Genos dead or alive in One Punch Man Chapter 166? Reasons why god-like Cosmic Garou didn’t kill Genos

Manga pages from Chapter 166 of One Punch Man.
Manga pages from One Punch Man Chapter 166. Pic credit: ONE and Yusuke Murata

One Punch Man fans have been waiting for years for One Punch Mean Season 3. While they’re waiting have begun to read the official manga, which is written by ONE and magnificently illustrated by Yusuke Murata.

As someone who has been following the manga, I instantly became concerned when I read a Tweet teasing that one of the main characters in One Punch Man, Genos, had just been killed off by Garou.

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I immediately decided to read the latest manga chapters, which feature a truly epic battle between Saitama and Garou. As the fight between Saitama and Garou progressed Garou began to grow stronger until his body started to mutate into a god-like monster called Cosmic Garou.

Image from Chapter 163 of One Punch Man.
Image from Chapter 163 of One Punch Man. Pic credit: ONE and Yusuke Murata.

First, Garou’s body became larger and appeared to be covered by some kind of armor. After that, Garou’s body slowly started to become more demonic and he sprouted horns, wings and multiple arms.

But even this new monstrous transformation didn’t seem to be enough to land even a scratch on Saitama.

Image from Chapter 163 of One Punch Man.
Image from Chapter 163 of One Punch Man. Pic credit: ONE and Yusuke Murata.

Garou’s final form puts him on par with Saitama

Just when all hope seemed lost for Garou and his ambition to become “ultimate evil”, a dimensional portal was opened and Garou encountered a god-like being, which is referred to in the manga as “god”, so will be called thusly for the rest of this article.

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God appeared to Garou under the guise of his Master Silver Fang and offered his hand to Garou. Instead of accepting god’s hand Garou slapped his hand away and said that Silver Fang would never act so soft.

Cover of Chapter 166 of One Punch Man featuring Garou's "divine being form".
Cover of Chapter 166 of One Punch Man featuring Garou’s “divine being form”. Pic credit: ONE and Yusuke Murata.

God laughed since even though Garou refused his help, he still came into contact directly with his body, and Garou’s body absorbed part of his divine power as a result. Garou’s body goes through yet another transformation and he becomes a “divine being” who is able to fight on par with Saitama at this point. The so-called Cosmic Garou is not only able to mimic Saitama’s Consecutive Normal Punches attack but is also able to launch nuclear energy attacks and later a Cosmic Ray attack.

At some point during their even more intense battle, Saitama loses sight of Cosmic Garou and the monstrous being appears in front of a group of heroes. The heroes sense the power emanating from Cosmic Garou and feel true fear and helplessness.

As the heroes try to flee Garou realizes that he’s finally reached his goal of becoming ultimate evil. However, Silver Fang confronts Garou and says he’s being controlled by god. Just as Garou is about to fight Silver Fang, Blast shows up through a dimensional portal and claims that Garou is indeed being influenced by god; confirming Silver Fang’s own suspicions.

Cosmic Garou begins to fight against Blast and they appear to be evenly matched. Blast wants to transport Garou to another dimension because his mere presence, which is oozing radiation, is causing harm to the Earth and the people around him.

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That’s when Genos tries to assist Blast even though he’s already in an extremely battered state and missing his arms and legs. Genos declares he’s immune to the radiation that Cosmic Garou is emitting and attacks by launching his body into Cosmic Garou’s torso.

Cosmic Garou ruthlessly grabs Genos by his hair and contemplates how Saitama still hasn’t used his true strength against him. Garou realizes that he needs to push Saitama in order for him to finally fight him seriously and then rips out his energy core.

Image from Chapter 166 of One Punch Man where Garou rips out Genos' energy core.
Image from One Punch Man 166 where Garou rips out Genos’ energy core. Pic credit: ONE and Yusuke Murata.

Did Garou kill Genos or is he still alive?

This is about the time that the Internet exploded (and Saitama went Berserk) when fans assumed that Garou just killed everyone’s favorite cyborg. But I’m here to tell you not to despair.

Remember that Genos is a cyborg and he has sustained very similar injuries before. Back in his battle against the Deep Sea King, the merman spat a large glob of acid at Genos, which burned most of his torso until only his spine and his head were left.

This injury shows that Genos is able to live without his torso and the energy core, and only appears to need his head to survive. Genos’ head does appear to be cracked from his fight against Garou, but as long as his brain is intact Genos should be just fine.

A fan has already colored the picture of Saitama’s “I’m going to kill you because you hurt my friend” face:

Fan coloring of the image of Saitama angry with Garou.

Some may wonder how long Genos’ brain can survive without his energy core. Battle Angel Alita fans will remember how at the beginning of the manga and in the live-action adaptation, Alita was just a head with her organic brain intact and preserved within her head.

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Genos has been in so many battles where he comes back in pieces at this point one would think Dr. Kuseno would make sure Genos’ brain is protected by a backup power supply. But time might be running out, which means Saitama better hurry up and finish kicking Garou’s butt so he can attach Genos’ brain to a new power source.

Still don’t believe me that Genos is alive? Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Genos is alive and well in ONE’s version of ONE PUNCH MAN

A lot of One Punch Man fans forget that ONE is the writer and also the original illustrator of the manga One Punch Man. ONE is actually still drawing his original manga, which is slowly being redone by Yusuke Murata.

You just have to look at the latest chapter of ONE’s original manga Chapter 141, which takes place long after Saitama’s battle against Garou and features Genos fighting against a group of Disaster Level Dragon cyborgs called: Machine God Body, Machine God Tech, and Machine God Ray to see that our favorite cyborg Genos is alive and well, and kicking some serious butt with some new high-tech weapons!

Image from Chapter 144 of ONE's version of ONE PUNCH MAN.
Image from Chapter 144 of ONE’s version of ONE PUNCH MAN. Pic credit: ONE
Image from Chapter 144 of ONE's version of ONE PUNCH MAN.
Image from Chapter 144 of ONE’s version of ONE PUNCH MAN. Pic credit: ONE
Image from Chapter 144 of ONE's version of ONE PUNCH MAN.
Image from Chapter 144 of ONE’s version of ONE PUNCH MAN. Pic credit: ONE

Are you looking forward to One Punch Man Chapter 167? Let us know in the comment section below!

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