Chainsaw Man anime’s 12 episode ED music artists and Top 12 Fun Facts on their inspiration

Picture of singer Eve.
Picture of singer Eve. Pic credit:

The Chainsaw Man anime release date is on October 11, 2022.

On September 19, 2022, Chainsaw Man anime released its fourth trailer and revealed information about the opening and ending theme songs.

The Chainsaw Man OP (opening) theme song is “KICK BACK” performed by Kenshi Yonezu.

Picture of Kenshi Yonezu.
Picture of Kenshi Yonezu. Pic credit: Sony Music, MAPPA

Chainsaw Man fans are in for a real treat because there will be twelve different ending songs – one for each episode and each featuring a different artist.

Director Ryuu Nakayama expressed that he was excited that he was able to follow a lot of talented artists and ask them to participate in the opening and ending theme songs for Chainsaw Man.

You can watch the latest trailer for Chainsaw Man, which features the song “KICK BACK” here:

Chainsaw Man - Main Trailer /『チェンソーマン』本予告
Trailer for Chainsaw Man.

Most of the artists are well known among anime fans for their participation in the opening and ending theme songs of various anime series and films. Each artist was given a specific episode to embody into an original song, which featured their own unique style and vision. In my list of Top 12 fun facts about these artists, I also included comments by the artists as they explained what inspired their individual songs.

Who are the artists and what songs will they be performing?

1. Ano performed Tiger and Bunny 2’s ED

Picture of singer Ano.
Picture of singer Ano. Pic credit:

Ano’s song “Chu, Tayosei” will be featured as the first ending theme song for Chainsaw Man.

Shimizu Ayano, also known as “ano”, is a soloist, model, actress and a former member of You’ll Melt More! (She joined on September 21, 2013 and left on September 30, 2019.

In late 2020, she launched her solo career. In August 2021, she started a band called “I’s”, which she was a part of while she also did her solo activities. Her fan club was dubbed “CLUB DENTAL MOUSE”.

In 2022, she played the role of Taki in the Netflix production Adam by Eve: A Live in Animation. On March 12, 2022, she announced her major debut under the label TOY’S FACTORY and announced her 1st major single “AIDA”, which became the ending theme song for the anime Tiger and Bunny 2. Ano wrote the lyrics for “AIDA”.

I was very honored to be asked to sing the ending theme song for Chainsaw Man, which is such a popular franchise and loved by many people. I read the entire manga and created a song that I think fits well with the episode it will be featured in. I hope everyone will listen and enjoy the song.

Ano commented at

2. Eve performed Jujutsu Kaisen OP

Eve's "anime persona".
Eve’s “anime persona”. Pic credit:

Eve’s song “Fight Song” will be the 2nd ending theme song for Chainsaw Man.

Eve is a well-known Japanese singer-songwriter, fashion designer (he has his own company brand harapeco, which boasts unisex clothes) , and VOCALOID producer, who is currently under the TOY’S FACTORY label.

In October 2009, he sang on Nico Nico Douga before he debuted as a solo singer. Later, he joined the band Riot of Color, which included five other singers on Nico Nico Douga.

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In 2014, he released his debut solo album “Wonder World” and made his official debut as a solo singer.

On October 1, 2021, he released his best-known song “Kaikai Kitan” which was the opening theme song for the popular anime series Jujutsu Kaisen.

I was very excited to hear that Chainsaw Man would be getting an anime adaptation. I am very honored to be given this opportunity to be involved in the music. I am not only looking forward to watching the anime but also looking forward to listening to the different ending songs. I want to thank my fans for their continued support.

Eve commented at

3. Aimer’s song “Zankyosanka” hit No.1 on Billboard Japan

Picture of singer Aimer.
Picture of singer Aimer. Pic credit:

Aimer’s song “DeepDown” will be the 3rd ending theme song for Chainsaw Man.

Aimer is a Japanese singer, who has gained popularity in Japan and overseas. She is a frequent guest vocalist for Sawano Hiroyuki. At age 15, Aimer suddenly lost her voice due to singing too much, but a few years later she began singing again and discovered that her voice had developed a smoky, husky quality to it. In 2011, she made her major label debut. She has sung numerous songs for anime and TV dramas, as well as theme songs for commercials.

In 2022, her song “Zankyosanka” ranked No.1 on Billboard Japan’s “Japan Hot 100” for seven consecutive weeks. It was the highest record in Billboard Japan history and she has dominated various distribution charts and CD charts. In October 2022, she will have an arena tour “Aimer 10th Anniversary Final”.

I created “DeepDown” as one of the ending theme songs for Chainsaw Man, and focused on the episode I was in charge of, using inspiration from the work. I included my own feelings in the song. I will be happy if my song will leave a little something behind in the hearts of Chainsaw Man fans.

Aimer commented at

4. Kanaria’s song “KING” became a smash hit

Kanaria's VOCALOID avatar.
Kanaria’s VOCALOID avatar. Pic credit:

Kanaria’s song “Dainotekina Rendezvous” will be the 4th ending theme song for Chainsaw Man.

Kanaria is a VOCALOID producer, who uses Hatsune Miku and GUMI. She made her debut in the VOCALOID scene when she was 17 and posted her debut song “Hyakki Matsuri” on YouTube. The song quickly gained her popularity.

Later, her song “KING” became a smash hit and became one of the most popular VOCALOID songs of the 2020s. She continued to have hits with “Envy Baby” and “EYE” and the total number of views her YouTube channel has garnered exceeds 130 million.

My name is Kanaria and I will be in charge of the 4th ending theme song for Chainsaw Man. I was very surprised when I was approached to do the ending theme song for the anime Chainsaw Man as the work (the manga) has had a great impact on me. I’m honored to be a part of the Chainsaw Man world.

Kanaria commented at

5. Syudou’s song “Bitter Choco Decoration” became a hit

Syudou's avatar and comment about participating in Chainsaw Man's ending.
Syudou’s avatar and comment about participating in Chainsaw Man’s ending. Pic credit: CHAINSAWMAN_PR/Twitter

Syudou’s song “In the Back Room” will be the 5th ending theme song for Chainsaw Man.

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Syudou is a VOCALOID producer who debuted in December 2012. He was born on September 27 in Yamanashi and was raised in Tochigi, Japan. He is known for varying his musical style. He uses Hatsune Miku and has made many musical covers.

His best-known VOCALOID song is “Bitter Choco Decoration”, which has reached over 20 million views on YouTube. Some of his other hit songs include: “Disturbance”, “Call Boy”, and “Cute Kanojo”.

In March 2021, he started his career as a singer-songwriter. He has over 600,000 YouTube subscribers and his music videos have garnered more than 190 million views.

I started making music because I wanted to be popular, and I continued making music to get even more popular. In that respect, I think I have a similar mentality to Denji. When I was approached to write an ending song for Chainsaw Man I thought about what kind of music I would write if I were Denji. I decided that Denji would probably shout out his emotions and the song reflects this. This song holds a strong meaning for me. I hope my song adds something to the anime. I hope fans of the franchise will enjoy the anime and my song.

Syudou commented at

6. QUEEN BEE’s songs were featured in Tokyo Ghoul

Picture of the group QUEEN BEE.
Picture of the group QUEEN BEE. Pic credit:

QUEEN BEE’s song “Violence” will be the 6th ending theme song for Chainsaw Man.

QUEEN BEE is a Japanese rock band that was formed in Kobe on March 31, 2009. The band’s members include songwriter Avu-chan, bass guitarist Yashi-chan, drummer Ruri-chan, and lead guitarist Hibari-kun. In Japan, they are known as “Ziyoou-vachi”. They describe their music genre and theme as being “fashion punk”.

From 2009 to 2010, the band recorded and self-released an extended play record on CD-R through their own Ziyoou Record label, which they sold at their performances.

In 2011, their first album “Witch Hunt” was professionally manufactured and delivered. Later in 2011, they signed a major label contract, which made Ziyoou Record a sub-label of Sony Music Associated Records.

They have released four full-length major-label albums since their partnership with Sony. Their music has been featured in films and anime such as Love Strikes!, Sadako, Tokyo Ghoul ‘S’, Spooky Romantics, Tokyo Ghoul:re, and Dororo.

We are psyched to have been able to provide our song “Violence” for the 6th ending song of the upcoming anime Chainsaw Man. We hope fans will get the impression of warriors in battle, sparking voltage, and the fragility of life and death in the four-minute long song (89 seconds in the anime), and let their hearts go wild. I hope the song will make fans shout “Violence!” We can’t wait to perform the song live. Please look forward to it and make sure to dance like crazy.

Avu-chan commented at

7. ZUTOMAYO’s “Neshi Gesture Shitsurei Kibaeki” ranked No.1 on the Oricon Weekly Album Ranking

Anime-style avatar of singer ACA-ne from ZUTOMAYO.
Anime-style avatar of singer ACA-ne from ZUTOMAYO. Pic credit:

ZUTOMAYO’s song “Loops” (Zanki) will be the 7th ending theme song for Chainsaw Man.

Zutto Mayonaka de Iinoni (literally “I wish it was midnight all the time”), stylized as ZUTOMAYO is a Japanese rock band that debuted in 2018. The band has a very secretive nature and has never released a full member list. Each time they release a new song different people are credited for the music, arrangements, and video production. The only member, who consistently participates in their works, is the group’s vocalist ACA-Ne (pronounced Akane). ACA-Ne has never shown her face, and her voice is described as being energetic, expressive, and delicate. ACA-Ne also writes the songs’ lyrics and handles music composition.

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Despite being so secretive the group has been commercially successful and their three EPs reached 8th, 1st, and 2nd on the Oricon Albums Chart. In 2019, they were invited to participate in the Fuji Rock Festival, a year after their debut. During their performance at the Fuji Rock Festival the group performed behind a translucent screen, keeping up with their mysterious image.

ZUTOMAYO  has garnered over 600 million views on YouTube and more than 2.2 million subscribers to their YouTube channel. In 2021, they held a live concert at Makuhari Messe Makuhari Event Hall, and they presented a rather dark “world view”.

Their latest album “Neshi Gesture Shitsurei Kibaeki” ranked No.1 on the Oricon Weekly Album Ranking and Billboard Japan Hot albums. On April 16 and 17, 2022, they will perform a show at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan. Their show is called “Eagles Don’t Forget to Dance Even When they Starve”.

The song I created for Chainsaw Man helped me reach certain emotional milestones. I was happy but at the same time didn’t want to finish making the song too quickly. I centered myself, and went home and watered my plants in order to have clarity of mind as I created. I created a song, which embodies the process of self-enrichment. The muses definitely inspired me this time around. It was very spiritual.

ACA-Ne commented at

8. TK performed OP for Tokyo Ghoul

Picture of singer TK.
Picture of singer TK. Pic credit:

TK’s song “First Death” will be the 8th ending theme song for Chainsaw Man.

TK (Touru Kitajima) is the vocalist of the Japanese rock trio known as Ling tosite Sigure (Cold as a rain shower in late autumn). The band was formed in 2002 in Saitama Prefecture. The band’s style includes progressive rock and math-rock elements and features complex guitar melodies and technical drumming solos. The trio is known for being able to sing very softly or sing at a screaming volume.

TK also writes the music and lyrics and composes his own music with a sharp and original perspective. On November 14, 2012, they released the single titled “Abnormalize”, which was used as the opening theme song for the anime series Psycho-Pass, which gained a lot of attention. Some of TK’s solo projects include playing the piano, violin, and doing solo acoustics.

In 2014, TK’s solo single “Unravel”, which was the opening theme song for the anime Tokyo Ghoul, became a hit.  The song has garnered over 200 million views on Spotify and was voted the second most played Japanese song overseas in 2020 and 2021.

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In 2019, “Unravel” was used as the theme song for the Japanese dubbed version of the animated film “Spider-Man: Spider-Verse”.

The bloody story of Chainsaw Man was able to inspire me easily and I feel like I’ve become this perfect writing machine. I pick up the metaphorical “chainsaws” that are inside of me and use them to kill all the writer’s blocks in my way in the creation of this song. Is the Noble Prize mine yet?

TK commented at

9. TOOBOE’s “Shun-Ran” gained 1 million views

Picture of singer TOOBOE.
Picture of singer TOOBOE. Pic credit:

TOOBOE’s song “JOUZAI” will be the 9th ending theme song for Chainsaw Man.

In April 2019, TOOBOE debuted as a VOCALOID producer releasing the song “Inferiority”, which was inspired by his various music experiences since childhood. Afterward, he released songs at a rapid pace, and his song “Shun-Ran” was released in December of that same year. “Shun-Ran” garnered 1 million views on YouTube.

TOOBOE is a multi-creator, who handles everything from arrangements to illustrations to videos all by himself. In August 2020, he began working on solo projects that have a wider range and don’t just focus on VOCALOID music.

My VOCALOID persona came into being four months after Chainsaw Man made its debut in Shonen Jump. I remember it greatly inspiring me and my work. I could really relate to Denji’s self-deprecating tendencies. There’s a certain scene in the manga that made my eyes fill with unshed tears of joy. I never thought that three years later I’d get to collaborate with the Chainsaw Man franchise and am very honored. I can’t wait to see Chainsaw Man in its animated form and get to geek out with my fellow die-hard Chainsaw Man fans. 

TOOBOE commented at

10. Vaundy’s album “Strobo” was a hit

Picture of singer Vaundy.
Picture of singer Vaundy. Pic credit:

Vandy’s song “BLOOD ON A CHAINSAW” will be the 10th ending theme song for Chainsaw Man.

Vaundy is a Japanese singer-songwriter, composer, producer, and designer. He’s known for having a very “natural” voice that becomes addictive. He is a 22-year-old college student multi-artist, who started posting his music on YouTube in the Spring of 2019. Vaundy’s YouTube music videos have garnered more than 2 billion views in total.

His first album was “Strobo”, and “Tokyo Flash” and “Nokouriki” quickly followed its success. Recently, he’s been expanding his horizons and doing some remix work for world-renowned artist Lauv and doing collaborations with Nulbarich in the YORUSHIKA remix.

Vaundy’s songs have hit the charts, and they’ve been used in commercials, dramas, and other fields. Vaundy’s one-man live shows have sold out on the same day and he’s scheduled to perform at the Nippon Budokan on two days in September.

Needless to say, Chainsaw Man is one of my favorite works. I am very happy to have been granted the opportunity to create a song for a franchise I love so much. Although, I did have to overcome lots of obstacles, it was all worth it in the end. I read the manga repeatedly and made sure to create a song that really embodied the true essence of the work. I hope the song will help bring life to the wonderful work and its characters. I believe that the song I created will be interesting to listen to after all twelve episodes have aired. I think fans will get a different feel during their second time listening to it.

Vaundy commented at

11. PEOPLE 1’s music videos have reached 30 million views

PEOPLE 1's key visual.
PEOPLE 1’s key visual. Pic credit:

PEOPLE 1’s song “DOGLAND” will be the 11th ending theme song for Chainsaw Man.

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PEOPLE 1 is a Jpop band that was formed in 2019. Its members include vocalist, guitarist and bassist Deu, vocalist and guitarist Ito, and drummer Takeuchi. Their music features a fusion of different genres. Deu writes the lyrics for all the songs and uses his own creative worldview for inspiration.

PEOPLE 1 has been a “hot topic” on the Internet since its early days and quickly gained 154, 000 YouTube subscribers. Their music videos have garnered more than 30 million views.

I remember being very excited when I read the first chapter of the manga Chainsaw Man in Shonen Jump magazine. At that time, I wasn’t a part of the band PEOPLE 1 yet so the idea of getting to one day perform the ending theme song for its anime adaptation wasn’t even something I could have dreamed of. I hope Chainsaw Man fans will enjoy the song, which I tried to embody the same cool and forceful feeling that the story has along with its strong worldview.

Deu commented at

12. Maximum the Hormone performed Record of Ragnarok’s OP

Picture of the band Maximum the Hormone.
Picture of the band Maximum the Hormone. Pic credit:

Maximum the Hormone’s song “Hawatari 2-oku Centi” (also the insert song) will be the 12th ending theme song for Chainsaw Man.

Maximum the Hormone is a Japanese heavy metal band from Hachioji, Tokyo. Their members include vocalist Daisuke-han, drummer Nao, guitarist Maximum the Ryo-kun, and bassist Ue-chan. Each member alternates singing lead vocals, sometimes within the same song. Ue-chan exclusively provides backup vocals.

Maximum the Hormone is known for its unique style of alternative metal music. Their music has become a fusion of heavy metal, hardcore punk, hip hop, pop, funk, and ska elements. Sometimes their songs can be dark and serious, but other times they are humorous.

In 2013, their album “Yonkou Vengeance” was No.1 on the Oricon Album Chart for three consecutive weeks and sold over 400,000 copies.

In 2021, the band’s song “Kamigami” (God Biting) was used as the opening theme song for the anime Record of Ragnarok.

In June 2022, the band performed on the main stage of France’s largest metal festival “HELLFEST 2022”, which included five shows in four cities.

The usual pace at which I write songs for the band is very slow, but getting to write a song for one of my favorite manga made me work at top speed. I was like a dog in heat shaking its hips in eagerness. As a fan of Chainsaw Man it’s a dream come true having one of my songs used as one of its endings. Speaking of dreams, my dream came true and Denji has a dream of getting to have fun with a girl. It’s as intense as a first time. Get it? If there’s a sequel I hope our music will be used.

Maximum the Ryo-kun commented at

Are you looking forward to getting to listen to the opening theme and various ending theme songs for the upcoming anime Chainsaw Man? Let us know in the comment section below!

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