Dr. STONE Season 2 release date: Anime sequel confirmed! Episode 24’s ending to begin Stone Wars [Spoilers]

Senku in Dr. STONE
Dr. STONE Season 2 will finish the Stone Wars story arc, which is the culmination of the war between Senku’s King of Science and Tsukasa’s Kingdom Of Might. Pic credit: TMS Entertainment

Update: The Dr. STONE Season 2 release date time frame was confirmed for 2021. The remainder of this story remains as published since the last update. Please see the new story in the link for more details.

Leaked scans from Weekly Shonen Jump and the ending of Episode 24 have confirmed that Dr. STONE Season 2 is coming up in the future! The only question remaining is how long it’ll be before Dr. STONE Season 2 has all the shiny monkeys scrambling to find the remote so they can watch the latest episodes streaming on their favorite non-stone box (lightning not optional).

In early December 2019, Weekly Shonen Jump began teasing that the Dr. STONE manga series would be making an “important announcement” when the latest magazine edition released on December 16, 2019. Considering that the anime’s first season is leaving audiences hanging in the middle of the Stone Wars arc, did we really have to guess what that announcement might be?

What’s really interesting is that a now-deleted post on the official Chinese Dr. STONE Weibo account claimed that the second season of Dr. STONE will be a “continuous broadcast”. Could it be possible that Dr. STONE Season 2 will be similar to the Black Clover anime, which jumped straight into Black Clover Season 3 without taking a major TV broadcasting break?

It shouldn’t be too long until we learn more specific details about the second season. There will be a Dr. STONE stage presentation at Jump Festa 2020 on December 22, 2019. The event will be held at 2:40 PM JST, which for Western audiences is 12:40 AM EST.

The anime series is already popular enough that there’s a 10 billion percent chance it could be annually renewed similar to Attack On Titan or My Hero Academia. Plus, the anime was made on alcohol so it can’t be bad. No, seriously, that’s what the anime producers have claimed.

“The production team is very fond of alcohol,” series producer Shusuke Katagiri said during the Anime Expo 2019 premiere of Dr. STONE. “So we would get sloshed. While we were thinking about what we would do 3,700 years in the future, we would be getting totally plastered. Basically, the show is built on alcohol.”

Dr. STONE Season 2 anime Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 3 2020 Color Spread Announcement
The full color spread in Weekly Shonen Jump issue 3 of 2020 that announced Dr. STONE Season 2. The says that the “TV anime’s 2nd season has been decided for Stone Wars. The war is on!” It also asks, “What is the last thing they need to do in this primitive stone world?” Pic credit: Spytrue

Thankfully, anime fans probably won’t have to take too many drinks before hearing more news about Dr. STONE Season 2. It’s likely that the same cast and staff will be returning for the Dr. STONE sequel.

Director Shinya Lino (Made In Abyss) is helming the project at animation studio TMS Entertainment, which is also working Netflix’s Grappler Baki Season 2 in 2020. Scriptwriter Yuichiro Kido (Blue Exorcist) is handling series composition. Yuko Iwasa (Saint Seiya: The Lost Canva) is the character designer. Tatsuya Kato (WorldEnd), Hiroaki Tsutsumi (Children of the Whales), and Yuki Kanesaka (Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond) are the music composers.

Dr. STONE Season 2 Announcement Weibo
Dr. STONE S2 confirmed by China first? The official Dr. STONE account for the Chinese Weibo website jumped the gun a bit on the official announcement of Dr. STONE Season 2. The post claims that the second season will be a “continuous broadcast”. Pic credit: Weibo

The first season of Dr. STONE was two cours composed of 24 episodes. A “cour” is a three-month TV broadcasting unit based on the physical seasons and animes usually have between 10 to 13 episodes per cour.

Beginning with Dr. STONE Episode 14, the second cour of Dr. STONE premiered on October 4, 2019. Dr. STONE Episode 18 began the Stone Wars story arc. The ending of the second cour, Dr. STONE Episode 24, aired on December 13, 2019.

The Dr. STONE opening (OP) theme song for the first cour was “Good Morning World!” by Burnout Syndromes. The ending (ED) theme song was “LIFE” by Rude-α.

The opening theme song for the second cour will be “Three Primary Colors” by Pelican Fanclub. The Dr. STONE ending theme song will change to “Like A Dream” by Saeki YouthK.

It’s currently unknown who will perform the Dr. Stone Season 2 opening and ending theme songs.

Crunchyroll is streaming the Dr. STONE English subs as the episodes air in Japan. FUNimation is streaming the Dr. STONE English dub. The Dr. STONE Toonami premiere began on August 24, with episodes airing after gen:LOCK and before Fire Force.

The first 24 episodes will be released as six Blu-Ray/DVD home video volumes in Japan. The first disc volume released on October 16, 2019, giving us an idea of how popular the anime series is in Japan.

Unfortunately, the Oricon sales numbers in Japan didn’t even break 1,000 and 3,000 is considered a success. To put the numbers in perspective, the first season of The Rising Of The Shield Hero anime also didn’t break 3,000 disc sales. In fact, the Dr. STONE disc sales were almost exactly the same as Dropkick On My Devil! and that anime was renewed for a second season.

From a financial perspective, disc sales are no longer the biggest factor in determining an anime’s financial success so it’s a good thing the series is generating good streaming revenue by being popular on Crunchyroll, which is heavily pushing the TV show.

Dr. STONE Season 2 Anime Key Visual
The Dr. STONE: Stone Wars anime key visual released during Jump Festa 2020. Pic credit:
  • Updated December 22, 2019: Added Dr. STONE: Stone Wars key visual and new teaser trailer.
  • Updated December 13, 2019: Added Dr. STONE SEason 2 teaser trailer.
  • Updated December 12, 2019: Added Dr. STONE Season 2 Weekly Shonen Jump announcement.
  • Updated December 11, 2019: Added Dr. STONE S2 Weibo post.
  • Updated December 09, 2019: Added manga announcement teaser and Jump Festa. Revised manga comparison and spoilers.
  • Updated October 21, 2019: Added news of Dr. Stone manga spinoff.
  • Updated September 16, 2019: Added Crunchyroll’s behind the scenes documentary showing how the anime was made.

This article provides everything that is known about Dr. STONE Season 2 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s delve down into what is known for certain.

Dr. STONE manga compared to the anime

The Dr. STONE manga by writer Riichiro Inagaki (Eyeshield 21) and illustrator Boichi (Sun-Ken Rock). The manga debuted in March 2017 in Weekly Shonen Jump, which gives you an idea of how quickly the anime adaptation was greenlit for production since anime projects typically are scheduled years in advance.

New chapters are published weekly and the series is already up to Volume 13 as of November 1, 2019. Historically, a new volume is released every February, April, July, September, and December. Therefore, Dr. STONE Volume 14 should come out in February 2020, and so on.

The official English Dr. STONE manga is being published in North America by Viz Media. As of September 3, 2019, the official English translation was already up to Volume 8 and Volume 9 is scheduled for January 7, 2019, Volume 10 for March 3, 2020, Volume 11 for May 5, 2020, and Volume 12 for July 7, 2020.

English-only manga readers can jump straight over to the Viz Media website. They provide the first three chapters and the three newest chapters to read for free for all of their translated series.

On October 28, 2019, Boichi launched a spinoff manga series in Weekly Shonen Jump called Dr. STONE reboot: Byakuya. The new side story will focus on Dr. Byakuya Ishigami, Senku’s adoptive father who was an astronaut at the International Space Station.

This will be the first time that Weekly Shonen Jump has featured both the main series and a spinoff in the same magazine at the same time. Writer Inagaki stated on Twitter that the spinoff will run for a total of nine chapters. It’s unknown if this story will receive an English translation or if it could be adapted into a Dr. STONE OVA episode.

Artist-writer duos have become increasingly more common in Weekly Shonen Jump, but it’s still interesting how the two creators work together. Boichi-San does not speak Japanese natively since he’s Korean and yet he decided to become a “foreign mangaka who can’t speak Japanese but a mangaka able to draw a manga that Japanese readers want to read.”

In spite of this language barrier, they manage to cooperate together while working in separate places. They rarely meet in person. Instead, they rely on faxing and online messages.

Dr. Stone Donald Trump cameo had manga fans hoping Trump would 'get stoned' in new anime
U.S. President Donald Trump won’t be MAGA (Making Anime Great Again)? The Dr. Stone Trump cameo had manga fans hoping Trump would ‘get stoned’ in the new anime. Pic credit: Boichi

Like most adaptations of a manga series, the Dr. STONE anime does make some changes. The most notable is in manga Chapter 1 when current U.S. President Donald Trump is shown during a montage of various people turning to stone. Unfortunately, TMS Entertainment wimped out and did not include the scene, which is too bad since they would have cast an actual Donald Trump since the character would have had voiced lines.

Otherwise, the anime has been very faithful to the manga source material so far. At most, TMS Entertainment condensed the story by trimming out some dialogue along with some extra jokes. The anime’s art and character design also remain faithful to Boichi’s art style.

In the past, Inagaki has stated that the inspiration for Dr. STONE’s story came from the characters. Senku Ishigami was purposely designed as a “normal” main character in sharp contrast to most shonen protagonists who have superpowers or abilities.

Of course, what sets the anime apart from its peers is the focus on jumpstarting scientific evolution. As such, the manga creators have to doublecheck the science facts and Inagaki-San even went on a hot air balloon trip for research purposes.

TMS Entertainment even went out of their way to doublecheck the science when animating the story.

“One element that we’re trying to be faithful to the manga is the science and technology part because even in the manga we actually have a scientific advisor to make sure that everything is correct,” Shusuke Katagiri explained at Anime Expo 2019 during the premiere. “Once you turn [a manga] into anime you’re going to add color and you’re going to add movements and you’re going to add sounds. So, you’re going to be adding all sorts of elements and we have to make sure that everything is still scientifically correct. And they did a really good job of it.”

Note: This article was originally published before Dr. STONE Episode 24 aired in Japan. The analysis was updated over time.

So far, the pacing of the anime has told the manga’s story without seeming slow-paced nor has it skipped content and reordered events. At least up through the first cour, the anime averaged about 2.5 chapters per episode.

One of the iconic moments where Senku creates the spark of light via electricity is contained in Episode 9: Let There Be the Light of Science, which is named after manga Chapter 25.

Midway through the first season, the anime hit the accelerator for the pacing, with the ending of Dr. STONE Episode 17 corresponding to manga Chapter 45 of Volume 6. Dr. STONE Episode 18 is a major turning point in the story since it’s the ending of Dr. STONE: Stone World and the beginning of the next story arc part, Dr. STONE: Stone Wars.

Running from chapter 46 through 82, the Stone Wars arc is 37 chapters in total. With only 7 episodes left in the first season, TMS Entertainment decided to end Dr. STONE Episode 24 in the middle of Stone Wars rather than double the pacing in a race to finish Stone Wars.

Some anime fans might have hoped that the studio would finish Stone Wars with a Dr. STONE movie. While a nice idea at first glance, that would mean adapting 22 manga chapters with a movie runtime equivalent to about four episodes.

That means Dr. STONE Season 2 will pick up the next major story arc with a manga chapter called Stone Wars Begin. Manga readers who wish to read ahead of the anime should start with Chapter 61 of Volume 7.

Dr. STONE Manga Characters
The Dr. STONE manga art by Korean artist Boichi is very distinctive. Pic credit: Boichi

Dr. STONE S2 release date: Is Dr. STONE Season 3 possible already?

As of the last update, TOHO animation, Shueisha, TMS Entertainment, Shonen Jump, or any company related to the production of the anime has not officially confirmed the Dr. STONE Season 2 release date. The production of a sequel was initially announced in Weekly Shonen Jump.

Once the news is officially confirmed this article will be updated with the relevant information. In the meantime, it’s possible to speculate about when, or if, the Dr. STONE S2 premiere date will occur in the future.

Lately, it seems like there is a trend in the anime industry to announce the renewal of an anime series for a second season immediately following the finale episode. That trend continued with Episode 24 teasing the Dr. STONE: Stone Wars anime, but the teaser didn’t even hint at a release date or time frame for Dr. STONE Season 2.

Considering that the official Chinese Dr. STONE Weibo account claimed a “continuous broadcast” it’s possible Dr. STONE could receive The Rising Of The Shield Hero treatment and receive both a Season 2 and a Dr. STONE Season 3. After all, the manga currently had enough source material for DR. STONE Season 2 even before the first season’s second cour started airing.

By 2021 there will be over 200 chapters published which should be enough for creating Dr. STONE Season 3. Therefore, in the best-case scenario, it’s possible Dr. STONE Season 2 could be scheduled for January 2020. If there’s a small broadcasting break, Stone Wars could release in April 2020. Dr. STONE Season 3 could then release in late 2020 or the following year in early 2021.

Keep in mind this is just an educated guess. We should receive more solid details in the coming weeks.

Dr. STONE Manga Volume 6 Cover Art English
The manga cover art for Dr. STONE Volume 6. Pic credit: Boichi

Dr. STONE Stone Wars spoilers (plot summary/synopsis)

This article was initially published before Dr. STONE Episode 24 aired in Japan. Therefore, in addition to spoilers for Dr. STONE Season 2, this section contains a recap of events from the first season’s finale.

The last time we saw Senku and friends, audiences were left with Gen claiming that the “world’s strongest primate highschooler” Tsukasa Shishio and his army were coming to conquer the Ishigami village just in case Senku was still alive. Tsukasa has been the main antagonist for much of the manga and therefore the physical fight necessitated by the competing philosophies of Tsukasa’s Kingdom of Might and Senku’s Kingdom of Science will be the main conflict for the Dr. STONE Season 2 anime.

Writer Inagaki-San has previously stated Dr. STONE’s plot “will not be about man vs. nature or man vs. science. The reason is, because to me, both nature and science are the friends of man.”

The biggest threat in Tsukasa’s army is a man named Hyoga (or Hyouga). While he’s stronger than the toughest fighters in the village, that’s not what makes him truly deadly.

While Tsukasa is more of a reluctant warlord who still considers Senku a friend, Hyoga is a social Darwinist, believing that only the enlightened elite such as Senku and the strong should live while the “brainless incompetent masses” should die. Cruel, cunning, and manipulative, Hyoga has no problem murdering and using people as disposable tools to reach his end goals.

Dr. STONE Manga Characters Tsukasa Hyoga
Hyoga wields a hollow spear and wears a mask to hide facial scarring caused by the petrification process. Pic credit: Boichi

The impending invasion of the village is only stalled when Senku successfully bluffs by making Hyoga believe that he’d already developed guns. While Senku doesn’t really have guns, he has brought back strong, tempered Japanese swords back to this stone world.

Despite having a great disadvantage in weaponry, Hyoga is willing to attack anyway, using his soldiers as sacrificial pawns in order to see what secret weapons Senku has up his sleeve. A betrayal by Gen might prove to be a problem, but the biggest weapon that Hyoga deploys is battle tactics: a diversion that allows Hyoga’s right-hand woman Homura to set the village ablaze with fire!

It’s only a natural occurrence that saves the village when poisonous sulfur gas comes pouring down the mountainside. Senku is prepared with gas masks but Hyoga’s troops are not so lucky. Senku also bluffs Hyoga into thinking he actually has chemical weapons so Hyoga determines to return with a much larger force and conquer the village.

While audiences have seen Senku grow his Kingdom of Science, we now get a glimpse into the growth of Tsukasa’s Kingdom of Might and how Hyoga was revived from petrification. While all might seem hopeless, Senku plans a preemptive and reveals humanity’s most powerful weapon.

No, it’s not nuclear weapons, it’s communication technology. The ability to communicate over long distances with electromagnetic radio waves can overturn an advantage in sheer numbers. Plus, they already have two double agents planted in Tsukasa’s Kingdom: Taiju Oki and Yuzuriha Ogawa!

But the attack isn’t happening immediately and creating a radio communication device requires many steps in technological evolution… starting with the cotton candy machine! Yes, that sounds ridiculous, but it has a practical purpose.

Plus, Senku realizes Homura is always watching from afar. But she’s all alone for the next several months and Senku tries to lure her into defecting using sweets.

Tsukasa is having Taiju and Yuzuriha watched but he doesn’t believe them a direct threat since he believes they don’t know Senku is alive. He also believes they can’t be spies since they have no way of communicating with Senku (at least not yet!).

Both sides realize that they must prepare to hunker down for the winter. Any further warfare must wait until the spring.

This time gives Senku to reinvent more tech including gears. Kaseki and Chrome even surprise Senku by inventing a water wheel all on their own and he quickly turns the device into a power generator.

Of course, that means they need batteries to store the power and light bulbs to use the electricity. So Christmas is celebrated by stringing up lights to create a Christmas tree. But the big celebration is during New Year’s when Suika finds the rare Scheelite rock, which can be used to make tungsten the metal with the strongest tensile strength at high temperatures.

The power generator also frees up non-combatants to focus on gathering supplies for the winter. More importantly, they now have a portable light source they can use to explore caves in order to find copper and create a vacuum tube. Time to go spelunking!

Dr. STONE Manga Chapter 55 Cave Exploration
Dr. STONE Season 2 will have cave exploration. Pic credit: Boichi

This exploration leads to a confrontation between Senku and Magma, but a fateful encounter turns confrontation into bonding. They even find the motherlode of tungsten and other raw materials. Senku is also surprised the villagers commemorate his birthday by building him an observatory (the ever-practical Senku is not sentimental and instead thinks it’ll be great for spying on Tsukasa’s troops).

With the re-creation of plastics, vacuum tubes, and several other components Senku eventually creates his own “phone” but, of course, having only one phone is useless so they need to make yet another. They also create a landline telephone.

The big discovery is when one of the villager’s stories lead to the gravestone of Senku’s father, Byakuya Ishigami. Inside a time capsule is encased an audio recording that Senku’s father left behind.

And this is where the Dr. STONE Season 2 anime will pick up the remaining story for Stone Wars.

Listening to the recording gives Gen an idea where he could fake out Tsukasa’s troops with a false recording claiming that America has already recovered from the petrification. The troops only follow Tsukasa because they think the old world has fallen into ruin, but if they believe America’s army is eventually coming Tsukasa could lose his supporters (of course, once they realize it’s a lie they’ll want Senku’s head).

They just need Chrome to deliver a second cell phone to Taiju’s spy team and set it up on the other side. So with Magma providing transport and Gen being the guide, Chrome’s team sets off to Tsukasa’s base in old Tokyo.

The problem is that Homura the surveillance woman is still watching their every move. They attempt to distract Homura by setting off several sound bombs and Senki even manages to momentarily catch Homura using a science trick. But Homura escapes his grasp, deduces where Chrome, Gen, and Magma have disappeared.

So then begins a chase where a team led by Senku pursues the pursuer. Senku had doused Homura with ultraviolet-sensitive powder and he communicates with Chrome’s team to arrange a pincer attack on Homura.

Chrome’s team manages to reach Tsukasa’s base and hide the radio equipment near Senku’s “grave” that Taiju and Yuzuriha had set up as a dropoff point. Finally, Taiju and Senku are reunited, even if it is over a phone call.

Next up is implementing Senku’s master plan to recruit Tsukasa’s army over to their side. While the initial effort doesn’t go as planned (does it ever?) they still manage to win people over.

The one hangup is that Chrome was captured. When Chrome is interrogated it turns out someone from the inside wants to help Senku’s side.

Meanwhile, Senku decides he needs to ride to the rescue on the Steam Gorilla, a steam-powered, front-wheel drive tank using an airless tire design developed by NASA and carbon fiber for armor.

Chrome also realizes that Tsukasa is trying to draw Senku into a trap using Chrome as bait so he decides to use science to make a jailbreak. Fortunately, the revived humans from the modern era don’t take his efforts seriously since they dismiss him as a savage. Chrome manages to escape but only with the help from someone inside.

The traitor in Tsukasa’s camp reveals himself as one of Tsukasa’s top men. His name is Ukyo, a former submariner with sensitive ears and a talent for archery. Ukyo will join Senku’s side but only under the condition that it’s a bloodless revolution where nobody dies.

Dr. STONE Anime Blu-Ray DVD Disc Volume 1 Cover Art
The cover art for Dr. STONE Blu-Ray/DVD Volume 1. Pic credit: TMS Entertainment

With all the pieces in place, it’s time for Senku and Tsukasa to fight it out. Will Senku’s plan go as expected or will there be a plot twist that throws things for a loop?

Unfortunately, audiences will have to wait until the Dr. STONE Episode 24 release date to watch what happens next. Let’s just hope the finale announces Dr. STONE Season 2. Stay tuned!

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