Demon Slayer Inosuke NSFW figure’s R18 design by new Gentleman 18 Studio is sexy crazy

Inosuke NFSW Figure Uncensored
Sorry, we can’t show the Inosuke NFSW figure uncensored. Pic credit: Gentleman 18 Studio

This Studio Gentleman 18 Demon Slayer Inosuke figure probably has everyone thinking the same as Tanjiro whenever he’s watching Hashibira Inosuke’s bizarre behavior: what the heck was the creator thinking?!

The new Inosuke NSFW figure is among the emerging trend of risque nude anime collectibles that puts our favorite characters in scandalous positions. There’s the SPY x FAMILY Yor Forger figure, the My Dress-Up Darling Marin figure, the Bleach Yoruichi figure, and the Attack On Titan Eren Yeager towel figure that showed off everything about the characters’ bodies. The uncensored Eren figure even stepped up things by a titanic notch by depicting certain body parts as a… towel holder.

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The basic Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Inosuke figure is actually fairly tame… It simply features Inosuke wearing his symbolic warthog mask and holding his jagged katanas while reclining on a beanbag, which is a fairly odd pose for an anime figure but nothing worth writing home about.

But the reclining pose does mean that the 1/6 scale Inosuke figure is shorter than the usual 12 inches. Made out of resin and PU resin (polyurethane), this figure stands at only 22 cm, or about 8.7 inches tall. Otherwise, its width is 28 cm and its length is 20 cm.

Inosuke NFSW Figure Uncensored
You can also take off the warthog mask to expose the pretty boy face hiding below since the figurine statue features two exchangeable head designs. You can also change out the hand sculptures so he’s throwing the horns instead of holding swords. Pic credit: Gentleman 18 Studio

Hashibira Inosuke NSFW figure is shocking even compared to other R18 anime figures

What transforms this Gentleman 18 Studio Inosuke figure from simply bizarre to NSFW is the other exchangeable parts. And this is where it gets difficult to describe exactly how NSFW this Inosuke figure is in comparison to similarly risque figurine statues without triggering the Google censors. (And we definitely can’t show the uncensored pics here!)

Inosuke’s clothing can come off and there are three “exchangeable pubic parts”. Yes, the Inosuke figure’s 18+ only details are fully anatomically correct and completely detailed way, way beyond any decent measure.

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The first “mini-Inosuke” is all relaxed as Inosuke goes full commando after a long day of Hashira training. The second form has mini Inosuke snapping to attention at the bark of a Hashira’s orders. The third mini Inosuke has him covered in sticky fluid from all that special private training (you can insert your own naughty Demon Slayer Doujinshi/fanfiction to fill in the blanks).

In addition, Inosuke’s “third sword” can have chains running from its base to around his neck and/or hands. Yes, he apparently really is a beast in bed (or on the beanbag).

Unfortunately, newest Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc trailer did not announce the time frame for the Demon Slayer Season 3 release date.

How to buy the NFSW Inosuke Demon Slayer figure

You can purchase the Studio Gentleman 18 Inosuke figure on multiple websites including GK Figure, Kaio Nation, SUGO! Toys, and TARC Studios. Some online figure shops can contain explicit images so click carefully (TARC Studios is censored for quasi-SFW shopping). Shops vary when it comes to payment and shipping options so fans wanting to take Demon Slayer’s Inosuke home should hunt around for the best deal or even add a companion figure to their order.

The release date is in Summer 2022 (or Q3 2022). The cost is $310 USD, $430 SGD, €345 euros, or $499.95 AUD depending on the retail site (some do accept USD).

Keep in mind that this Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Inosuke figure is not officially licensed… and it’s certainly not officially sanctioned! In cases like this, the anime figures are typically created by a small company, which may just be a single self-employed individual, using 3D modeling software and outsourcing the production of the figurines to a resin/garage kit company in China.

As such, the Inosuke R18 figure is a limited-run production. Gentleman 18 Studio is only making 188 pieces in total. So once a particular figure design is sold out it’s gone unless you can convince a collector to part ways with the Inosuke figure in the future.

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