Burn the Witch anime Studio Colorido releases special anniversary poster

Burn The Witch anime promotional poster.
Burn The Witch anime promotional poster. Pic credit: IMDB

The Burn the Witch anime studio has created a new poster to commemorate a special new anniversary!

Studio Colorido is gradually becoming one of the most renowned anime studios of our age. The studio has consistently released big feature films that have struck a chord with audiences in some way.

Joining forces with Netflix for the foreseeable future, this trend is likely to continue with the studio’s promising future.

The start of this new period coincides with the studio’s tenth anniversary. Everyone connected with their projects is celebrating in unique ways.

Burn the Witch anniversary poster

Studio Colorido is celebrating its tenth anniversary, and the makers behind many of their products are marking the occasion in novel ways. This includes the feature film version of Tite Kubo’s newly released limited manga series, Burn The Witch.

This premiered in Japan in 2020. Burn The Witch director Tatsuro Kawano presented a unique new graphic depicting Ninny Spangcole, Noel Niihashi, and Balgo Parks as seen in the feature to help commemorate the studio’s special anniversary. You can see it below:

Burn the Witch Studio Colorido anniversary poster

Burn The Witch’s future is as bright as that of Studio Colorido’s. There has been no indication on a prospective anime sequel to the series. The original restricted manga will continue with a “Burn The Witch Season 2” at some point in the future.

Kubo has not yet informed fans of the release date for the new chapters, but with its ties to Bleach and Bleach actually returning for new manga and anime, it may not be long until we see its iconic witches in action again.

If you want to see this amazing anime for yourself, you now can watch it on Crunchyroll (split into three episodes for international release).

Burn the Witch anime synopsis and more

Historically, dragons have been responsible for 72 percent of all fatalities in London. Although the bulk of the population is unaware of their existence. The tale involves two witches called Noel and Ninny who work for an organization in an alternate London.

Tasked with capturing dragons and other supernatural hazards before they cause harm on the other side of the planet, the two become entangled in an inter-organizational battle when their companion becomes a deadly magnet for dragons.

Burn the Witch status update

Unfortunately, during an interview with Comic Natalie, Kubo provided an update on the development of Burn The Witch Season 2 and stated that it may not be as “soon” as previously anticipated. The Shonen Jump editors, it turns out, included the “coming soon” hint in its cheekily to urge Kubo to create the next chapters faster.

“My editor told me they wanted to include the Season 2 announcement at the conclusion of the last chapter of Season 1, so I told them I’d do some sketches for that, like the ones that appear on those pages,” Kubo stated regarding Burn The Witch Season 2. Kubo then remarked that the “Coming Soon” section was written without his approval.

What are your thoughts? What did you think of Burn The Witch? Do you want to see a sequel someday? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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