Classroom of the Elite Season 2 OP and ED theme song music revealed

Classroom of the Elite season 2 key visual
Classroom of the Elite season 2 key visual. Pic credit: IMDB

With the release of the Summer 2022 anime schedule, Classroom of the Elite Season 2 has officially begun, and fans can now see the new episodes’ opening and closing theme song music sequences!

The Summer 2022 schedule is jam-packed with popular series returning for new episodes, but Classroom of the Elite’s unexpected return has been one of the most fascinating. After a lengthy absence, the anime’s second season is back with brand-new episodes, and it has already put fans through one of the show’s most challenging tests to date.

Classroom of the Elite Season 2 opening and ending themes

In the show’s second season, Classroom of the Elite is back in action as Kiyotaka Ayanokoji navigates a fresh set of challenging exams. This new season also brings with it a plethora of brand-new difficulties.

With new opening and closing themes, this all comes across clearly. “Dance in the Game,” performed by Zaq, serves as the new opening theme for Classroom of the Elite Season 2, and Mai Fuchigami sings “Hito Jabai” as the new closing theme.

As shared by Crunchyroll, you may view both sequences below:

Classroom of the Elite season 2 opening theme
Classroom of the Elite season 2 ending theme

Classroom of the Elite Season 2: The special test

Following prodigal genius Ayanokoji Kiyotaka, as he maneuvers (manipulates) Class 1-D of Advanced Nurturing High School, Classroom of the Elite has finally returned for a second season after five long years. With 50 Class Points (used to progress in class rank) and 500,000 Private Points (the students’ internal currency) on the line, the second season of ANHS lost no time in putting the students through another challenging Special Test.

Although Ayanokoji doesn’t seem concerned about the challenge of the test, hopefully, it will be challenging enough to provide the public with additional information about the series’ enigmatic lead character.

The rules of the test

Eight groups will be formed with unknowable members, each named after a different planet, from which the students will be split apart. A total of 14 students from all four classes—Classes 1-A through 1-D—make up each group. Each student received an email with different meeting times and locations, and being late was discouraged.

The third day of the Special Test is a rest day, lasting for four days. Two times a day, the groups will gather to identify the VIP, who the school would covertly designate as one member of each group with the title of VIP. The VIP is not permitted to guess, and guesses from students in the VIP class do not count.

Thus, after six conversations, the group will submit their predictions about the VIP’s identity. For instance, if a member of Class 1-D accurately guesses that the VIP is a member of Class 1-D, their prediction is not legitimate. The eight groups are not in competition with one another during this Special Test because it is an isolated endeavor.

Cases 1-4 refer to the four results of the Special Test. In Case 1, each participant receives 500,000 Private Points, and the VIP gets an additional 500,000 if everyone (apart from the VIP and anyone in their class) correctly identifies the VIP’s identity. Case 2 is when no one else, besides the VIP and their classmates, correctly answers, in which case the VIP receives 500,000 PP, and no one else receives anything.

If someone from outside the VIP’s class correctly identifies the VIP’s identity before the Day 4 cutoff in Case 3, that student’s class earns 50 Class Points, the accurate guesser makes 500,000 PP, and the exam for that group is concluded.

Case 4 is when a test taker submits an inaccurate guess before the Day 4 cutoff, in which case their class loses 50 CP, the VIP receives 500,000 PP, and the test is over.

The test gets underway

Ayanokoji sat with Horikita as they awaited the confidential emails telling the VIPs of their status that morning and talked about how they could exploit this Special Test to advance Horikita into Class 1-A. Ayanokoji plans to maneuver his way to victory as usual.

After learning the Special Test’s rules, he remarked that thinking about how he thinks other people will behave so he might influence them sounds bothersome, indicating that this sophisticated test is still not particularly difficult for him, only slightly tiresome.

An unidentified group is pursuing the equally enigmatic Ayanokoji for unknown motives, but the dispassionate genius is only concerned with preserving his independence as a student at ANHS. Even though they are in different groups and aiding one another won’t help in the test, Ayanokoji promised to help Horikita. But after privately admitting that he doesn’t consider anyone, not even Horikita, an ally because he only sees individuals as a tool for his objectives, it isn’t easy to believe anything he says.

Unsurprisingly, there was a conflict in Ayanokoji’s group; the Class 1-A members determined that the best and safest way to pass the Special Test was to avoid participating in the talks. Although Ayanokoji pointed out that they might have hidden agendas and could still be trying to take advantage of the other Classes as 1-A is known to do, he can’t contest their reasoning at this point.

One can only speculate what diabolical puppet-mastery Ayanokoji will get up to this time as Classroom of the Elite progresses, given that the Special Test is only halfway through Day 1, and he has already revealed to Horikita that he has already thought of several preliminary paths to victory.

What do you think of the second season’s new opening and ending for Classroom of the Elite? How have you found the new season thus far as a whole? Share your thoughts about it in the comments section.

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