Fire Force anime Season 3 production, Fire Force: Flame Dance game confirmed ahead of online exhibition

Key visual for upcoming Fire Force commemorative online exhibition.
Key visual for the upcoming Fire Force commemorative online exhibition. Pic credit:

After almost seven years, the Fire Force’s manga’s ending to its serialization in Weekly Shonen Magazine was released by Atsushi Ohkubo. On May 16, 2022, on the official Fire Force anime website it was announced that Fire Force Season 3 is greenlit for production and will be titled Fire Force Sannosho (Fire Force: Chapter 3).

Also on May 16, 2022, Volume 34, the final manga volume, was released. Kodansha USA has licensed the manga for an English release in North America. Since May 2022 it has been reported that Fire Force has over 20 million copies in circulation.

A new original game inspired by the Fire Force franchise is in the works and an online exhibition will commemorate its completion. The game’s title is Fire Force Flame Dance.

Mrs. Green Apple’s Inferno was one of the best anime openings ever

Fans of the Jrock band Mrs. Green Apple will be pleased to discover that they are returning to sing the new theme song for season three and it will be titled Endless. Mrs. Green Apple sang the first cool opening theme song titled Inferno for the Fire Force Ichinosho season.

The music video for Mrs. Green Apple’s song Inferno.

Many original drawings from the manga will be showcased at the online exhibition and it will have a 3D experience. From June 17 to July 17, 2022, the event will be held.

In each room illustrations that capture memorable turning points in the lives of the characters will be showcased. In September 2022, these illustrations will also be made available for viewing in real life to the public in a gallery. More details about that exhibition are coming soon.

A sneak peak of the Fire Force online exhibition.
A sneak peek of the Fire Force online exhibition where you will have a 3D experience. Pic credit:

The official online exhibition URL is here.

The supernatural fire fighting anime Fire Force by David Production aired from July to December 2019 on MBS’s Super Animeism block while the second season aired from July to December 2020. The entire series has been licensed by Funimation.

Epic supernatural firefighting like you’ve never seen it before

The story centers around Shinra Kusakabe, who is a third-generation pyrokinetic, with the ability to set his feet on fire. Shinra has been ostracized since childhood due to the fact that a fire killed his mother and younger brother Sho 12 years prior.

Shinra decides to put his abilities to good use by joining the Special Fire Force Company. Shinra’s coworkers are other pyrokinetics, who dedicate themselves to stopping Infernal attacks and handle investigating companies 1 through 7 for potential corruption in their ranks.

Infernals are human beings that spontaneously combust into flames. The more powerful Infernals that have a horned appearance are known as Demons. The most powerful Infernals are able to retain their human forms. Shinra later discovers that the fire that killed his mother was actually a diversion so that his brother Sho could be kidnapped by White Clad, a doomsday cult, that is behind the Infernal attacks.

White Clad has undercover agents within the facets of the Tokyo Empire. Company 8 and its allies go up against White Clad in order to stop it from its goal – repeating the Great Cataclysm where the entire world was set on fire. White Clad is hell-bent on recruiting Shinra and are working for an ancient being who manipulated humanity into causing the Great Cataclysm that occurred 250 years ago.

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