Extreme Hearts Episode 6 reveals two more anime cast members and synopsis

Screenshot from Extreme Hearts Episode 6.
Screenshot from Extreme Hearts Episode 6. Pic credit: @natalie.mu

On August 13, 2022, two new cast members were revealed for Masaki Tsuzuki’s idol-sports fusion anime TV series Extreme Hearts, which is currently broadcasting in Japan and streaming on Crunchyroll.

Masaki Tsuzuki, the creator of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and Dog Days created and wrote the story for Extreme Hearts.

The Extreme Hearts OP (opening) theme song music is “Infinite” by Miho Okasaki.

Character designs for NaO and SaKo.
Character designs for NaO and SaKo. Pic credit: @exhearts.com

The new voice actresses will play members of the metal band “BanShee” that appears in the anime. Aiko Ninomiya will play the member named NaO, who is a sub-leader of BanShee and is in charge of playing the bass guitar. She has “dead-fish eyes” and a distinctive mole on her mouth. Sayaka Senbongi will play the member named SaKo, who is in charge of writing the songs for the band. SaKo has a very competitive spirit. 

A synopsis of Extreme Hearts Episode 6 has also been released. The episode will begin with Yukino torn between the path she has decided to follow and the desire to save her “friends” by rushing to the RISE match. Yukino’s grandfather, Souichi, gives her advice and asks her if ignoring her friends is the right thing to do. He challenges Yukino by saying, “Shouldn’t your sword be wielded to help your friends? If you don’t have the sword of passion in your heart, any path you choose to tread will become drudgery.”

Will Yukino return to the match arena in time? You’ll have to watch Extreme Hearts Episode 6 in order to find out!

You can watch a trailer for Extreme Hearts on King Amusement Creative’s official YouTube channel here:

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TVアニメ「Extreme Hearts」PV【7月9日(土)放送開始!】
The official trailer for Extreme Hearts.

What is the plot of Extreme Hearts?

The story of Extreme Hearts is set in a futuristic Japan where the latest fad hobby has become something called “Hyper Sports”, which are played with high-tech gear and support items that will enhance a player’s abilities to superhuman levels.

The story centers on a second-year high school student name Hiyori Hayama, who doesn’t know anything about Hyper Sports, and has instead dedicated her life to music and songwriting. Hiyori is a part of the entertainment agency Hayama Geino and the leader of the band RISE.

After her contract with her agency is suddenly terminated, even after having made her debut in junior high school as a singer-songwriter, she decides to take on the challenge of “Extreme Hearts”. A chance encounter occurs and suddenly Hiyori is introduced to the brand-new and exciting world of Hyper Sports. Along with her friends, Hiyori pursues her new athletic dreams and aims to send positive vibes to the spectators of Hyper Sports.

Hiyori has a kind and gentle personality, but a strong passion for singing, music, and following her dream. She starts out as a beginner in sports, but begins to train hard everyday and gains super speed and jumping power that gives her an edge in Hyper Sports.

Key visual for Extreme Hearts.
Key visual for Extreme Hearts. Pic credit: @natalie.mu

Who are the members of the Extreme Hearts anime production team?

Extreme Hearts production team members include:

  • Director – Junji Nishimura
  • Animation – Seven Arcs
  • Scriptwriter – Tsuzuki
  • Music composer – Effy
  • Original character designers – Waki Ikawa and Issei Aragaki
  • Chief animation directors – Aragaki and Kana Hashidate
  • Sub-character designers – Shuichi Kawakami and Takuya Fujima
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Who are the Extreme Hearts cast members?

Extreme Hearts cast members include:

  • Ruriko Noguchi – Hiyori Hayama (our female protagonist)
  • Miho Okasaki – Saki Kodaka
  • Kana Yuki – Sumika Maehara
  • Ayaka Fukuhara – Yukino Tachibana
  • Ari Ozawa – Lise Kohinata
  • Rika Abe – Hazuki Sakurai
  • Saori Onishi – Tomo Miyasiro
  • Yo Taichi – Yuriko Suemune
  • Kaede Yuasa – Chihiro Honda
  • Tomomi Mineuchi – Teena Merkies
  • Chinami Hashimoto – QON-N4CX Nono (a humanoid robot that specializes in playing sports)
  • Kana Ichinose – Michelle Jaeger
  • Asami Seto – Ashley Vancroft
  • Yoko Hikasa – RiN
  • Junji Majima – Shinji Ibuki
  • Ayaka Suwa – Sanae

Are you enjoying Extreme Hearts? Are you looking forward to Extreme Hearts Episode 6? Let us know in the comment section below!

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