Elden Ring Top 10 tips and tricks for Hidetaka Miyazaki’s video game: A Beginner’s Guide [Review]

Screenshot of me playing Elden ring, featuring the first site of grace you will want to get, and the light of grace you will want to follow.
Screenshot of me playing Elden ring, featuring the first site of grace you will want to get, and the light of grace you will want to follow. Pic credit: FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment

After reading the gag manga adaptation of FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment’s action, RPG video game Elden Ring I decided to give the game a try. Directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki with worldbuilding by writer George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones) I was curious to see this intricate fantasy world for myself and purchased the game via Steam.

The game is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

You can read more about the gag manga here: Elden Ring: The Road to the Erdtree manga’s gag story features loincloth hero – Comic releasing in English, Spanish, and more

What I didn’t realize is that this game is very different from the few MMORPGs I’ve played before, such as Guild Wars, and much more difficult. I found myself lost and floundering from the very beginning.

Luckily, I have a friend, who is currently level 150, who decided to impart some of his hard-earned wisdom to me. He shared a few valuable tips along the way, which I can now pass on to you. Even if you’ve never played this kind of game before you will be able to raise your character to level 50 very easily with these few tips and tricks.

1. Buy an Xbox game controller for Window PC

The few MMORPGs I’ve played have always been on my computer and I’ve always used my mouse. I figured I’d be fine using my mouse to play Elden Ring, but I was wrong! Even if you use certain complex keybindings on your Razor mouse, you still won’t be able to keep up with other people when you’re doing Multiplayer activities, such as boss hunting. I was very hesitant to buy a game controller because I’ve never used one before.

But don’t worry. Be brave, and get yourself that PowerA Xbox Wire Controller, which is compatible with Windows 10/11. Button LT will launch your skill, button LB will guard, button RT will launch a strong attack, and button RB will launch a normal attack. The Y button is for opening and examining things. The B button is for rolling forward or backward. The A button is for using an item. The X button is for Jumping.

The joysticks will control your movement. Press down on the left joystick and you will crouch. On the cross-shaped pad (Directional Pad/D-pad) – press up to switch sorcery incantation, press left for switch left-hand armament, press down for switch right-hand armament, and press left for switch item.

I’m only telling you this since if you’re a total noob like I was, and are reading this article, that means after reading this you will be able to play Elden Ring with your savvy video gamer friends too!

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2. Pick a class, which suits your playstyle

I tried different classes and decided that the easiest class is Warrior. You’re equipped with two scimitars and are given a handy spinning slash skill. If you’re like me and you’re still learning how to use a game controller and have a hard time getting your avatar to face forward – that doesn’t really matter! As long as you’re using your spinning attack you will hit the enemies all around you regardless of what direction you are facing.

Your starting class determines what equipment you will be able to use within the game. You will be able to change your appearance, name, and gender soon after starting the game as many times as you want, so don’t worry about that too much.

You will not be able to change your class or keepsake, however, so I recommend doing a little research before making your final decision. The key is to choose a class that best represents your unique gaming style – if you have one.

If you’re usually a mage, I’d recommend trying the Astrologer class, which will enable you to attack from afar and gives you easy range.

If you want to wield a wicked katana and bow, I’d recommend being a Samurai. The Samurai armor is apparently very good.

Some Elden Ring players recommend the Paladin since you will later be able to do powerful combo attacks.

3. Pick the right Keepsake

I made the mistake of not researching what my “keepsake” (an item that helps you in various ways) should be and ended up choosing the health talisman. Most Elden Ring gamers recommend getting the Golden Seed (this can be used on your Health/MP and Mana/FP flasks), Lands Between Rune, or Stonesword Key.

Apparently, you can pick up the “health talisman” not long into the game and the other items aren’t really worth it.

The game provides tutorials that introduce you to controls and the basics of multiplayer mechanics. Gamers, who have played the “Souls Games”, will apparently find the mechanics to be very similar.

If you’re like me and you’ve never played a Souls Game, don’t worry, you can read all the tips in your inventory under “info” in case you missed something in the tutorials.

4. Get all sites of grace (bonfires)

Once you enter the game you’re ready to start your adventure. Your mission as a maidenless Tarnished is to go on a journey to repair the Elden Ring and become the new Elden Lord.

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The first thing you’re going to want to do is to obtain your first “site of grace”, which Souls Gamers will know as a “bonfire”, at your starting point Stranded Graveyard. A “site of grace” is a little bonfire that you click on. Once you’ve got that site of grace you will be able to travel back there via the map anytime you want. Anytime you see one of the little bonfires it’s a good idea to get it since this makes traveling around the world of Elden Ring much faster.

Screenshot of me playing Elden Ring about to get killed by the Noob Bully.
Screenshot of me playing Elden Ring about to get killed by the Noob Bully. Pic credit: FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment

Once you’re outside, at First Step, you will need to run North to the Church of Elleh. Just like in the manga you will want to avoid this very powerful NPC on a horse that is known by other Elden Ring gamers as the “noob bully”.

5. Use Furlcalling Finger Remedy to summon a friend

While at the Church of Elleh you’ll want to buy a torch, crafting kit, and telescope. My level 150 friend wanted to pop in while I was at the Church of Elleh to give me some more tips, but I had no idea how to get him into the game with me.

Apparently, after you have purchased your crafting kit, you need to run around the general forested area close to the church and find Erdleaf Flowers. Once you have these flowers you will be able to craft an item called Furlcalling Finger Remedy.

Once you use the item you will be able to see a series of glowing, golden-hued rocks on the ground that your friend has set up. You click on the rocks and summon your friend (known in the game as a “Finger”) into your world!

The purpose of summoning a “Finger” into your world is really for them to help you with the boss. Once the boss is defeated, they are automatically sent back to their own world.

6. Get your noble steed Torrent

Fan art of Melina from Elden Ring.
Fan art of Melina from Elden Ring. Pic credit: @deviantart.com/kramell

After that, you’ll want to head over to Gatefront Ruins by following the Grace. What does “follow the grace” mean? There should be an arc of golden, shining light emanating from the sites of grace that will lead you to the next place you should be heading towards.

By following the grace, you will meet Melina, who will grant you your noble steed Torrent! It’s much easier to get around Elden Ring once you have Torrent. The Maiden Melina offers to act as your “Maiden” and grants you the ability to turn runes (souls) into strength. She does this under the condition that you will eventually bring her to the Erdtree – the home of the Elden Ring.

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Later, Melina will take you to the Roundtable Hold, which is a gathering place for other Tarnished seeking to repair the Elden Ring. The Hold’s benefactor, the Two Fingers, will instruct you to collect the Great Runes and bring them to the Erdtree where they can be used to repair the Elden Ring.

Torrent will be a necessity once you start hunting down dragons! You’ll want to battle dragons while mounted. When you’re on Torrent your weight doesn’t matter so you’ll be able to move swiftly while combating mounted enemies.

7. Get a Whetstone Knife

Later, I discovered I needed to obtain an item known as a “whetstone knife” that is located within the Gatefront Ruins down some steps and hidden inside of a stone treasure chest. However, when I was riding around on Torrent on my own and came to the staircase I didn’t know how to dismount, and so I had to make poor Torrent run down the stairs into the crypt and into the treasure room.

In order to avoid the ridiculous mishap that I went through, there is an easier way to mount Torrent than going into your inventory and selecting “use”.

First, go to your inventory, scroll down to where the Health (MP) and Mana (FP) flasks are and click on one of the empty spaces next to these items. Then you will be given the option to select an item to place there. Place the magical ring (Spectral Steed Whistle) that summons Torrent there. After you’re done you will be able to use your D-pad to select the ring, and then simply hit “X” whenever you want to mount or dismount.

The Whestone Knife item allows you to slot Ashes of War on your weapon, which means it will enable you to add certain skills to your weapon while resting at a site of grace. Apparently, you used to get the Whetstone Knife automatically within the game, but that’s not the case anymore so make sure you pick up this important item.

8. Farm runes (souls) at Groveside Cave

Screenshot of me farming at Groveside Cave and killing knights.
Screenshot of me farming at Groveside Cave and killing knights. Pic credit: FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment

After that, you can set out on Torrent and begin exploring Limegrave. I ended up hanging out at the Groveside Cave for a while. Groveside Cave is a nice spot in the forest where you have a site of grace inside a cave tunnel, and a forest filled with six knights. After you kill all six knights, you can return to the site of grace, rest, and the knights will respawn. This will help you level up into your 20s and 30s.

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When you’re first starting out you’re going to want to play stealthy. Crouch down, sneak through the bushes and sneak up on those knights from behind. You’ll be able to kill them much easier if you get the jump on them. Once you’ve gained more experience you can start attacking them from the front.

You can also test out your combo attacks, jumping attacks, and practice rolling out of the way on these knights without too much risk.

Also, if you’re not sure what build you want and just want to concentrate on farming runes at first, I’d recommend putting in at least 40 points in Vigor for health and 30 points into endurance, which will make you nice and tanky.

After you’ve done some research about what build you’re going to use then you can start concentrating your points into other useful traits (attribute points).

9. Obtain Lonewolf Ashes and Spirit Calling Bell from Renna (Ranni)

Fan art of Renna from Elden Ring.
Fan art of Renna from Elden Ring. Pic credit: @deviantart.com/andrerb

After you’re leveled up a little, you’ll want to return to the Church of Elleh and rest at the site of grace there. This action will unlock a conversation with Renna, who will give you some Lonewolf Ashes and the Spirit Calling Bell, which you will need to use Spirit Ashes in the game.

10. Rolling Ball Farm at Lenne’s Rise

Screenshot of me at Lenne’s Rise. Pic credit: FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment

After setting out on some adventures and having my level 150 friend help me kill the first boss, I decided I needed to level up faster. That’s when my friend said I needed to go to Lenne’s Rise and participate in the “rolling ball farm”.

Unfortunately, I had to figure out how to get to Lenne’s Rise all on my own, which was a huge hassle. But lucky for you, it won’t be because I will tell you exactly how to get there. Lenne’s Rise is a tower in Elden Ring, located in the northeast of Dragonbarrow of the Caelid region.

The fastest way to reach Lenne’s Rise is by using the hidden portal behind the Third Church of Marika in Limgrave. The Third Church of Marika is located south of the Summonwater Falls, on the main road alongside Mistwood. Once at the Church of Marika you can pick up a Sacred Tear, Flask of Wondrous Physick, and Crystal Tear.

I was having difficulty finding the portal behind the church until I saw that other players had left messages engraved in stones, which led the way right to the portal. You usually see messages left by players using the same multiplayer password. I usually use the password “elden” for multiplayer events, and apparently, so do a lot of other people. Interact with the portal and you’ll be teleported to the entrance of the Bestial Sanctum.

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From there, travel southward towards the Farum Greatbridge. Take the southeastern path on the left and go down the hill covered with poison traps. I ended up going across the bridge where the dragon is (not fighting it, just running past! How to run? Press forward on your left joystick and press “B”), taking a sharp left, and that’s when I spotted the tower. In order to get to the base of the tower, I skidded down the cliff face to the ground below.

If you’ve gone the way where you end up crossing a small stone footbridge, when you arrive at nightfall you will encounter the Night’s Cavalry. If you kill this field boss you will receive the Bloodhound’s Step Ash of War.

Downhill the road near Lenne’s Rise you can efficiently farm runes (souls) using the rolling ball trap. Basically, make sure your multiplayer password is set to “elden” first, that way you will be able to see the stone messages left behind by other players that will serve as useful markers along the way.

Screenshot of me on the path of Lenne's Rise where the rolling ball appears. Follow the path of the markers and do a sharp U-turn.
Screenshot of me on the path of Lenne’s Rise where the rolling ball appears. Follow the path of the markers and do a sharp U-turn. Pic credit: FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment

You’ll want to mount Torrent at the site of grace, ride down the path, follow the stone markers, and at the point where you see the stone markers verge right, quickly turn right, then make a sharp left, and head straight towards the high cliff. Basically, you’ll want to run along the edge of the ravine.

Screenshot of where I dodged left so you could see the rolling ball.
Screenshot of where I dodged left so you could see the rolling ball. Pic credit: FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment

Right behind you, a giant stone ball will have appeared, but if you manage to do this U-turn maneuver correctly the ball will go flying off the edge and you will earn about 2,000 runes (that’s about killing ten knights in one easy go).

I managed to reach level 55 by simply dodging this massive stone ball and making sure it went flying off a cliff!

I hope that these little tips and tricks have been helpful to any newcomers to the Elden Ring video game. Another thing to keep in mind since the game doesn’t really tell you where you need to be going, focus on sweeping through Limgrave, then Weeping Peninsula, then Stormhill where you’ll head into Stormviel Castle. I’m currently stuck trying to get the grace inside of this castle. Wish me luck!

Should I make an Intermediate Guide with tips and tricks for how I manage to reach level 100-150 next? Would you like to learn more about gear and equipment? Battle tactics? More easy farming options? Let me know in the comments below!

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