Gohan’s Ultimate Beyond Saiyan Form and Red Cell revealed by Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer

Screenshot of Gohan from the latest trailer of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
Screenshot of Gohan from the latest trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Pic credit: Toei Animation

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is an upcoming Japanese computer-animated martial arts fantasy/adventure film produced by Toei Animation. Akira Toriyama, who created the Dragon Ball series, will be writing the movie’s script. This will be the fourth Dragon Ball film with Toriyama’s direct involvement. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the 21st Dragon Ball film and the second set in the Dragon Ball Super universe.

Four trailers have been released and according to the Japanese press, there will be more trailers for three weeks leading up to the movie’s premiere on June 11, 2022. The movie was originally set for release in Japan on April 22, 2022, but was postponed due to an unauthorized network intrusion at Toei Animation. The trailers reveal that the film will be produced mainly using 3D animation and it looks to be very well done.

In the latest trailer, Gohan’s new Ultimate Beyond Saiyan Form is revealed or at least hinted at. Fans of Dragon Ball Super anime will recall that when Gohan faced off against his father Goku he said that he was going to work on improving his strength as an Earthling and not as a saiyan. He also said he was going to try and hit an ultimate level never seen before. Could this new form from the movie be it? What will it be called? Mystic Gohan?

The official trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes Part I of three parts.

Gohan’s daughter in danger awakens his ultimate form

The story of the movie has Gohan as its central focus. Gohan will be going up against the Red Ribbon Army – the evil organization that was once destroyed by Goku in the past. The Red Ribbon Army has resurrected itself in order to get revenge on the Z Warriors and the group has created new and more powerful androids – Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. The Red Ribbon’s activity doesn’t go unnoticed by Piccolo, who decides to sneak into their secret base. Piccolo discovers that they’ve created an unimaginable “ultimate evil weapon”. When Pan is kidnapped by the organization Gohan is lured to join the fight against the Red Ribbon Army.

The trailer’s first hint that Gohan’s new form will be revealed shows Gohan with an aura that looks a little different from his normal ultimate clear one and has jagged electric energy shining through it.

Gohan's new form from the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer.
Gohan’s new form from the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer. Pic credit: Toei Animation

Fans of DBZ have been speculating on what Gohan’s ultimate form will look like, and it doesn’t look like they’re that far off!

Maniaxoi's interpretation of Gohan's ultimate form.
Artist’s interpretation of what Gohan’s ultimate form will look like. Pic credit: @Maniaxoi/deviantart.com

Will Gohan be facing Ultimate Perfect Cell?

As soon as DBZ fans found out Gohan would be facing off against androids it made them wonder if Cell would be brought back to play the part of the movie’s villain. At the end of the newest trailer a pod opens that contains the Red Ribbon Army’s “ultimate evil weapon”. Will a new and improved cell emerge from the pod? We’ll have to wait for the next trailer to find out!

Artist interpretation of Red Cell.
Picture of Ultimate Perfect Cell, a hypothetical fan creation. Pic credit: @SilverBaretta/Reddit

A juicy rumor surprisingly comes from the Dragon Ball Man Choco Super wafer illustrations and their backside descriptions. (And, yes, I’m talking about wafers that you eat!)

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero character picture and descriptions on the Dragon Ball Man Choco Super wafers.
Character pictures and descriptions from Dragon Ball Man Choco Super wafers. Pic credit: @DBSChronicles/Twitter

Gohan stands up with Piccolo to save his beloved daughter Pan. In order to defeat the powerful enemies, Gohan unleashes his latent potential and becomes the strongest warrior.

Rumors from SH: They say this is the strongest and ultimate form in Gohan’s history?!

Gohan’s character description on the back of the wafers.

“Becomes the strongest warrior” is referring to Gohan’s rank as a warrior and “ultimate form” is referring to his new form, which will have a different looking aura. Basically, his strongest form will make him the strongest warrior! Whoever thought we’d get so much information from a pack of wafers!

Crunchyroll has also released a longer trailer for the upcoming movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero:

The first official trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

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