Eren Yeager X Mikasa Akerman ship has #Eremika trending – Here’s the Top 5 Attack On Titan fan art, comics

Screenshot from the video of the fan-made comic about Eren and Mikasa living together as a couple and with a family. Is this the ending all Attack on Titan fans wish for?
Screenshot from the official video of the fan-made comic about Eren and Mikasa living together as a married couple with kids. Is this the ending all Attack on Titan fans wish for? Pic credit: Forest Chan/Twitter

On July 19, 2022, anime fans were challenged to tweet about one of their favorite ships and suddenly #eremika started to trend with thousands of tweets about Eren Yeager and Mikasa Akerman from Attack on Titan. Several of those tweets included some incredible fan art by digital artists, who happen to be fans of the anime Attack on Titan, depicting the two as a loving couple.

From iconic moments that occurred in the anime/manga to depictions of the couple living in Alternate Realities, a large amount of artwork has been done as an ode to the fan-favorite couple. As an anime fan who hasn’t read the manga or its finale yet, I still don’t know if Mikasa or Eren will end up together. But I, along with the other Eren X Mikasa shippers, can only hope for a positive outcome to their relationship, which has always been rather complex.

What is Eren’s relationship with Mikasa in the anime/manga?

Eren’s relationship with Mikasa has always been rather complicated. In the anime, Eren is seen displaying a brusque, casual attitude towards Mikasa, which belies their deep bond forged from childhood and the way they care about each other. Mikasa tends to be more open in showing her concern for Eren, while Eren only shows his concern for Mikasa when she is injured or in distress.

Eren is seen to always be looking out for Mikasa despite his blunt personality and doesn’t hesitate to comfort or reassure her when he knows that she needs it. At one point, he even referred to himself as a monster to ensure that the military court prosecution wouldn’t target Mikasa.

Eren and Mikasa both have very strong personalities and tend to butt heads when it comes to making decisions. For the most part, Eren lets Mikasa make her own decisions and won’t stop Mikasa from doing something as long as it seems logical. Eren appears to have an inferiority complex in regard to Mikasa due to her superior strength and battle prowess, which may be one of the reasons he’s never seen her as a “romantic interest”.

Mikasa grew into the habit of keeping tabs on Eren and making sure to always keep him out of trouble, which Eren began to find annoying. At times, Eren grew so stifled by her overprotective behavior that he openly lashed out at her and told her not to treat him like her “little brother”. When Eren and his friends encounter the “Smiling Titan” again, and Eren falls into the depths of despair, Mikasa is there for him. Mikasa tells Eren that she is thankful for everything he’s done for her and reminds him of the close bond they share.

With the way Mikasa always treated Eren as “a little brother,” it should come as no surprise that Eren never noticed Mikasa’s feelings of love for him. In the anime, we see a flashback where Eren even asks Mikasa one very simple and important question, “What am I to you?” This question shows that Eren truly doesn’t know if Mikasa only sees him as family or as a potential lover. Sadly, Mikasa fails to properly express her feelings of love to Eren and he leaves thinking that she just thinks of him as family.

5. What am I to you? by Doka

Digital artist Doka (@dokashibichan/Twitter) created an illustration based on that iconic scene and shared it in a Tweet.

Interpretation of that famous moment when Eren asks Mikasa, "What am I to you?"
Interpretation of that famous moment when Eren asks Mikasa, “What am I to you?” Pic credit: Doka (@dokashibichan/Twitter)

If Mikasa had answered Eren differently at that moment, things might be very different in the current anime Attack on Titan Universe. Some Attack on Titan fans believe that if only Mikasa had confessed her love to Eren he wouldn’t have decided to initiate the Rumbling.

What is Mikasa’s relationship with Eren in the anime/manga?

Due to the fact that Mikasa was taken into Eren’s home following the tragic death of her parents, in the beginning, she sees Eren as her “family” and as a “brother”. In the anime, Mikasa is always seen wearing a red scarf, which Eren gave to her when he attempted to comfort her by wrapping it around Mikasa after he rescued her from a group of slave traders. Mikasa continues to wear the scarf as a token to remember that moment when Eren helped her to regain hope.

Due to saving her life and inviting her into his home, Eren became a source of spiritual strength for Mikasa and she found his presence comforting. Mikasa’s feelings towards Eren slowly change over time from treating Eren as a little brother to seeing him become a young man. At one point, Mikasa believes that Eren has died and nearly allows herself to die as well before deciding to keep on living in order to remember him.

When Mikasa learned that Eren had been abducted she grew so distressed that she wrapped her scarf around her face in order to hide her teary eyes. Mikasa will do whatever it takes to protect Eren since he is her only “family”, and vows to follow him wherever he goes. She has stated that her only wish is to remain at his side. Unfortunately, she can come off as being overprotective as a result.

Ian, Jean, and even Levi appear to be confused by the nature of Mikasa and Eren’s relationship due to her fierce devotion toward him. Mikasa has only been seen blushing when Eren is around and hasn’t shown any romantic interest in any of the other young men around her. During the reconquest of Trost, Ian mistakes Mikasa and Eren for being lovers and Mikasa blushes furiously in response. Armin also seems to be shipping the two of them, as seen when he left Mikasa and Eren alone after they captured the Female Titan.

Things get more complicated later on when Eren decides to lie to Mikasa in order to protect her and claims that the only reason she feels such devotion towards him is due to her Ackerman blood. Later, Armin explains to her that he was lying for her sake, and Mikasa has to reanalyze her feelings for Eren once again. Unfortunately, it seems Mikasa let the perfect chance to confess her love to Eren slip through her fingers when he asked her, “What am I to you?”

4. Pregnant Mikasa by Daiya Rain

Digital artist Daiya Rain, who depicted Eren and a pregnant yet irate Mikasa in a serious relationship together, created some of the cutest fan art for this couple.

Illustration of pregnant Mikasa and her lover Eren.
Illustration of pregnant Mikasa and her lover Eren. Pic credit: Daiya Rain (@gi_DaiyaR/Twitter)

3. Sick Mikasa and Tender Eren by Bucinnymikasa

For those who like to see Eren showing his softer side towards Mikasa, digital artist Bucinnymikasa depicted a sick Mikasa that Eren is taking care of, along with some tender moments such as sharing a meal together. A second illustration by Bucinnymikasa teases the wedding rings on Eren and Mikasa’s hands.

Illustrations of attentive and caring Eren towards his lover Mikasa.
Illustrations of attentive and caring Eren towards his lover Mikasa. Pic credit: Bucinnymikasa/Twitter

2. Sporty Eren and Mikasa by AlienOFO

Eren and Mikasa are also known for being a “sporty couple”, and digital artist AlienOFO depicts Eren and Mikasa cuddling while in their gym clothes. I think it’s safe to say Eren and Mikasa are one hot couple!

Illustration of sporty Eren and Mikasa.
Illustration of sporty Eren and Mikasa. Pic credit: AlienOFO/Twitter

1. Eren X Mikasa family fan-made comic by Forest Chan

One passionate digital artist has made an entire comic depicting Eren and Mikasa as a loving couple with a family!

Manga page from the fan-made Eren X Mikasa comic.
Manga page from the fan-made Eren X Mikasa comic. Pic credit: Forest Chan/Twitter

Forest Chan has also made a video on YouTube showing the entire comic. You can watch it here:

Official video of a fan-made comic about Eren and Mikasa as a happy family.

Are you an Eren and Mikasa shipper? Do you hope they will end up together? Let us know in the comment section below!

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