HOne Piece Film: Red world premiere in Nippon Budokan highlights: Uta concert, actor comments, antics, and more

Picture of stars at the One Piece Film Red Premiere

On July 22, 2022, also known in the anime community as “One Piece Day”, One Piece Film: Red had its world premiere screening in Nippon Budokan (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo). One Piece Day is a 2-day event commemorating the 25th anniversary of the debut of Eiichiro Oda’s fantasy, adventure manga One Piece. The manga started its serialization … Read more

Wolf Children anime 10th anniversary celebrated with special art

Hana with her two wolf children.

Ten years after its 2012 premiere in Japan, Mamoru Hosoda’s film ‘Wolf Children’ celebrates its 10th anniversary on July, 22 2022. Studio Chizu took to its official Twitter account to publish a special memorial illustration to commemorate the remarkable fantasy film’s anniversary. The work is credited to Takaaki Yamashita and Hiroshi Ohno who are the … Read more

One Punch Man Chapter 168 confirms Genos is alive, Saitama serious sneezes Jupiter away in Top 5 Colored Fan Art

Colored images from Ch 168 of One Punch Man

One Punch Man fans are in heaven with the release of One Punch Man Chapter 168, which concludes the epic battle between Garou and Saitama, and ends with a surprising twist! OPM Chapter 168 opens with Saitama and Garou continuing to do battle. Garou uses his wormhole techniques against Saitama, but Saitama is able to … Read more

Summertime Render Season 2 on Disney+ unlikely? Summer Time Rendering 2026 movie/OVA predicted instead of Summer Time Rendering Season 2

Summer Time Rendering Season 2

While some anime fans may wish for Disney+ USA to release a Summer Time Rendering sequel, it seems very unlikely that a Summertime Render Season 2 release date will ever happen. Instead, we’re predicting that a short movie or OVA adaptation could be made of the spin-off, Summer Time Rendering 2026: The Room that Dreams … Read more

Berserk Chapters 365, 366, 367 pics leaked: Top 10 Berserk 2022 images show Guts vs Griffith and when the story returns

Berserk Chapter 365 page

There’s good news for Berserk fans – the manga has resumed its serialization with Kentarou Miura’s close friend and fellow manga artist, Mori Kouji, acting as director of the project. Back in their high school days, Miura and Mori co-authored a sci-fi doujinshi, which was sent to Weekly Shonen Sunday but didn’t make it past … Read more

Top 10 best moments in Dr. Stone Special Episode Ryusui and new Crunchyroll Ryusui-centric trailer [Review]

Dr. Stone Special Episode Ryusui screenshot

On July 15, 2022, Crunchyroll released a second trailer for the Dr. Stone Special Episode: Ryusui highlighting some of its most memorable scenes, which occur in the 54-minute long episode. It should really come as no surprise that the man who wants everything in the world, Ryusui, got his own special trailer, which includes plenty … Read more

Live-action YuYu Hakusho Netflix series reveals Jun Shison will play Kurama, but who is this mysterious fox demon?

Anime Kurama side by side with actor Jun Shison

On July 17, 2022, Netflix Anime’s official Twitter account revealed that actor Jun Shison (Bubble, live-action The Way of the Househusband, Bumblebee, anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day) has been cast in the role of Kurama in the upcoming live-action TV series adaptation of the anime/manga YuYu Hakusho. Over the next few days, Netflix … Read more