Dragon Ball Z Frieza figure is full-sized Frieza Final Form – GK Coldplay Zone Statue is literally 1:1 scale!

Dragonball Z Full Size Frieza figure
Bow before the mighty Lord Frieza in his full-size glory! Pic credit: ColdPlay Zone.

A pre-order of a Dragon Ball Z Frieza Final Form figure is available from Studio Coldplay Zone. The best part is that it’s on a 1:1 scale!

If you’re thinking about getting into collecting figures as a hobby, then this one might not be the best option. However, if you’re the type who loves to go big or go home, and you love Frieza, then make this yours today!

This glorious Frieza figure is 227 cm tall, 143cm wide, and 139cm deep! You can sit in the base with or without Frieza!

It’s made out of PU+resin+Polystone+Metal Button+LED+glass fiber reinforced plastics and will cost you $498.28 USD if you pre-order now! Once the pre-order time period is over, the price will rise to $500.00. However, this limited-run Frieza figure will only have 49 units made.

This price includes tax, so the only thing you’ll have to worry about is shipping. Figurine websites like Bucket & Shovel offer shipping by air and by sea, and if your figure arrives damaged, they have the parts to fix it.

You’ll have to provide them proof that it’s damaged and contact the site for more information. But, even if you have a passing knowledge of Dragon Ball Z, this Lord Frieza figure will make an excellent addition to any home!

A Full-Size Frieza in all his glory! Pic credit: Studio ColdPlay Zone.

What to know before you buy

There’s a wide selection to choose from for collectibles. The Frieza figure in the pictures is a GK or Garage Kit model.

Garage Kits are usually the original kits made by the designer. They are typically made chiefly with resin since they can hold more details.

This also makes resin figures more expensive, but many collectors prefer them. The other type of figure bucketandshovel offers the PVC.

PVC or ABS is a material commonly found in water pipes and is very elastic. These figures still hold a lot of detail, but not nearly as much as GKs.

There are authorized and unauthorized GKs available. Unfortunately, due to the long process of getting authorization, most GKs on the market are unauthorized.

But there are other reasons a GK won’t be authorized. For example, the statue can’t be too creative or stylish, and the wait time can take from three months to a year to be put on a review list.

There’s also a trend of risque or NSFW figures being produced. Many anime figure websites will some 18+ figures, but those sections are typically marked, and thumbnails are tasteful on other parts of the site.

Keep in mind that other sites may be different, and proceed with caution.

Where can I buy the Final Form Frieza figure?

The Full-Size Final Form Frieza is only available on the Bucket & Shovel website, with no available release date at this time. However, payment options are available, and if the product sells out, you will get a full refund.

If you’re looking for something that can fit on a shelf and be in full view without judging stares, there are many sites and stores. In addition, Crunchyroll has authorized merchandise that includes plushies, clothes, and much more!

Buying unauthorized products isn’t bad, especially if you’re looking for something more… unique. Fans make these figures for fans, usually a single person working with software and then sending it to a company in China.

Make sure to do your research before you buy. Products can look different in pictures, and no one wants to be scammed.

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