Call of the Night anime poster art released ahead of Summer 2022 premiere

Call of the Night trailer preview
Call of the Night trailer image. Pic credit: Studio Liden Films

Call of the Night is one of several new anime set to premiere as part of the Summer 2022 anime calendar in just a few weeks, and it has debuted a new poster to help promote the event!

Kotoyama’s previous work, Dagashi Kashi, drew fans’ attention. However, viewers will no longer be able to witness that anime adaption in the future. For those who are disappointed, the creator’s most recent work, which will make its anime premiere later this summer, will give a fresh take on vampires.

Call of the Night releases new art

While there is no definite date for the new series yet, there is a lot of excitement developing for Kotoyama’s Call of the Night. Now that the anime is gearing up for its full release in just over a month, fans can get a sneak peek at what to anticipate with a new poster shared by the anime’s official Twitter account, which features a whole cast of characters! You can see it here:

For Liden Films, Tomoyuki Itamura is directing the anime adaptation of Call of the Night, with Tetsuya Miyanishi acting as chief director.

Michiko Yokote will handle the screenplays and the characters are designed by Haruka Sagawa.

The opening theme, “Call of the Night,” will be performed by Creepy Nuts.

The Japanese cast has already been announced. Gen Sato plays Ko Yamori, Sora Amamiya plays Nazuna Nanakusa, and Yumiri Hanamori plays Akira Asai. Haruka Tomatsu plays Seri Kikyo, Eri Kitamura plays Nico Hirata, and Shizuka Itou plays Kabura Honda. Naomi Ozora plays Midori Kohakobe, and Azumi Waki plays Hatsuka Suzushiro.

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Call of the Night story synopsis and more

The manga for Call of the Night has been officially licensed by Viz Media for its English language publication.

According to the authors’ claims, the anime series will follow the manga’s original premise. The manga recounts the adventures of Ko Yamori, an insomniac child. Ko became so angry with his inability to fall asleep that he decided to quit coming to school.

To pass the time, he began to stroll the streets late at night. He meets a girl named Nazuna Nanakusa, who seems to be a vampire. Both of them have become friends, and the vampire girl Nazuna assists Ko in solving his dilemma.

As Ko began to reap the pleasures of being a vampire, he developed a yearning to become one himself. He had to fall for Nazuna first to attain this ambition. The serial depicts a spooky romantic love tale between a vampire and a human.

The anime is scheduled to drop in July 2022, with a specific release date yet to be announced, which would be updated as soon as possible. On November 10th, 2021, a teaser for the forthcoming anime series Call of the Night was released on YouTube:


The teaser gives a sneak peek at the visuals and character designs for our key characters. It also depicts how Nazuna uses her abilities to guide Ko across the city sky while carrying him in her arms. Everything is in order, and all we have to do is wait and watch when it is released.

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What are your thoughts? How do you like the official anime premiere of Call of the Night so far?

Where does it presently stand as one of your most eagerly awaited summer releases? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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