Chainsaw Man Chapter 102: Denji returns to center stage in Chainsaw Man Part 2 at last

Chainsaw Man manga part 2 cover visual.
Chainsaw Man manga part 2 cover visual. Pic credit: Shonen Jump Plus

One of the most significant moments from Chainsaw Man Part 2 is featured in this week’s new chapter. Chainsaw Man Chapter 102 returns to a fan favorite character while showcasing more of Asa Mitaka’s past.

In fact, Chainsaw Man 102 features the appearance of the franchise’s star character Denji, which has fans totally excited.

The return of the Chainsaw devil

This week, Chainsaw Man himself returns to the series, as you can see in Chainsaw Man Chapter 102, the most recent chapter of the manga. Denji hasn’t appeared in the show since Part 2 began in the middle of July 2022 with Chapter 98. Therefore, the devil is back in action after a month of waiting.

Denji the chainsaw man fighting a huge devil
Denji, the chainsaw man, is fighting a huge devil. Pic credit: Viz media

Naturally, Denji returns in the most outrageous manner as he finds himself in conflict with a huge devil. Asa, who was trying to flee with a companion in tow, was discovered being pursued by the vicious creature.

The huge devil is up against Chainsaw Man, and Denji has no mercy after seeing it eating and murdering a few bystanders. Despite being seen as a superhero by his fellow humans, the man is unable to save a student and several elderly people.

Instead, he is intent on defeating the enormous devil. Denji is to blame for those onlookers’ demise, but as it turns out, Denji doesn’t seem to care about them because he saved a cat in their place.

Why the Chainsaw Man anime won’t be for everyone

Chainsaw Man won’t appeal to everyone, even though it has the staff and fan base to become the anime of the year. That is a given with any work of art because everyone has distinct aesthetic preferences. While some people prefer their media to be profound and challenging, others want to be entertained. However, Chainsaw Man makes a few decisions that will turn off many people. More delicate anime viewers might want to think twice before seeing the anime in light of the revelation that it will be uncensored for two reasons: gore and sexual content.

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Chainsaw Man’s title implies gore, which is to be expected. A viewer who only watches anime may hope it will just contain blood splatters and the occasional serious injury when they first see it, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Tatsuki Fujimoto incorporates gore into every single piece of his art. He draws characters with their bodies ripped to ribbons and scatters corpses around his landscapes. He has no qualms about depicting blood, violence, and demise. Based on the success of his manga Fire Punch, Fujimoto appears to like it.

The body horror

Chainsaw Man offers a solid dosage of body horror to go with its gore in addition to the blood and guts. Fujimoto depicts the devils as horrifying beasts with attention to detail that rivals Junji Ito. Even the key characters, specifically Denji, are affected by it. His cast mates aren’t any better off as he brutally transforms into his chainsaw form. In actuality, only a few of them survive to the series’ conclusion.

Denji transformed as the Chainsaw Man devil
Denji transformed into the Chainsaw Man devil. Pic credit: Viz media

Chainsaw Man makes sexuality a central theme rather than just a topic of conversation. The reader should never forget that this is one of Denji’s motives in the main character role.

Sex is a factor, whether it be his fixation on head devil hunter Makima or what he says during key occasions. But it’s not just Denji, and it’s presented in both favorable and unfavorable ways in Chainsaw Man.

Sex can be used for pleasure, control, and even business transactions. Creator Tatsuki Fujimoto demonstrates each of them to varying degrees without being out of the ordinary.

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Chainsaw Man is another proof of the artist’s and storyteller’s mastery. Chainsaw Man is totally original to Tatsuki Fujimoto’s style and features stunning art and a crazy plot. Every panel in this work demonstrates his mastery of the manga format, from the imagery to how he moves the reader’s eyes around the page. Many admirers believe that Chainsaw Man, whose second installment is here, is destined to become a modern classic.

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