Chainsaw Man Part 2 Chapter 98 strikes with Asa’s brutal vengeance and a headless Chicken named Bucky

Chainsaw Man manga part 2 cover visual.
Chainsaw Man manga Part 2 cover visual. Pic credit: Shonen Jump Plus

After a lengthy break and several critically lauded one-shots, Tatsuki Fujimoto has released the much-awaited Chainsaw Man Part 2.

Distinctively, Chainsaw Man burst onto the manga landscape. With so much blood and gore on its pages, Chainsaw Man is undoubtedly an action-horror series.

Still, it also has a unique protagonist named Denji who is driven mainly by his sexual impulses and has straightforward life goals. The story is recounted in an unapologetically direct and funny manner. It’s so overt that it’s impossible to take your eyes off it.

Chainsaw Man had some difficulties. Unusually, Part 1 was first made available through Weekly Shonen Jump before moving to the Jump+ platform.

In an interview, Fujimoto expressed the wish that Part 2 readers will perceive it as entirely distinct from Part 1; thus far, it appears to be successful. Chainsaw Man Part 2 opens with a headless chicken named Bucky introducing itself in the most Fujimoto fashion imaginable.

The nameless girl and the headless chicken

The headless chicken introduced in part 2 to the class.
The headless chicken was introduced to the class. Pic credit: Jump+

Denji was absent from the beginning of Part 2, but Chainsaw Man Chapter 98 presented an intriguing character who served as the ideal prelude to the school storyline. According to Mr. Tanaka, the kids would slaughter and devour Bucky, a very amiable headless Chicken Devil.

All but one student in the class, who treats Bucky the Chicken Devil with contempt, quickly warms up to him. She claims that the entire city is corrupt and is made even worse by a Devil, Chainsaw Man, acting as the Devil Hunter. She also claims that she doesn’t like Bucky.

After three months, all but the horrified nameless girl decide to spare Bucky, much to the teacher’s absolute satisfaction as this was precisely what he had hoped to accomplish: educate the students on the value of life.

The girl, ironically, had never anticipated that anyone would remember her name among all the other things. But this is enough for Asa to understand that her jealousy of her peers was the root of all her resentment.

And for a little moment, Asa’s life appeared to be about to change. It did, but not in the manner she had hoped. She unexpectedly trips over Bucky and crushes him, ruining her fleeting attempt to interact with the other students in her class.

The death of Asa and Denji’s origin

Fujimoto’s knack at seamlessly fusing gore and dark humor into Chainsaw Man is one of its best assets. It’s so overtly self-aware, like when Asa fashions a hand grenade out of the hand of the class president.

Before detonating the grenade, she coerces Mr. Tanaka and the class president into kissing. The explosion that breaks out behind Asa is very similar to the concluding sequence of Goodbye, Eri, right down to Asa calling it a “happy ending,” with the exception that blood and body parts are flying everywhere.

Asa in front of the grenade explosion
Asa is in front of the grenade explosion. Pic credit: Jump+

Denji is still very much present in this chapter even though he isn’t in it. The most explicit references to Chainsaw Man being praised as a hero are those, but the scene where Asa is awakened by a knock at the door is similar to Pochita pleading with Denji in his dreams not to open the door. In contrast to Denji’s genesis story, Asa starts similarly in Part 2.

The only thing that is left of Asa after the Justice Devil kills her is an eyeball. This is similar to how Denji first showed up in Chapter 1 with one eye removed.

An image of a Devil eyeing her from atop the crossing that Tanaka had before pointed out catches Asa’s attention. The only similarity between Asa’s transition into the War Devil and Denji’s into Chainsaw Man is that both entities were in weaker, lessened forms when they approached their human counterparts.

In contrast to Pochita and Denji, who had already developed a friendship based on trust and true devotion, Asa appears to have been entirely possessed by the War Devil. She wishes she might have lived more self-centered while she rests there. Denji isn’t selfish when it counts, even though he initially seems that way because all he wants is to be able to live a simple life and have lots of sexual escapades with girls.

Asa is the War Devil, and her objective is crystal clear: she intends for Chainsaw Man to “vomit nuclear weapons back up,” as the resurgence of nuclear weapons will heighten public apprehension about war and give her more influence.

Given that the purpose of Bucky was for Mr. Tanaka to educate the children on the value of life and the fact that war only cares about killing as many people as it can, it is not missed by anybody that Asa is the War Devil.

Before her death, she had previously displayed a strong dislike towards Chainsaw Man, albeit it is unclear why. It appears that Denji will have to deal with yet another formidable adversary.

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