Delicious in Dungeon anime reportedly in the works [Trailer]

Volume 1 and Volume 2 covers of Delicious in Dungeon.
The Volume 1 and Volume 2 cover art for Delicious in Dungeon. Pic credit: and

On August 2, 2022, reliable anime news leaker SPANKU4K (@Spanku_u) claimed that Ryoko Kui’s Japanese fantasy, comedy, seinen manga series Delicious in Dungeon is getting a TV anime adaptation. It’s claimed that an official announcement and more information regarding the series would be coming soon.

Keep in mind this information about the Delicious in Dungeon anime was not substantiated by any official source. As such, it should be treated as a rumor and taken with a grain of salt.

Delicious in Dungeon is published in Enterbrain’s Harta magazine and began its serialization on February 15, 2014. The English version of the manga has been licensed by Yen Press for release in North America since October 2016.

Amazing commercial promotes the Delicious in Dungeon manga

To celebrate the release of Volume 8 on September 14, 2019, an animated commercial for the popular dungeon-monster cooking manga was made by Harta. The trailer was animated by Studio Trigger (Kill la kill, DARLING in the FRANXX with Cloverworks, Little Witch Academia) with direction given by Harta.

You can watch the commercial here:

Delicious in Dungeon commercial.

What is the plot of Delicious in Dungeon?

In a fantasy world of dungeon exploration where guilds set out on expeditions to raid dungeons, there is one dungeon all adventurers long to find. The mysterious Golden Kingdom is said to lie within a dungeon located on an isolated island. The story begins when a group of six adventurers tries to slay a dragon, but find they are outmatched. The leader’s sister, Falin, uses teleportation magic to send the team outside to safety but winds up inside of the dragon’s stomach.

Two members of the group decide to leave due to this disheartening failure and join another band of adventurers. This leaves the leader Laios, who is a swordsman, a halfling locksmith Chilchuck, and an elven spellcaster Marcille to grieve over Falin. But the remaining members decide not to give up on Falin who won’t be killed until the dragon digests her. They begin to brainstorm how to get back to the dungeon level with the dragon in time to save Falin.

Before they can re-enter the dungeon they need to consider the cost of weapons, defense, and recruitment fees for more team members and most importantly food since they were forced to leave their supplies behind. Things seem hopeless until Laios decides to make an outlandish suggestion – to sustain themselves by finding food inside of the dungeon.

Laios reveals that he’s been secretly wanting to eat dungeon monsters for a while and shows Chilchuck and Marcille a cookbook he’s written with recipes for making meals out of monsters. His teammates reluctantly agree and they return to the dungeon.

The first floor of the dungeon resembles a market square and is filled with other adventures getting ready to explore and raid the dungeon. The group has a chance encounter with a dwarf named Senshi, who has ten years of experience sustaining himself in the dungeon by cooking monsters and harvesting edible vegetation.

As the party travels through the dungeon they encounter interesting environments, deadly traps, and monsters. The pros and cons of each meal they create from the monsters are highlights as well as the characters’ reactions to them, which provides a running gag in the manga.

Yen Press released a hilarious book trailer

In 2018, a book trailer made by Yen Press titled Senshi’s Easy Cooking was released. The video featured the difficulties Senshi has while trying to prepare a meal out of a walking mushroom.

Delicious in Dungeon book trailer.

Are you looking forward to the Delicious in Dungeon anime adaptation? Let us know in the comment section below!

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