed out there are several posts stating that Koji Miura’s Japanese romance, shonen, sports manga series Blue Box is getting a TV anime adaptation, but that no official announcement has been made yet. 

Keep in mind this information about the Blue Box anime was not substantiated by any official source. As such, it should be treated as a rumor and taken with a grain of salt.

Since April 2021, the Blue Box manga was serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and its chapters have been collected into five tankobon volumes as of June 2022.

An animated trailer promoting the manga was released on Weekly Shonen Jump’s official YouTube channel here:

Official trailer for Blue Box.

What is the plot of Blue Box?

The story centers on a third-year junior high student, Taiki Inomata, who attends Eimei Academy, which is known for having a major sports program. Taiki decides to join the high school boys’ badminton team and does his best to attend practice as early as possible. However, no matter how early he shows up he still ends up being the second to arrive. The person who is always one step ahead of him also happens to be his crush – a first-year student in senior high named Chinatsu Kano.

Chinatsu is the “rising star” of the basketball team and Taiki feels intimidated by how much better Chinatsu is at sports than he is. Taiki is a decent badminton player, but he knows he’s nowhere near as popular or skilled as Chinatsu, and feels like he doesn’t have a chance with her even as he trains alongside her. However, in a strange twist of fate, Chinatsu ends up living in his house when her parents leave Japan to work abroad!

Taiki takes this as a sign and decides to do his best to become a worthy match for Chinatsu. He decides to pursue the same dream that she is and tries to participate in the Nationals (national championship). He starts training harder than ever with the goal of building a bond with his new housemate and crush. Will Taiki succeed in becoming worth Chinatsu’s notice? Will his feelings eventually reach her?

Cover of Volume 1 of Blue Box, featuring Chinatsu Kano and Taiki Inomata.
Cover of Volume 1 of Blue Box, featuring Chinatsu Kano and Taiki Inomata. Pic credit: Jump Comics

Where can I read Blue Box?

Viz Media has licensed Blue Box for simultaneous publication in North America as it is released in Japan and its chapters are digitally launched on its Shonen Jump website. Shueisha also simulpublishes the series in English for free on the Manga Plus app and website. In February 2022, Viz Media licensed the series for print format and its first volume will be released on November 1, 2022 of this year.

Blue Box has garnered a large fan base

In August 2021, Volume 1 had over 170,000 copies in circulation in less than a week after its initial release! In June 2021, Blue Box was nominated for the 7th Next Manga Award in Best Print Manga category and placed 8ths out of 50 nominees winning the Global Prize. In 2022, it ranked 4th on the Nationwide Bookstore Employees’ Recommended Comics list.

The first trailer that was released by Weekly Shonen Jump can be watched here:

Trailer for Blue Box.

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