Dragon Ball Graniph collab to release anime-inspired fashion T-shirts, jackets, bags, and more

Key visual for the Dragon Ball X Graniph collection.
Key visual for the Dragon Ball X Graniph collection. Pic credit: @natalie.mu

On September 14, 2022, the Japanese fashion label Graniph announced that it would be collaborating with Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball to release a collection of anime-inspired apparel items that will be sold at Graniph’s stores and official online shop from September 27, 2022. Pre-orders are now available.

The Dragon Ball-inspired collection features 21 apparel items from long-sleeved T-shirts, short-sleeved T-shirts, hoodies, and hats to bags. The items feature illustrations of the unique characters found in the Dragon Ball universe, such as Goku, Bulma, Oolong, Yamcha, and Piccolo.

In 2000, the first Graniph store was opened in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, and started manufacturing the selling printed T-shirts. In 2007, they opened stores in Asian countries (Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore). In 2008, they opened a store in Australia. By 2017, Graniph had opened 100 stores in Japan! In September 2021, Graniph rebranded its store from being just a “Design T-shirt Store” to a “Graphic Life Store”. There are currently 122 stores in Japan (as of August 1, 2021), and 2 stores in Australia.

What are Anime Geek’s Top Picks?

1. Dragon Ball collage reversible jacket

Dragon Ball-inspired collage jacket.
Dragon Ball-inspired collage jacket. Pic credit: @graniph.com

The Dragon Ball collage jacket is reversible and has a dark blue color on the inside. It features images from the original Dragon Ball series when Goku was still just a kid, Bulma as a teenage girl, the dragon Shenron, and more. Overall this jacket has a very nostalgic feel that is perfect for any die-hard Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z fan. The jacket costs 11,000 yen (approximately 76.86 USD).

2. Shenron hoodie

Shenron hoodie.
Shenron hoodie. Pic credit: @graniph.com

In Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball the story centered around a young alien (Saiyan) child that was sent to Earth in order to destroy it. Instead of destroying Earth, however, Goku lived among the humans, befriended them, and grew to care for the Earth and its inhabitants.

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Goku and his friends had many adventures and one of the greatest of them was searching for the mysterious dragon balls. When all 7 dragon balls are gathered in one place the dragon Shenron is summoned to grant that person a single wish. This black hoodie which features the mystical dragon Shenron is for fans of the wish-granting dragon. The hoodie costs 7,900 yen (approximately 55.21 USD).

3. Bulma, Goku and Oolong go on a drive

Bulma, Goku and Oolong go for a drive T-shirt.
Bulma, Goku and Oolong go for a drive T-shirt. Pic credit: @graniph.com

If you’re a Bulma fan and especially liked how she acted as Goku’s “witty big sister” back in the old days this T-shirt is definitely for you. It’s fun to think back on how when Bulma was a teenager she was in love with Yamcha.

During their earliest adventures, a fortune teller did say that Bulma would eventually marry a prince! It’s scary to think that Akira Toriyama knew that Bulma would eventually fall in love with the Saiyan Prince Vegeta, but this wouldn’t happen in the series until hundreds of manga chapters or hundreds of anime episodes later! The T-shirt costs 2,500 yen (approximately 17.47 USD).

4. Capsule Corp sweatshirt

Capsule Corp sweatshirt.
Capsule Corp sweatshirt. Pic credit: @graniph.com

This Capsule Corp sweatshirt is another for Bulma fans. Bulma’s father owned Capsule Corp making Bulma a rich, heiress. Not only was Bulma rich she was incredibly smart which meant she had the means to build many amazing inventions in Dragon Ball and later Dragon Ball Z. Bulma is the one who came up with the idea for the gravity chamber, which Vegeta was able to train in. The sweatshirt costs 5,900 yen (approximately 41.22 USD).

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5. Long-sleeved button-down Dragon Ball collage shirt

Monochromatic Dragon Ball collage shirt.
Monochromatic Dragon Ball collage shirt. Pic credit: @graniph.com

The long-sleeved, button-down monochromatic Dragon Ball collage T-shirt is perfect for when a die-hard Dragon Ball fan needs to dress up for a nice dinner out somewhere or for some other special event. This shirt is sure to make you look anime geek chic! The shirt costs 6,900 yen (approximately 48.22 USD).

6. Korin bucket hat

Korin bucket hat.
Korin bucket hat. Pic credit: @graniph.com

For fans of the martial arts master, Korin, this adorable bucket hat is definitely for you! The bucket hat costs 3,900 yen (approximately 27.25 USD).

Make sure to peruse the rest of the amazing collaboration at Graniph’s official online shop here.

Do you like the Dragon Ball X Graniph collaboration? Let us know in the comment section below!

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