Chainsaw Man manga sales reach a major milestone ahead of the 2022 anime release

Chainsaw man official anime poster
Chainsaw man official anime poster. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

The Chainsaw Man manga will get an anime adaptation later this year from Studio MAPPA. However, the manga is still crushing it in terms of overall volumes in circulation.

The bloody manga is scheduled to return later this summer with the second chapter of the lives of Denji and his companions who survived the events of the book’s first chapters. Several fans are eagerly anticipating the series’ return, as evidenced by these overall circulation data.

Chainsaw man recent manga milestone

According to PR Times Japan, 13 million copies of Chainsaw Man’s manga are already in circulation. This figure is expected to rev up when the anime adaptation by Studio MAPPA finally arrives this year.

Chainsaw Man manga Vol 1 illustration
Chainsaw Man Vol 1 illustration. Pic credit: CHAINSAWMAN_PR

It’s been two years since the first installment of Chainsaw Man ended on a cliffhanger. The world of Denji is eternally transformed.

Over the break, Fujimoto published a few one-shots that were incredibly unique and helped to highlight the mangaka’s narrative ability. He released titles like Goodbye, Eri, and Look Back, having nothing to do with Chainsaw Man but still telling compelling stories that were able to pull a few heartstrings and demonstrate that Tatsuki has become a master of their craft.

Chainsaw Man stood out for being wild and pleasantly ludicrous in the environment of current manga. Still, its profound themes and critical critique of Western and Japanese societal structures made it a global hit.

The return of Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man swiftly became a phenomenon after its debut in Weekly Shonen Jump in 2018. This is thanks to its engaging characters and unique world-building. The manga focuses on those living outside society’s standards and how they can be exploited, humiliated, and objectified. Fujimoto’s signature use of supernatural elements to reveal the flaws of real-life society shows through the manga.

Chainsaw Man portrays the story of one of these individuals. Denji is a boy forced to live as a half-slave after inheriting his father’s Yakuza debt. When Denji encounters Pochita, a Devil (creatures fueled by humans’ fear), he gives up his life to save Denji’s, merging with him.

Crunchyroll, the world’s largest anime streaming service, has announced that the Chainsaw Man anime will premiere this year. The announcement is accompanied by a reupload of the 2021 teaser on the Crunchyroll Collection YouTube channel:

Though some fans are disappointed by the absence of new footage or information regarding official cast members, Crunchryoll’s possession of the title is excellent news, if not unexpected. Several of the studio’s previous projects include Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titan: The Final Season, and Takt Op. Destiny exists on the platform; MAPPA’s adaptation of the Harvey Award-winning manga hinted about the streamer taking up Chainsaw Man.

Are you looking forward to the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man? Also, what do you hope to see in the second installment of the series? Do you believe the manga sales of Chainsaw Man will soar later this year? Let us know in the comments.

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