Chainsaw Man figure of Denji devil form revealed by Mappa x Shibuya Scramble

Chainsaw man official anime poster
Chainsaw man official anime poster. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

With the Chainsaw Man anime adaptation from Studio MAPPA scheduled to debut later in 2022, the prolific animation studio is teaming up with Shibuya Scramble to create a gruesome new Chainsaw Man figure. The figure reflects the craziness of the series and just how gory the hero Denji can get when he fully enters his Chainsaw Devil form.

Chainsaw Man debuted in 2018 by author Tatsuki Fujimoto. The mangaka recently worked on several one-shots that have received critical acclaim in addition to the upcoming Chainsaw Man Part 2.

Chainsaw man’s gory new figure

Shibuya Scramble and Studio MAPPA unveiled the first look at the upcoming figure, reproducing one of the manga series’ best covers, quickly becoming a fan favorite.

According to PR Times, pre-orders for the Chainsaw Man figure will begin on July 5, 2022, and finish on October 31, 2022. The figure will cost fans roughly $340 USD if they want to add this Chainsaw Man figure to their anime collection.

Check out the gory first look below:

Chainsaw man's new figure official promo visual
Chainsaw man’s new figure official promo visual. Pic credit: Shibuya Scramble

Shibuya Scramble provided an official description of the figure, which reads as follows:

“From the TV anime “Chainsaw Man” comes a 1/7th scale figure of Chainsaw Man! The figure is sculpted with a power that can be heard screaming at any moment. The figure also depicts the moment when the chainsaw rips through a piece of flesh and cuts through the air with great gusto. The bold blood splatter shows the intensity of the battle. Please enjoy the dynamic figure of the zombie demon as it boldly slashes its way through the zombies.”

Shibuya Scramble

Chainsaw Man is coming to Anime Expo 2022

Chainsaw Man is slated to have a showing at this year’s Anime Expo 2022, taking place from July 1 through July 4, 2022. While it has yet to be revealed what MAPPA will bring to the Expo, fans will surely hear some new information regarding the upcoming anime series.

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Fans are especially enthusiastic about the My Hero Academia and Chainsaw Man panels, with the former slated to release two new OVAs in the summer. Furthermore, many believe the Chainsaw Man anime will unveil a second trailer during the forthcoming convention.

Chainsaw Man debuted in 2018 and is widely regarded as one of the most thought-provoking Shonen series in recent history. It depicts a world of devils that make contracts with ordinary people to bestow them powers beyond conception.

Denji’s primary goal is to acquire a roof over his head, earn three square meals a day, and one day gets a lover. Fujimoto’s series was able to defy expectations by depicting a story that was not just replete with blood and gore but also some genuine emotion.

Will you be adding this collectible to your collection? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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