Chainsaw Man’s Pochita in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mod Hero of Hell adds devil dog as a new playable character

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pochita mod in action screenshot.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pochita mod in action screenshot. Pic credit: BeyondSmash

On November 23, 2022, Chainsaw Man fan @Nezuko Social revealed that a mod/plug-in has been developed by BeyondSmash so that people can play the video game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the lovable yet deadly chainsaw dog Pochita!

You can watch a video of the mod in use here:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pochita mod in action video.

Beyond Smash named the mod “Hero of Hell” and features different expressions, a very accurate sound of Pochita’s bark, a roaring chainsaw sound when in use, and an interesting skill where the chainsaw chains whip out and attack and entangle.

What is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Japan’s Bandai Namco Studios and Sora Ltd. Developed the crossover fighting game in 2018, and it was published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the 5th in the series and follows the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

The aim of the player is to control one of the various characters, now Pochita, and use different attacks to weaken their opponent and knock them out of the arena. You can play the game as a single-player or engage in multiplayer mode.

The game boasts 89 playable fighters, including all characters from previous Super Smash Bros games including Nintendo mascots and even anime characters like Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s series creator and director Masahiro Sakurai wanted to include every character from the previous games in the series even though he knew this would present licensing challenges. The game’s main theme song “Lifelight” was composed by Hideki Sakamoto.

Ultimate is one of the best-selling fighting games of all time and has sold over 28 million copies as of June 2022.

You can watch the latest trailer for Super Mash Bros. Ultimate here:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer.

What is the plot of Chainsaw Man?

The story is set in a world where devils are born from human fears and are made manifest in reality. The devils tend to be evil and dangerous and are as powerful as the fear they are able to evoke. However, as the need for “Devil Hunters” arose so did the need to form contracts with the devils in order to gain their power and fight fire with fire. The devils usually live in a dimension called “Hell” but when they are killed there they’re transferred to the physical plane of Earth. Once a devil is killed on Earth they return to Hell.

The story centers on an impoverished young man named Denji, who due to the astounding debt his father left behind is struggling to find odd jobs in order to survive. He befriends a dog-like devil named Pochita and together they collect devil corpses to earn money.

However, one day Denji is betrayed and killed. Just as his consciousness is fading he decides to make a contract with Pochita. The devil merges its body with Denji granting him the ability to transform parts of his body into deadly chainsaws. Using his newfound power, Denji joins the Public Safety Devil Hunters – a government agency tasked with fighting devils whenever they become a threat to humanity. 

Are you excited to try out the new Pochita Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mod and fight as the chainsaw devil dog? Let us know in the comment section below!

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