ESTAB LIFE: Revengers’ Road release date in 2023 revealed by movie trailer PV

Key visual for the anime ESTAB LIFE: Great Escape.
Key visual for the anime ESTAB LIFE: Great Escape. Pic credit:

On June 22, 2022, the official Twitter account for ESTAB LIFE announced that a film inspired by the anime series titled ESTAB LIFE: Revengers’ Road will premiere sometime in 2023.

A trailer was also unveiled hinting at a new character that will appear in the film – a vampire cyborg.

Screenshot from the trailer for the upcoming ESTAB LIFE: Revenger's Road film.
Screenshot from the trailer for the upcoming ESTAB LIFE: Revenger’s Road film. Pic credit: Polygon Pictures

ESTAB LIFE is a Japanese mixed-media project created by Goro Taniguchi. In April 2022, an anime series by Polygon Pictures titled ESTAB LIFE: Great Escape premiered on Fuji TV’s +Ultra programming block in Japan. Goro Taniguchi will be directing and writing the script for the upcoming film ESTAB LIFE: Revengers’ Road at Polygon Pictures.

In addition to the ESTAB LIFE franchise getting an upcoming film a mobile game by Square Enix is also in the works titled ESTAB LIFE: Unity Memories.

The official trailer for the upcoming film ESTAB LIFE: Revengers’ Road.

What is the plot of ESTAB LIFE?

The story takes place in the distant future when the population of humanity has started to decline. The H.D.E.D (Human Diversity Experimental Department) is formed for the purpose of species prosperity and works hand-in-hand with the Ecosystem Management A.I. to find a way to solve this crisis. Through this department’s experiments humans, beasts, and various new races such as demons and cyborgs are born.

The Ecosystem Management A.I. decides to segregate each new race in their own city surrounded by high walls. Each “Cluster” has its own culture, common-sense views, and values. Tonkyork Metropolis (a fusion of New York City and Tokyo located in the Kanto region) and Chicagosaka (a fusion of Chicago and Osaka located in the Kansai region) have both become experimental and futuristic cities divided by Clusters.

The “Supernatural Renovation Project”, which split Tokyo into several Cluster neighborhoods, each with its own unique genetically modified population, isn’t as grand as it seems. The Clusters are governed and monitored by an A.I. making it impossible for individuals to come and go freely. Most of the new races are content to live their lives in their own unique Clusters, blissfully unconcerned with the other Clusters and races. However, there are some who wish to escape their Clusters. A group called “Nigashiya” helps those who wish to escape to have a new or better life.

The official trailer for ESTAB LIFE: Great Escape by Crunchyroll.

Who are the main characters in ESTAB LIFE?

Equa is a high school student, who attends school at the Ochanomizu Cluster, and also works as the manager at Café Vostok. However, Equa has a secret. When she’s not at school or working at the café she is using her power of precognition called Fatal Luck that allows her to see seconds into the future to help clients escape their heavily guarded clusters. She takes her ability into account as she comes up with intricate escape plans. Equa is the leader of the Escape Shop Extractors – a mercenary group that helps clients to leave their Clusters. Fighting by Equa’s side are gun expert Feles, affectionate slime girl Martes, robot Alga, and wolf beastman Ulula. Alga is in charge of technical support for the team. Ulula is deaf and specializes in close combat.

Where can I watch ESTAB LIFE?

On April 11, 2022, Crunchyroll announced that the series would receive an English dub, which premiered on April 20, 2022. ESTAB LIFE: Great Escape is currently streaming on Crunchyroll. The series has been licensed outside of Asia by Crunchyroll.

Who are the members of the ESTAB LIFE project team?

Hiroyuki Hashimoto directed the TV anime series with Shoji Gatoh supervising and penning the series’ scripts. Yusuke Kozaki was in charge of character design while Yoshiaki Fujiawa composed the series’ music. Slow Curve developed and produced the series. The opening theme song is titled “Rana” and performed by Meychan. The ending theme song is titled “0” and performed by Good on the Reel.

Are you looking forward to ESTAB LIFE: Revengers’ Road? What do you think of the new Vampire Cyborg character? Let us know in the comment section below!

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