Endeavor vs All For One in My Hero Academia 357 is the biggest fight yet

Endeavor the number 1 hero and All for one, the leader of the villains
Endeavor the number 1 hero, and All for one, the leader of the villains. Pic credit: Studio Bones

My Hero Academia has had several famous battles throughout its existence. When All Force pushed over his bounds to defeat All For One’s tremendous might at Kamino, the world was stunned.

No one could ever look at Deku the same way again after he momentarily used One For All’s full power vs. Overhaul and saved Eri in one of anime’s most heartbreaking rescues.

Horikoshi Kohei has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to write a spectacular fight, but with Endeavor vs. All For One in Chapter 357, the legendary mangaka may have outdone himself.

Endeavor vs All For One: A battle of wits

All For One managed to injure Endeavor early in the combat. He ultimately rejoined the action and soon sacrificed his arm to save his friends’ lives, but that was just the beginning.

Endeavor promptly created a new arm formed of his Hellflame and began brutally attacking All For One, oblivious to his multiple injuries. In his most astounding MHA accomplishment yet, he compensated for his absence of a physical arm to block All For One by borrowing a page from the Man of Steel’s playbook and unleashing flames out of his eyes.

Endeavor Unleashing flames from his eyes
Endeavor Unleashed flames from his eyes. A classic Man of Steel move. Pic credit: Viz media

The stakes in this fight are among the highest in My Hero Academia. Apart from plunging the globe into anarchy, All For One’s success would imply that Endeavor would never be able to achieve his purpose of atonement.

He’s been trying to make amends for his failures at home by supporting his family from the shadows, but he hasn’t been able to regain public trust since Dabi revealed the Todoroki family’s dark background. Endeavor re-engaged All For One with the newfound belief that finishing All For One was his responsibility and that he’d never stop until he finished it. Taking down All For One was simply one step in his Hero’s journey of atonement.

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Endeavor vs. All For One hasn’t finished yet, but it’s already established itself as one of My Hero Academia’s most significant fights. It has everything a proper shonen fight should have.

It had unexpected power ups drawn from preexisting abilities, seamless teamwork supported by thoughtful planning, flawless fight choreography, and significant stakes for all parties participating in the struggle.

Will Endeavor be able to withstand All For One’s latest challenge? Will the mighty villain’s final secret weapon be what he needs to win?

The bravery of Tokoyami and Jiro

While Endeavor and All For One were the leading powerhouses in the conflict, several other personalities played significant roles. Endeavor was wounded early in the fight by All For One, taking him out of the battle for a period.

In essence, the dark villain unknowingly provided Tokoyami Fumikage and Kyoka Jiro with a limited opportunity to shine by eliminating the #1 Pro Hero. While Endeavor healed, Class 1-A’s delegates and Hawks accomplished one of the war’s heroes’ milestones: destroying All For One’s helmet.

Tokoyami's attack on All for One that destroyed his helmet
Tokoyami’s attack on All for One destroyed his helmet. Pic credit: Viz media

Considering that they were the first UA students to confront All For One, a lot was riding on Jiro and Tokoyami’s survival in MHA Chapter 357. They rose to the occasion admirably, risking their lives and suffering horrific injuries to deliver all-new, stunning super moves.

They delivered moves like Tokoyami’s Fleeting Blow, utterly destroying All For One’s military-grade headpiece. Similarly, Jiro’s updated Heartbeat Wall enabled her to neutralize the villain’s most powerful pulse strikes, which may have prompted the Quirk remnants within All For One to turn upon him.

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Of course, the Pro Heroes couldn’t let the students outshine them. Tokoyami and Jiro only lasted that long against All For One because of Hawks’ quick and surprising strikes. Despite this, Endeavor was the battle’s true star.

Have Tokoyami and Jiro surprised you so far? What do you think of Endeavor’s ability during this fight? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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