Crowdfunding Plantopia figure project releases animation PV and web novel

Key visual for the Plantopia figure illustrated by LAM, featuring the character Alpha.
Key visual for the Plantopia figure illustrated by LAM, featuring the character Alpha. Pic credit:

Plantopia is a joint project by Twin Engine, Good Smile Company and Max Factory, which will release a music video and figure. Novelist Nozomu Kuoka is handling the original story behind Plantopia, and its story will be serialized on the web novel site Kakuyomu on August 6, 2022 here. Illustrators LAM and Kukka are in charge of character designs.

On August 5, 2022, two videos were released teasing an upcoming full-length music video that is a collaboration between Project Plantopia and the singer Mafumafu. The video will feature their new song titled “Shitakuen”. The music video is directed by Yuki Igarashi and produced by OUTLINE.

You can watch the first video on Twin Engine’s official YouTube channel here:

The official trailer for Plantopia.

What is the plot of Plantopia?

The story takes place in the distant future where Mother Nature has reclaimed the Earth and humanity has faded into memory. Plants have swallowed up all existing life and human civilizations, and in their place, new ecosystems have come into being. In this new world, a race of beings is born – the Hanabito (plant people). The Hanabito are life forms that resemble the humans that once existed but have flower characteristics. 

The Hanabito make their home in the ruins of an old civilization, which they decided to excavate. However, one day, they encounter a “hito” or “human being”, which is no longer supposed to exist. Although confused and puzzled by the human girl’s existence the Hanabito begin to slowly open up to her.

The human girl’s name is Haru. One day, Haru simply awoke to discover that she’s suddenly living in a world where human beings no longer exist, and instead there is a race of “flower people” ruling over the Earth.

Haru tries to make the best of things and decides to attend school with other girls her age. When she sets out to meet her mentor, she heads to the Moon Garden Cemetery, and that’s where she encounters Flowerian Alpha for the first time. Alpha is the same Hanabito that saved her life, and Haru wishes she could become her friend. However, even friendship has its obstacles that must be overcome.

Alpha is a Hanabito that has the characteristics of a Cherry Blossom tree. She tends to be blunt and unfriendly but has a caring side. Alpha doesn’t get along with the other Hanabito, but begins to form a friendship with Haru. She is the only Hanabito in charge of taking care of the Moon Garden Cemetery.

Character design for Alpha.
Character design for Alpha. Pic credit:

Crowdfunding for Alpha figure begins in late August

From August 26, 2022, a crowdfunding project will begin on Kickstarter in order to produce a 1/7 scale figure inspired by the Hanabito (Flower Person) Alpha. LAM has released the illustration of the figure, which is the header photo for this article.

A pre-opening page for crowdfunding on Kickstarter is now open, so fans can pre-register now!

You can watch the second video on Twin Engine’s official YouTube channel here:

2nd trailer for Plantopia, highlighting the song “Shitakuen”.

Are you looking forward to seeing the full-length music video? Are you going to order an Alpha figure? Let us know in the comment section below!

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