Boruto: Eida’s secret weakness revealed in manga Boruto Chapter 70

Eida a cyborg modified by amado.
Eida is a cyborg modified by Amado after being woken from cryogenic sleep. Pic credit: u/damngoodiam / Reddit

Boruto just revealed the secrets of how to defeat Eida in Chapter 70 – but the risk might be the end of the free shinobi world.

In the Boruto manga, the emergence of Eida, a female robot with clairvoyance – and the capacity to perceive practically everything that happened in the past that dates back to when she was created – has shocked Konoha. Her presence has given Code an advantage in the assault on the Hidden Leaf. The company of Eida assisted him in attempting to abduct Boruto to sacrifice the child to the Ten-Tails. All to restore the God Tree to life and drain the Earth.

All of this is part of an uneasy union. Eida struck Code, offering Kawaki in return for making the adolescent her soulmate. However, just as Eida was unbeatable, Boruto Chapter 70 provided Shikamaru with crucial information that proved the means to defeat her were just in his backyard.

The Secrets of Eida

It happened when Code stormed the village, teleporting to steal Boruto to harness his Otsutsuki DNA. However, things went wrong when Shikamaru and Amado summoned a resurrected Delta to assist them. Fortunately, Eida arrived and used her power to imprison Delta and buy time for Amado to force Code to remove his limiters. This removal provided him with his pool of limitless Otsutsuki power.

Shikamaru attempted to bargain with Eida by assuring Konoha would take her in for a potential relationship with Kawaki. Shikamaru utilized his psychic link with Ino to have her lock the chamber shut. He did so because he didn’t want Sasuke or Naruto getting in and becoming enslaved. Amado also acknowledged that Kawaki and Boruto could not become puppets.

Amado in Boruto just revealed the secrets to the defeat of Eida.
Amado reveals the loophole against Eida. Pic credit: Viz Media

Shikamaru was surprised because Amado had never stated it before. Apart from Eida’s family, who are immune since they have Otsutsuki DNA from Isshiki’s work on Kawaki and Boruto, which Momoshiki possesses, Eida was never able to trap Isshiki and why he was free to decommission her.

In other words, Boruto and Kawaki might utilize their skills to eliminate the bot. Unfortunately, she teleported away, preferring to remain in collaboration with Code and take Amado back to their ice stronghold as a captive.

The likely demise of the Shinobi world

Shikamaru will most likely persuade Naruto to send both teens on the search because everyone else is a risk. The difficulty is that Amado can’t be trusted since he hid secrets. Shikamaru is doubtful since Amado implanted the new Karma on Kawaki without the boy’s knowledge and withheld information on Eida and other initiatives he conducted for the Kara terrorists.

Why is everyone else a risk? Eida has the unparalleled power to make anybody fall in love with her. Even Naruto is powerless against this skill. Code, for example, was charmed by her allure and has become nothing more than her puppet.

In addition, Eida is the human equivalent of the Shinobi world’s worldwide web. It may sound too unbelievable, yet she is aware of everything going on around the globe. With her clairvoyance, she can see everything going on in the world and everything that had transpired before she was born.

Despite his cynicism, Shikamaru has no option but to deploy the guys in a Catch-22 situation. They must recover Amado and stop Eida, but doing so would send two possible sacrifices to Code, perhaps leading to the apocalypse. Ultimately, Konoha must take this tremendous risk. Still, because Boruto and Kawaki are more aware of their strength, it may work to their advantage and disassemble their latest danger to peace in the free ninja world.

What do you think about the immense power of Eida? Who is most likely to take Eida down? Are you hyped for this to get animated? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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