Gravity Rush movie by PlayStation Productions to adapt the PS4 Gravity Daze video game

Key visual for the game Gravity Rush, featuring Gravity Shifter, Kat, and her pet cat.
Key visual for the game Gravity Rush, featuring Gravity Shifter, Kat, and her pet cat. Pic credit:

On August 22, 2022, entertainment industry news website Deadline reported that the game Gravity Rush (Gravity Daze) will be getting a film. PlayStation Productions (owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment and known for the 2022 movie Uncharted) is teaming up with Scott Free Productions to develop the film.

American film director, music video director, and television producer, Anna Mastro, will direct the film. One of her most notable accomplishments is being the co-director of Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, which is a film that would have the right vibe that a film adaptation of Gravity Rush needs. Writing the film’s script is Emily Jerome (Panopticon).

Since PlayStation Productions falls under the Sony umbrella, it’s possible they will produce the film.

On September 15, 2015, PlayStation released a trailer for the newly remastered Gravity Rush game. In December 2015 in Japan and in February 2016 the remastered version of the game was released for PlayStation 4.

You can watch the trailer on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel here:

Gravity Rush Remastered - Announce Trailer | PS4
Gravity Rush Remastered trailer.

The trailer teases that in the game you will be able to control gravity to defy gravity and rush through the air during fights, or merely fly while exploring the world in Gravity Rush.

On December 26, 2016, PlayStation released a special anime short prequel by Khara Studio (Evangelion) titled Gravity Rush: The Animation – Overture. The anime, which can be watched in two parts on PlayStation’s YouTube channel ties the stories from the original Gravity Rush and its sequel together.

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You can watch Part I of Gravity Rush: The Animation – Overture here:

Gravity Rush - Overture (The Animation) Part 1 Video | PlayStation
Part I of Gravity Rush: The Animation – Overture?

What is the plot of Gravity Rush: The Animation – Overture?

The story begins with Kat exploring a new city. She sees a street vendor selling some meat skewers and decides to purchase one at half price. Just as she’s about to take a bite a hoard of Nevi monsters shows up. Kat uses her gravity ability to fling her skewer up into the air in order to protect it and begins to fight the Nevi. A man named Syd arrives and flirts with Kat while she’s trying to battle the Nevi.

A fellow gravity user named Raven arrives and begins to help Kat fight the Nevi. By combining their gravity powers together Kat and her friend defeat the Nevi. Unfortunately, the stampeding Nevi destroys her skewer and Kat never gets to try it. Afterward, Kat and Raven discuss the unsettling phenomenon that the orphans of their city are disappearing and decide to investigate. Will Kat and Raven be able to rescue the kidnapped children? You’ll have to watch the anime to find out!

Where can I play the game Gravity Rush?

Gravity Rush, known in Japan as Gravity Daze, is a 2012 action-adventure video game developed by Japan Studio’s Team Gravity division and published worldwide by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation Vita. In February 2012 in Japan and June 2012 in the West the game launched. The remastered version of the game was developed by Bluepoint Games.

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In 2018, a sequel game titled Gravity Rush 2 (Gravity Daze 2) was released for PS4. Gravity Rush 2 also inspired a manga adaptation.

In the game, players are Kat – an amnesiac girl with the power to manipulate how gravity affects her giving her some interesting abilities such as flight and soaring through the air at top speeds. Kat uses her powers to help the people of Hekseville against a mysterious race of monsters known as the Nevi. She also helps the city’s people against other threats such as gravity storms and tries to uncover the mystery behind her past. You’re able to explore the open world of Hekseville and complete missions for townsfolk and eventually face off with the Nevi. Kat’s gravity-altering abilities affect navigation and combat heavily in the game.

What was the inspiration behind Gravity Rush’s unique style?

Game director Keiichiro Toyama came up with the idea for Gravity Rush before his work on Silent Hill and the Siren series. The production team had to overcome technical challenges due to gameplay and chosen hardware to create the world and gameplay they envisioned. The world, story, and artistic style of Gravity Rush are a fusion of elements from Japanese manga and Western comics. French artist Jean Giraud’s surreal paintings inspired the unique look in the game world. Kohei Tanaka composed the music.

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