Digimon Adventure 02 movie promo reveals the return of its older cast

Digimon Adventure 02 official movie poster
Digimon Adventure 02 official movie poster. Pic credit: Toei animation

Due to the release of a new game, Digimon is currently back in the news, but the anime has plans to get everyone’s attention soon. After all, the stars of Digimon Adventure 02 are helping the series make a significant comeback.

Yes, that’s right, the original gang is coming back together in a new film! Fans can also view photos of the cast’s chosen children as fully grown adults, courtesy of a special promo!

Digimon Adventure 02 movie promo

After Digimon had a special broadcast for fans, the artwork went viral on social media. Fans were able to see the stars for Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning there, and the young people you may have remembered from back then are now grownups!

As you can see in the photo below, Davis, Yolei, and Ken are all present. Consequently, if you weren’t a fan of the second generation of Digimon, you must watch this movie.

Digimon Adventure 02 character promo
Digimon Adventure 02 character promo. Pic credit: Toei animation

As they did with the Digimon Adventure Kizuna movies, the original voice actors for Digimon Adventure 02 will return, according to the latest livestream. Additionally, two additional characters will enter the fight, according to reports.

A new chosen child named Rui Owada, who claims to be the first person ever addressed by their Digimon partner, will be voiced by Megumi Ogata. The franchise will also welcome Rie Kugimiya via Ukkomon, a brand-new Digimon that is thought to be crucial to understanding Owada’s past.

Digimon Ghost game: A mix of supernatural and paranormal

While the majority of Digimon Ghost Game episodes draw their inspiration from history, tales, and earlier horror films, the antagonist frequently turns out to be a real Digimon. This format, however, is altered in Episode 35. The episode included an emphasis on the mythology of a werewolf that had been terrorizing a small, traditional town for hundreds of years—far longer than Digimon have actually existed.

There was still a Digimon to fight, though. In the course of the narrative, Ruli Tsukiyono both identified Manticoremon as the cause of the town’s current problems and unearthed the veracity of the werewolf tale, ultimately coming to the conclusion that in this situation, humans were the real monsters.

The team joined Ruli as she journeyed to a small mountain town to see her relatives in the first scene of episode 35. The bizarre creature they thought was a werewolf has assaulted several town residents. The werewolf was attacking victims more frequently, according to Sachi, one of the town’s elders, and he wouldn’t stop unless a “moon maiden” from the Tsukiyono family was sacrificed. Ruli was first adamant about disbelieving the legend and defying superstition. However, after having a vision in the woods of a woman being shot by arrows, she decided to pose as the sacrifice to entice the thing out and demonstrate that a werewolf was not the true cause of the attack.

In the end, the villagers’ werewolf legend had a direct impact on the Digimon of the Week for Episode 35. Manticoremon “ate the data” about the mythology when he entered the real world, as Darcmon later stated, and began to think he was the werewolf. He didn’t know the real story; all he knew was the vilified version from the community. Manticoremon thus falls under the group of Digimon Ghost Game monsters who merely struggle to adapt to the actual world rather than acting as a truly evil foe.

Although ghosts were proven in episode 33, “Whispers of the Dead,” episode 35 opened up new opportunities for further paranormal entities to manifest, leading to greater adventures and hazards as the crew dealt with the Digimon that had escaped into the real world.

How does this first look at Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning seem to you? Are you anticipating the return of these characters? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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